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Pronunciación: /ˈfʊlnəs/
(also fulness)


[mass noun]
1The state of being filled to capacity: scores of tins in different states of fullness
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  • Therefore, children with an earache or a sense of fullness in the ear, especially when combined with fever, should be evaluated by their doctors if they aren't improving.
  • The most common presenting complaints are shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, and a sense of fullness within the chest.
  • Occlusion of the eustachian tube produces a sense of fullness in the affected ear and a mild conductive hearing loss, which may be increased if there is fluid in the middle ear.
1.1The state of having eaten enough or more than enough and feeling full up: the feeling of fullness you acquire from eating brown rice or wholemeal bread
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  • Symptoms such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, postprandial fullness, and diarrhea, all presumably secondary to gastric dysfunction, may be responsible.
  • Symptoms of intolerance are almost exclusively restricted to GI discomfort - diarrhea, excessive fullness, and nausea.
  • The ride home was noticeably slower, due to fullness, fatigue, and a strong headwind.
1.2The state of being complete or whole: the honesty and fullness of the information they provide
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  • Counsel for the respondent challenged the honesty and fullness of the account given by Ms Peters for the delay.
  • This is the most painful state, because the essential drive of every person is the drive for fullness and completion.
  • Sara reveled in the completeness, the fullness she felt.
2The state of being filled out so as to produce a rounded shape: the childish fullness of his cheeks
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  • Of course, you'd need to use athletic socks for that, to properly convey the fullness women acquire when they're with child.
  • The hayrick steadily rose to its conical fullness.
  • She could almost taste the fullness of his lips…
2.1The condition of having been cut or designed to give a full shape: hair was cut with a high crown and fullness
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  • A pear shaped face can be balanced with fullness at the crown and the around the temples.
  • She added the curly-textured hairpiece for fullness and easy maintenance.
  • If your hair is naturally thin or fine use a great volume enhancing shampoo to add fullness.
2.2Richness or intensity of flavour, sound, or colour: the champagne is a fine example of mature fullness and ripeness
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  • I listened to the 5.1 track, and was pleasantly surprised at the richness and fullness of the sound.
  • It had the flavour, the fullness, the richness, the dryness and the length of a proper Chateauneuf du Pape.
  • Floated high notes, an evenly produced voice throbbing with emotion, warmth and fullness of sound, and generosity of soul all were part of what made Tebaldi great.
resonance, richness, depth, vibrancy, fruitiness, clarity, intensity, loudness, strength



the fullness of one's (or the) heart

literary Overwhelming emotion: out of the fullness of our hearts, praise flows out to God
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  • What they wished rather was that he should speak out of the fulness of his heart and there leave the matter.
  • John Stich, half crazy with joy, was tossing his cap in the air, and in the fulness of his heart was stealing a few kisses from Mistress Betty's pretty mouth.
  • With each movement he allows the fullness of the heart to be expressed while continuing to hold that movement in the context of his soul's love of truth.

in the fullness of time

After a due length of time has elapsed; eventually: he’ll tell us in the fullness of time
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  • The Wilson Committee considered that in the fullness of time all such records would eventually find their way into the public domain.
  • The general public has both of these nice properties, so any gizmo that's useful to the general public will, in the fullness of time and technological development, become relatively cheap and easy to use.
  • Because it was likely that, in the fullness of time, the lads may want to marry and take a small farm of their own, Walter and Kate saved hard so that when the time came they could say: ‘We'd like to be able to help t'lads get a start’.
in due course, when the time is ripe, eventually, in time, in time to come, at a later date, one day, some day, sooner or later, in a while, after a while, after a bit, ultimately, finally, in the end
British informal at the end of the day

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