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Definición de fund en inglés:


1A sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose: he had set up a fund to coordinate economic investment
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  • Right now, I do not see the funds available to save Social Security and Medicare, and we have to address that.
  • Benefits for others who have not yet retired would then have to be reduced to match the shortfall in the level of funds available.
  • Difficult decisions will have to be made about which few species can be saved with the limited funds available for conservation.
collection, kitty, reserve, pool, purse;
endowment, foundation, trust, charity, grant;
investment, capital;
savings, nest egg
informal stash
1.1 (funds) Financial resources: a concert to raise funds for the church
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  • The subsidies include direct cash payments, debt payments, and funds for capital projects.
  • From now onwards the councils should strive to be up to date on payment of monthly salaries by raising funds from own vast resources.
  • The nature of the tax system used to raise funds to finance the debt had altered considerably during the previous century.
informal dough, bread, loot, dosh, green, the ready, folding money
British informal lolly, spondulicks
1.2A large stock or supply of something: a vast fund of information
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  • He had little pride, though an exceptional fund of passionate integrity.
  • But clearly humour, and an appeal to the common fund of historical anecdotes, go a long way.
  • So the writer has brought with him a ball, a glove, a bat and a fund of stories.


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Provide with money for a particular purpose: the World Bank refused to fund the project
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  • By contrast, the citizen scientists would be funded by public money to do just that.
  • The money also funded film workshops at secondary schools and colleges across the region.
  • The project is funded by a four year grant from regeneration money provided by the government.
finance, pay for, back, capitalize, sponsor, provide finance/capital for, put up the money for, subsidize, underwrite, endow, support, be a patron of, float, maintain
informal foot the bill for, pick up the tab for
North American informal bankroll, stake


Mid 17th century: from Latin fundus 'bottom, piece of landed property'. The earliest sense was 'the bottom or lowest part', later 'foundation or basis'; the association with money has perhaps arisen from the idea of landed property being a source of wealth.

  • found from Middle English:

    The word found ‘establish’ goes back to Latin fundare ‘to lay a base for’, from fundus ‘bottom, base’, source also of foundation (Late Middle English), founder (Middle English) ‘sink’, and fund (mid 17th century) from a secondary sense of fundus ‘landed property’; and profound (Middle English) ‘deep’. Found ‘melt and mould’ is from French fondre (source of the melted cheese fondue (late 19th century)), from Latin fundere ‘melt, pour’ (found also in fuse (late 16th century)), and dates from the early 16th century.


in funds

British Having money to spend: he had bought a painting by Modigliani when he was in funds
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  • Blake continued to produce his own personal view of life and religion in his paintings and engraving, occasionally getting a commission to produce some works which kept him in funds.
  • Thus in funds, I had taken Sonya to a night-club.
  • A paying bank may dishonour the cheque - refuse to pay it - if the customer is not in funds, or if there is not a sufficiently agreed overdraft at the time it is presented.

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