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Saltos de línea: graph¦ic
Pronunciación: /ˈɡrafɪk

Definición de graphic en inglés:


1Relating to visual art, especially involving drawing, engraving, or lettering: his mature graphic work
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In contrast, her graphic wood engravings reflect the turmoil of the war years.
  • Three limpid watercolors reveal their development through a few washes applied to a pencil or ink line drawing, providing more graphic than chromatic complexity.
  • Like maps, Lombardi's drawings use a graphic shorthand that viewers need to learn in order to navigate the material.
visual, symbolic, pictorial, depictive, illustrative, diagrammatic, drawn, written, in writing, delineative
1.1 Computing Relating to or denoting a visual image: graphic information such as charts and diagrams
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Our rule of thumb is to keep most pages less than 60K, including scripts, style sheets, and graphic images.
  • These scripts and applets can automatically place a graphic image of the expected legitimate URL on top of the address bar within the browser to hide the actual address that the browser is really being directed to.
  • I then cut out the graphic image and saved it as a JPEG.
2Giving clear and vividly explicit details: a graphic account of the riots
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The extract was a very graphic, detailed description of a particularly violent rape, as told in past tense by the victim.
  • They described in graphic detail their playground games - modern-day versions of our own ‘kissing games’.
  • In graphic detail, she describes the devastation that would follow, leaving up to 200,000 people dead.
vivid, explicit, expressive, detailed, uninhibited, striking, forceful, powerful, punchy;
lively, colourful, highly coloured, rich;
cogent, clear, lucid;
realistic, descriptive, illustrative, pictorial, well defined, well delineated, well drawn, well expressed, photographic;
telling, effective
3Of or in the form of a graph.
Example sentences
  • Mean zero noise is associated with underestimation of distribution volumes when data are analyzed with graphic analysis.
  • This report includes a graphic analysis with the patient's results plotted against normal values so that the examiner can quickly see how a patient compares.
  • It has the advantage over grouped frequency distribution of retaining the actual data while showing them in graphic form.
4 [attributive] Geology Of or denoting rocks having a surface texture resembling cuneiform writing.
Example sentences
  • Graphic granite is a regular intergrowth of quartz and feldspar that gives an angular appearance suggestive of cuneiform writing (whence "graphic," which means "writing").
  • In graphic granite and in pegmatites, perthite is of common occurrence.
  • Graphic granite as a decorative stone has been used since antiquity.


Computing Volver al principio  
A graphical item displayed on a screen or stored as data.
Example sentences
  • The main factors that influence the display of graphics for the Web, are the size of the file and the screen display quality of the graphic.
  • A raster graphic is basically a bitmapped graphic (as opposed to a vector graphic), thus a raster bar is a bitmapped graphic of a bar.
  • You have displayed the graphic in the chosen video mode.
picture, illustration, image;
icon, logo;
diagram, graph, chart


mid 17th century: via Latin from Greek graphikos, from graphē 'writing, drawing'.



Example sentences
  • The respective probability values produced by these procedures were depicted graphically and compared.
  • The need for vigilance in patrolling standards and care was graphically highlighted in the recent foot-and-mouth scare.
  • The first call is received 10 minutes after coming on duty, and graphically demonstrates why emergency doctors prioritise calls.


Example sentences
  • The graphicness of the gore, gave me flashbacks to the late 70's and early 80's, brilliant, being both shocking and realistic.
  • The difference between the two appears to be in the degree of graphicness, and the length of the questionable content.
  • I personally love it, the more graphicness the better, it let's me feel like I'm there.

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