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Pronunciación: /frɛnd/


1A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations: she’s a friend of mine we were close friends
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  • This recipe comes from a close friend of mine with whom I worked when I was living in London.
  • Make an effort to cultivate effective relationships with family, friends and colleagues
  • He will be remembered with much affection by his family and close friends.
sister, brother
British informal bezzie, mate, oppo, china, mucker, butty, bruvver, bruv
Northern English informal marrow, marrer, marra
North American informal amigo, compadre, paisan, homie, bro
North American & South African informal homeboy, homegirl
South African informal gabba
Australian/New Zealand informal offsider
archaic compeer
1.1(Used as a polite form of address or in ironic reference) an acquaintance or a stranger one comes across: my friends, let me introduce myself
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  • You are responsible, my friend, for one of the most memorable shots from that day.
  • Oh, Mr. Grohl - waxing has nothing to do with unwanted body hair, my friend.
  • There's more to know about fonts than you ever thought possible, my friend.
1.2 (one's friends) archaic One’s close relatives.
1.3A person who supports a cause, organization, or country by giving financial or other help: the Friends of the Welsh National Opera
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  • But it might not now happen for another year, a member of Friends of East Park fears.
  • The Friends of St Mary's Church was set up in 1998 to raise money to maintain the church.
  • Part of the funds raised by the sale of the book will be donated to the Friends of St Peter's Church.
well-wisher, defender, champion
informal angel
rare benefactrice, benefactrix, Maecenas
1.4A person who is not an enemy or opponent; an ally: she was unsure whether he was friend or foe
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  • Enemies become friends and friends become enemies during a surprising turn of events.
  • There are enemies, friends, foes, and also potential friends and potential enemies.
  • The causes we fight for among friends will be the causes we fight for before enemies.
1.5A familiar or helpful thing: he settled for that old friend the compensation grant
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  • They covet its 8,000 objects as old friends and talk about them with familiar candour.
1.6A contact on a social networking website: all of a sudden you’ve got 50 friends online who need to stay connected
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  • The only thing is Melissa came across me via this blog rather than from within Myspace itself, but I friended her anyway because she seems nice.
  • You have friended someone because of their blog icon.
  • I've friended you all, but haven't seen anyone looking for games recently.
2 (Friend) A member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • At the Society of Friends, he would put his arm around newcomers and encourage them into the group.


[with object]
1 informal Add (someone) to a list of friends or contacts on a social networking website: I am friended by 29 people who I have not friended back
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  • I "friended" some of the people I used to know "in real life" on Facebook.
  • With very few exceptions, if I don't know you I don't friend you.
2 archaic Befriend (someone).
2.1 [no object] (friend with) West Indian Have a sexual relationship with: the woman got married and you still used to friend with she?



be (or make) friends with

Be (or become) on good or affectionate terms with: Carrie wanted to be friends with everyone
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  • Right away you notice she's the type of girl everyone wants to be friends with.
  • Did you ever have a friend at school who you though you'd be friends with for ever?
  • My friend said he was friends with the owners and said it wouldn't be that much money.

be no friend of (or to)

Show no support or sympathy for: he is no friend of the Republican Party the policy revealed itself as no friend to the utilities
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The Prime Minister is no friend of the anti-globalisation movement.
  • History will show that this man was no friend of the Irish people either in their own country or in the Diaspora.
  • Animals are part of nature and the environment, and anyone who is willing to make their zoo a cesspool because they can't properly dispose of trash is no friend to animals.

a friend at court

A person in a position to use their influence on one’s behalf: I knew that it never hurt to have a friend at court
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I didn't want to say good bye to Bess, for I doubted that I would have such a friend at court.
  • We had a friend at court, one that secured for me two meetings with Harold Wilson.
  • In master Daniel I had a friend at court, who would sometimes give me a cake, and who kept me well informed as to their guests and their entertainments.

a friend in need is a friend indeed

proverb A person who helps at a difficult time is a person who you can really rely on: you are a friend in need, you are, Edie
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • As the English saying goes; a friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • First she must help the ant because a friend in need is a friend indeed and she can find another worm soon.
  • We all have been hearing from our childhood days that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

friend with benefits

informal A friend with whom one has an occasional and casual sexual relationship.

friends in high places

People in senior positions who are able and willing to use their influence on one’s behalf: she had friends in high places everywhere
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I had no influence, no friends in high places, no well-connected parents.
  • Fortunately, Sheen had friends in high places.
  • I have absolutely no doubt that time, and a little help from friends in high places, will create the necessary conditions for eventual acquittals.

my honourable friend

British Used to address or refer to another member of one’s own party in the House of Commons.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • But he instead said: ‘If my honourable friend was referring, as I think he was, to the prospect of the UK becoming involved in missile defence, I am sure he knows my answer better than I do.’
  • I know that my honourable friend from the United Future party does not need my assistance on this issue, but I am having difficulty in hearing the member's contribution.
  • Commons leader Peter Hain replied: ‘Clearly, my honourable friend has drawn a worrying episode to the House's attention.’

my learned friend

Used by a barrister or solicitor in court to address or refer to another barrister or solicitor.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • If the Court pleases, the passage referred to by my learned friend in fact exposes the error.
  • That is what we have done and I hope it has been of some assistance, not only to the court but to my learned friend.
  • The attempt to do so which was introduced in my learned friend's addresses should be resisted.

my noble friend

British Used to address or refer to another member of one’s own party in the House of Lords.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • My Lords, I thank my noble friend for her answer.
  • Then Lord Hunt of Kings Heath chipped in: ‘My Lords, has my noble friend noticed that as the nation seems to get fatter and fatter, the seats on our trains get thinner and thinner?’
  • My Lords, of course I thank my noble friend for his congratulations.

my Right Honourable friend

British Used to address or refer to another member of one’s own party in the House of Commons who is also a privy counsellor.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In view of the reviewed interest in crime figures, will my Right Honourable friend consider whether back-stabbing should become a criminal offence?

with friends like ——, who needs enemies?

Used to suggest that a supposed friend or ally of a particular person has acted against the best interests of that person: with friends like this guy, who needs enemies?
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • A journalist thundered "with friends like Britain, who needs enemies?"
  • With friends like them, who needs enemies?
  • With friends like this he hardly needs enemies.


Old English frēond, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vriend and German Freund, from an Indo-European root meaning 'to love', shared by free.

  • In the Old English poem Beowulf, the king's great hall is described as being filled with friends. This is the first recorded use of the word, which is from an ancient root meaning ‘to love’ that is shared by free. The proverb a friend in need is a friend indeed can be traced back in English to the 11th century. More recent is your flexible friend, that faithful plastic companion on many a shopping trip. The slogan was used for the credit card Access from 1981.

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