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Pronunciación: /ˈfjuːtʃə/


1 (usually the future) A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come: we plan on getting married in the near future work on the building will be shelved for the foreseeable future
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  • It is difficult to envision a plan for the future without visiting moments from the past.
  • Draw your own conclusions as to what the future holds once the Government legalises cannabis, which it will.
  • No, awful as that picture is, it is just a snapshot of a moment in the near future.
time to come, time ahead;
what lay/lies ahead, coming times;
the fullness of time
formal hereafter
1.1Events that will or are likely to happen in time to come: nobody can predict the future
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  • The technician as such has the benefit of hindsight to predict the future.
  • Telecoms analysts, after all, have not recently shown a particularly sound ability to predict the future.
  • In fact, predicting the future of music is more difficult than ever.
1.2The likely prospects for or fate of someone or something in time to come: MPs will debate the future of the railways
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  • He still has a bright future ahead of him and is expected to put up a better performance next year.
  • It was the kind of shot that also convinces Westwood of the bright future that may lie ahead for the youngster.
  • While coming out on the wrong side of the score line today Swinford looks to have a very bright future ahead.
destiny, fate, fortune, doom;
prospects, expectations, chances, likely success/advancement/improvement
1.3A prospect of success or happiness: he’d decided that there was no future in the gang I began to believe I might have a future as an artist
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  • Each of the several million Japanese who died in war had families and futures.
  • A cleaner energy future beckons - now is the time to deliver.
1.4 Grammar A tense expressing an action that has not yet happened.
2 (futures) Finance Contracts for assets (especially commodities or shares) bought at agreed prices but delivered and paid for later. Compare with forward (sense 2 of the noun).
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • This involves buying and selling futures or options on shares, bonds or currencies.
  • Then as soon as the cash market closed, the S&P futures made a new low for the session.
  • These banks can deal in futures and options so that they can manage price risks.


1At a later time; going or likely to happen or exist: the needs of future generations
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  • Judgements of national interest require prudence, and some concern for the likely trend of future events.
  • The future use is likely to be a small-scale residential development.
  • It follows a study into the suitability of the buildings and the likely future demand for family services across the city.
later, following, ensuing, succeeding, subsequent, upcoming, to come, coming
1.1(Of a person) planned or destined to hold a specified position: his future wife
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  • It has been suggested that his Pitt biography is part of a grand publicity plan to jockey back into position as a future leader.
  • In truth it is Davis himself who has been under suspicion for positioning himself as a future leader.
  • The agency, however, has been planned to have a movie producer as the future owner of Boyana Film.
destined, intended, planned, to be, prospective, expected, anticipated
1.2Existing after death: heaven and the future life with Christ
1.3 Grammar (Of a tense) expressing an action that has not yet happened.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Traditionally, the simple future tense is will or shall followed by the infinitive: will follow.
  • Expletive null subjects, for example, can occur freely in the past, present, and future tenses.
  • If the question is framed in the future tense, then I understand what conversation we are having.



for future reference


in future

From now onwards: she would be more careful in future
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I shall however in future be careful to exclude all mention of the players involved.
  • I would like to fine him for the Diver Lifeboat Fund and to warn him to be more careful in future.
  • Women will in future be directed to birthing units in Chippenham and Trowbridge.
from now on, after this, in the future, from this day forth/forward, from this day/time on, hence, henceforward, subsequently, in time to come
formal hereafter, hereinafter


Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin futurus, future participle of esse 'be' (from the stem fu-, ultimately from a base meaning 'grow, become').

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