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Pronunciación: /ˈɪʃuː
, ˈɪsjuː


  • 1An important topic or problem for debate or discussion: the issue of racism raising awareness of environmental issues
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    • No amount of appeals to the government for education reforms will resolve the fundamental issues at stake.
    • Deploying isolated tactical security products will not solve the complex security issues facing tomorrow's Internet community.
    • Resolving the abduction issue is an urgent matter.
    matter, matter in question, affair, business, subject, topic, question, point, point at issue, item, thing, case, concern, theme; proceeding, situation, occasion, circumstance; problem, bone of contention, controversy, argument
  • 1.1 (issues) Personal problems or difficulties: emotions and intimacy issues that were largely dealt with through alcohol I like him, though I have some issues with the guy
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    • When we engage with our issues only as personal problems we come to blame ourselves for our troubles.
    • Patients with personality disorder issues may be most difficult of all to assess.
    • I thought it was just me - I am oversensitive to personal space issues.
  • 1.2 (issues) Problems or difficulties, especially with a service or facility: a small number of users are experiencing connectivity issues
  • 2 [mass noun] The action of supplying or distributing an item for use, sale, or official purposes: the issue of notes by the Bank of England
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    • However, plans for the unit sales and bond issue remain at an early stage, he added.
    • The officials hoped that this would pave the way for issue of licence by the end of the month.
    • The two most important clauses for the purposes of the preliminary issue were clauses 4 and 13.
    issuing, issuance, publication, publishing; circulation, distribution, supplying, supply, sending out, delivery; appearance
  • 2.1 [count noun] A number or set of items distributed at one time: a share issue has been launched
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    • Although it intends to distribute corporate new issues eventually, it has not yet done so.
    • To qualify for the full tax relief, you must invest in a new issue of VCT shares and hold the stock for at least three years.
    • The deal comes after a share issue last August failed to attract the necessary investment.
  • 2.2 [count noun] Each of a regular series of publications: the December issue of the magazine
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    • The findings are being published in this week's issue of the journal Nature.
    • The research appears in this week's issue of the Journal of Biochemistry.
    • In next month's issue of Vogue magazine Parker claims that she may move to Ireland permanently with her husband.

verbo (issues, issuing, issued)

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at issue

Under discussion; in dispute: the point at issue is quality
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  • Mr Coffey later said if the material at issue was discussed it could imperil a future trial.
  • Never exclude anyone from voicing a perspective on the question at issue.
  • But this comparative element is too close to the question at issue: whether inequality is bad.
in question, in dispute; being discussed, under discussion, under consideration; on the agenda, for debate, to be discussed, to be decided, unsettled

make an issue of

Treat too seriously or as a problem.
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  • Still, neither candidate made an issue of either the law or Flanagan's sexual orientation, and Jeffords retained the backing of gay rights groups.
  • That's a worry at the back of everyone's mind really, but because they're still employing people there nobody is making an issue of it.
  • The only people who are making an issue of this are the media.

take issue with

Disagree with; challenge: she takes issue with the notion of crime as unique to contemporary society
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  • But note that he understood what I was getting at, even though he passionately disagreed, and took issue with my bitchy tone.
  • So, it's not the contents of the documents that you're taking issue with.
  • It is always worrying when people disagree with you by taking issue with an argument you never proposed.
disagree, fail to agree, be in dispute, be in contention, be at variance, be at odds, be at loggerheads, not see eye to eye, argue, quarrel; challenge, dispute, question, call into question, oppose, object to, take exception to, protest against, contradict, gainsay, differ from, dissent from, diverge from
archaic disaccord



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  • It enables the navigation authority to control, by licences issuable at its discretion, the installation and continuity of any works affecting the public river.
  • ‘A maximum of 13.9 million common shares are issuable to complete the private placement,’ the statement said.


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  • The circular also raised the threshold for new fund issuance.
  • The effect of new capital issuance is a small shift in the supply curve that makes for only a small change in price.
  • The bond issuance has been a sensitive issue as it seen as a further burden to taxpayers.


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  • In feudal China, men had liberty to divorce their wives for reasons ranging from infidelity, laziness, loss of manners, to being issueless or even inability to curry favour with with her parents-in-law.
  • Despite enjoying all her freedom, Ms. Sudha had experienced the emptiness of an issueless family for about 15 years.
  • The last Maharajas died issueless even though each one of them had two wives.


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  • She says consumers should always go to issuers first if they believe the charges to be fraudulent.
  • Some card issuers will handle older disputes on a case-by-case basis, but they're not obligated by law to do so.
  • These rights and the laws protecting them also place significant obligations upon the issuers of publicly traded securities.


Middle English (in the sense 'outflowing'): from Old French, based on Latin exitus, past participle of exire 'go out'.

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