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Saltos de línea: gram|mat¦ical
Pronunciación: /ɡrəˈmatɪk(ə)l


1Relating to grammar: the grammatical function of a verb
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  • The grammatical gender of nouns has been completely eliminated from English.
  • The point is that word parts are bonding into forms according to the grammatical rules of English word formation.
  • It is an idiomatic language with a complex grammatical system that is considered rich in terms of warmth and expressiveness.
1.1Well formed; in accordance with the rules of the grammar of a language: a grammatical sentence
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  • It makes a grammatical sentence that correctly expresses the intended meaning.
  • A small departure from idiomatic standard English, and a use of tense that would be grammatical in some languages.
  • It follows therefore that we would expect that these sentences are grammatical under the indicated interpretation.
well formed, correct, idiomatic, acceptable, allowable


early 16th century: from late Latin grammaticalis, via Latin from Greek grammatikos, from gramma, grammatos 'letter of the alphabet, thing written'.



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  • Although most researchers stress the grammaticality of the majority of bilingual utterances, they assume that the grammatical norms of the two languages in isolation provide the basis for determining what is grammatical.
  • Participants were told that their task would be to rate new items for grammaticality, some generated from the same grammar as had been used to generate the training items and others generated specifically to violate the grammar.
  • We must therefore fight against these limits and not respect linguistic conventions like grammaticality.


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  • Is the following sentence grammatically correct?
  • My guess is that the great majority of readers will not be able to find an error; I would certainly mark it as grammatically correct, if stylistically poor.
  • I don't know if anyone noticed, but the article isn't grammatically correct, itself.


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  • ‘Any search for a semantically based definition of ‘grammaticalness’ will be futile.’
  • He argued that the intuition of a native speaker is enough to define the grammaticalness of a sentence;
  • Morphology is the part of the language in which the grammaticalness of a language system becomes clearly perceptible, therefore it is especially important when we try to assess the level of language skills.

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