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Saltos de línea: hoe
Pronunciación: /həʊ


A long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for weeding.
Example sentences
  • In a sandy field of half-grown cassava plants, a group of 30 farmers were fighting a plague of locusts with long-handled weeding hoes and improvised brushes.
  • Traditional garden hoes with updated design refinements make weeding easier while minimally disturbing the soil.
  • Winter weeds are wimps, so you can weed with a hoe instead of a spade.

verbo (hoes, hoeing, hoed)

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1 [with object] Use a hoe to dig (earth) or thin out or dig up (plants).
Example sentences
  • In the study's first year, wheat plants were hoed out in February to the appropriate winterkill levels.
  • I start by hoeing a trench eight inches or so deep.
  • The idea is that after harvesting you will not need to plough or hoe the land for the new planting season.
2 [no object] (hoe in) Australian /NZ informal Eat eagerly.
Example sentences
  • However, given that it was Mother's Day, I couldn't really start hoeing into her meal, now could I?
  • Here's a story to think about as you hoe into lunch this afternoon.
  • To them, it tastes as good as medium rare steak and they hoe into it with just as much glee.
2.1 (hoe into) Attack or criticize.
Example sentences
  • They're all at hoeing into Natasha, or Meg, depending on personal allegiances.
  • They wanted to hoe into him and he had to be put in a police car for his own protection


Middle English: from Old French houe, of Germanic origin; related to German Haue, also to hew.



Example sentences
  • If you are not a hoer, you are not a gardener, and it will be a disaster.

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