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Saltos de línea: jog
Pronunciación: /dʒɒg

verbo (jogs, jogging, jogged)

  • 1 [no object] Run at a steady gentle pace, especially on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise: he began to jog along the road (as noun jogging) try cycling or gentle jogging
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    • And then, to my even greater astonishment, he turns and starts jogging back up the stairs.
    • I swirled around to face him and saw as he jogged up to catch up with me.
    • When I opened the door, I started jogging lightly up the stairs.
    run slowly, jogtrot, dogtrot, trot, lope; go jogging
  • 1.1(Of a horse) move at a slow trot: they caught and saddled their horses and jogged up to the high grass moorland
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    • In the Western Pleasure classes, horses must walk, jog and lope on the rail each direction, stop, and back willingly.
    • The rider may be leaning forward or using too much leg, which will cause the horse to jog faster.
    • They got my five-year-old daughter sitting and turning all the way around while the horse was jogging.
  • 1.2Move in an unsteady way: the bus jogged and jolted
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    • Shake stacked sieves, vibrating, jogging, and jolting them to keep the sand in continuous motion for two minutes.
    • A removable battery cover may jolt a hard drive unacceptably when jogging, albeit imperceptibly to the user.
    • In an almost jogging rhythm, the song quickly turned into a ballad in which the audience was serenaded by the saxophone.


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  • 1A spell of jogging: his morning jog
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    • It was early enough so that there were very few tourists around, and the people who could be seen were like us, out for a morning jog or power walk.
    • Then she changes into workout clothes and we head out for a morning jog.
    • He has his diamonds and ankle weights on and he's going for a jog.
  • 1.1 [in singular] A gentle running pace: he set off along the bank at a jog
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    • Feeling better, Noca increased her pace to a jog.
    • Her face automatically brightened and her pace increased into a jog.
    • In fact, she almost seemed to increase her pace to a jog, with Becky following suit a moment after her.
  • 2A slight push or nudge: he gave her a jog with his elbow

Verbos con partícula

jog along

Continue in a steady, uneventful way: our marriage worked and we jogged along
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  • Clearly there was enough cooperation to allow the system to jog along - but not enough to satisfy higher authorities.
  • Not for him the calm certainties of jogging along with the mainstream church; he constantly sought certainty, even if it was of a negative kind.
  • After an 'incident' we jog along, sometimes for quite long periods, before there is a feeling of growing tension and I know there is going to be another outburst, after which the sequence repeats itself.

jog on

  • 1 another way of saying . Phelps’s life jogged on in this fashion until spring
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    • It can do much to alleviate children's pessimism about future prospects of happiness if they have godparents who are still jogging on cosily together.
    • Things jogged on like this for the next nine to ten years.
    • The festival season jogs on, and next weekend the Welsh hillsides will echo to the sounds of Dexys, Mogwai, Van Morrison, Metronomy, Feist, Scritti Politti and dozens of others.
  • 2 [usually in imperative] British informal Go away (used as expression of anger or irritation): I really want to go and see the show but for an £8.75 booking fee they can jog on!
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    • You are not the only person to have ever bought a season ticket, a shirt, a pie etc. and spent hours travelling up to Hull and back. Jog on!
    • You can jog on if you think I give a toss about your hurt feelings.
    • Why don't you all just jog on and let somebody run things properly.


jog someone's memory

Cause someone to remember something suddenly: I wanted to see if the clothes would jog her memory
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  • It jogged my memory and I remembered an article I had read in a Sunday Observer sometime earlier this year, say in March or April.
  • Our petrolhead talk, however, has jogged his memory and he suddenly interrupts himself.
  • Something laughed outside the door, a poisonous sound that suddenly jogged his memory and mind.
stimulate, prompt, stir, activate, arouse; refresh


late Middle English (in the sense 'stab, pierce'): variant of jag1.

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