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Saltos de línea: frac|tion¦al
Pronunciación: /ˈfrakʃ(ə)n(ə)l


1Relating to or expressed as a fraction, especially a fraction less than one: the fractional variance in mass density per unit
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  • Both have identical fractional parts after the decimal point.
  • He also worked on asymptotic analysis, fractional integration and singular partial differential equations.
  • Each time we take the reciprocal of the fractional part we usually get another long list of decimal places.
2Small or tiny in amount: there was a fractional hesitation before he said yes
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  • Tiny though this fractional increase seems when expressed this way, the overall amounts are huge.
  • And my input is a tiny, fractional thing of a film, and how it's dealt with in post-production, how the studio is marketed.
  • Anticipating the beat by fractional amounts on single chords or notes (Blues singers do this all the time to express pain and suffering).
3 Chemistry Relating to or denoting the separation of a mixture into fractions: fractional crystallization
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  • Very few of the components come out of the fractional distillation column ready for market.
  • Distillation can be used to separate volatile liquids by a process known as fractional distillation.



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  • The reality is that membership has risen but only fractionally compared with the increase in the number of new employees.
  • The more generous spectators will suggest that the ball fell fractionally short of Thorpe at first slip but those of slightly sterner hue will say that the Surrey man dropped it.
  • Claymation - or ‘stop motion’ animation - is a technique in which model figures are moved fractionally between each shot.

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