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Saltos de línea: hound
Pronunciación: /haʊnd


1A dog of a breed used for hunting, especially one able to track by scent: a hound came running through the trees, nose to the ground
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  • The Dachshund was bred as a badger hound or hunting dog and is known to have existed from the oldest breeds of German hunting dogs such as the Bibarhund.
  • For thousands of years nomadic tribes of the Middle East have bred a hunting hound called the saluki.
  • Topics under discussion ranged from hunting hounds on the track, through to the future of the East Coast Main Line and problems at Leeds Station.
dog, hunting dog, canine, mongrel, cur
informal doggy, pooch, mutt
Australian informal mong, bitzer
1.1 [with modifier] A person eagerly seeking something: he has a reputation as a publicity hound
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  • We had 10 years to get his measure, and we got it well enough: he is a publicity hound, an arch opportunist, a cold-eyed political calculator - a hard man, it has to be said, to like, if not to respect.
  • I think our police chief is a media-savvy publicity hound, overly obsessed with his own public image and the image of his force.
  • Underneath, his light-blue oxford was soaked, proving that the Northwest Passage could still make a sea hound sweat.
1.2 informal , dated A despicable or contemptible man.
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  • This marks an interesting divide because women - especially California women - have certainly been willing and eager to vote for that other rapacious hound.
  • Not surprisingly, this gruesome war against the darkest recesses of the human spirit has left him a battered old hound, riddled with scars and guilt.
  • Is this old Hollywood hound learning new tricks?
2Used in names of dogfishes, e.g. nurse hound, smooth hound.
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  • This is the more common of the two species of Smooth Hound.
  • Over the last few years smooth hounds have increased so heavily off Rhyl that I can now specifically target this species.


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Harass, persecute, or pursue relentlessly: she was hounded by the Italian press his opponents used the allegations to hound him out of office
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  • No one will badger, harass, bother or hound you about your progress, or lack thereof.
  • Since then, despite making regular payments, I have been hounded and harassed and feel the company has been arrogant throughout.
  • Lindy was persecuted, hounded by the media and the hearing, for security purposes, was relocated to Darwin.
harass, persecute, harry, pester, bother, trouble, annoy, badger, torment, bedevil, keep after;
North American informal devil, ride
Australian informal heavy
informal bulldoze, railroad
British informal bounce
North American informal hustle
pursue, chase, follow, shadow, give chase to, follow on the heels of, be hot on someone's heels;
informal tail


Old English hund (in the general sense 'dog'), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hond and German Hund, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek kuōn, kun- 'dog'.

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