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glow Saltos de línea: glow

Definición de glow en inglés:


[no object]
1Give out steady light without flame: the tips of their cigarettes glowed in the dark
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Her flowing, dark hair seemed to glow with a pale light all its own, while her eyes shone.
  • A little flower of light glowed around my hand as I lowered the flame down to the candle and lit it.
  • It was silver and light blue and glowed radiantly in the dark.
radiate heat, burn without flames, smoulder
1.1Have an intense colour and a slight shine: [with complement]: a fluorescent screen glowed a faint green colour
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Jade's bracelets began to clatter against each other and the runes began to glow alternate colours; red and gold.
  • Both of her arms began to glow green and red as the ground beneath her began to shake.
  • So, if peer at my PC tower in the dark under my desk, it now glows red, green and blue from the chinks in its case.
shine, radiate, shed a glow;
gleam, glimmer, flicker, flare
1.2(Of a person’s face) appear pink or red as a result of warmth, health, embarrassment, etc. he was glowing with health
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He turned to me and I hung my head in embarrassment, my face glowing.
  • When he turned back to her, his entire face glowed slightly pink.
  • A few moments later, his face glowed with the pride of triumph.
flush, blush, redden, go red, colour, colour up, go pink, crimson, go scarlet, be suffused with colour;
burn, radiate heat
archaic mantle
1.3Convey deep pleasure through one’s expression or bearing: Katy always glowed when he praised her
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Practically glowing with pleasure, she continued over to the fire, ladling stew into a bowl for breakfast.
  • The choreographers and casting directors were glowing with support and praise.
  • Even Palace boss Iain Dowie was glowing with his praise for the Manchester United man after the game.
radiate, tingle, thrill;


[in singular] Volver al principio  
1A steady radiance of light or heat: the setting sun cast a deep red glow over the city
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • A red glow lit up the horizon to the south where another city drowned in flames.
  • Firefighters described a red glow lighting up the sky when they arrived at Shuttlewood Boatyard, Waterside Road, Pagglesham.
  • I see the glint off its silver sides, the red glow where re-entry has heated it to some high temperature.
1.1A feeling of warmth in the face or body: he could feel the brandy filling him with a warm glow
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • His mind was still on Myra and his thoughts of her were spreading a warm glow through his body.
  • She whispered the words she had been taught so long ago and felt the heat increase, filling her body with a warm glow.
  • The liquid burned his insides, but as it hit his empty stomach a pleasant warm glow radiated through his body.
1.2A redness of the cheeks.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Exercise is also great for skin and gives you a pinkish glow around the cheeks that send out loads of healthy vibes!
  • The mug of hot steaming coffee was a life saver, and the nibble, which turned out to be a plated hot lunch, was enough to bring the glow back to my cheeks and the cheer back to my heart.
  • Natural dye from the juice of pokeberries splashed a rosy glow on the cheeks.
1.3A strong feeling of pleasure or well-being: with a glow of pride, Mildred walked away
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He felt a glow of pleasure at being right and then a shiver of fear as he remembered the deaths that the case had caused.
  • What you encounter is a glow of contentment which stops a safe distance from self-satisfaction; from such a happy condition the book takes its tone.
  • In A Little Learning Evelyn recalls childhood as ‘an even glow of happiness’.


Old English glōwan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gloeien and German glühen.

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