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land 1

Pronunciación: /land/


1 [mass noun] The part of the earth’s surface that is not covered by water: the reptiles lay their eggs on land after four weeks at sea we sighted land
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  • The way solar radiation is absorbed by the Earth's surface depends primarily on whether the surface is land or sea.
  • There are 26,000 million insects living in every square mile of habitable land on Earth.
  • When the Earth is viewed from space on a cloudless day, all that can be seen are the edges of land, sea and icecaps.
1.1 [as modifier] Living or travelling on land rather than in water or the air: a land force
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  • Every living land animal with a backbone is descended from the same group of fish.
  • And then, as now, it was essentially a debate between maritime forces and land forces.
  • The African elephant is the largest living land animal and weighs up to 5,400 kg.
1.2An area of ground, especially in terms of its ownership or use: he bought 360 acres of land waste land (lands) measures to reduce logging on federal lands
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  • Any land over 5 hectares that is not urban land is also covered by the proposed regime.
  • On every edge of the suburbs were hayfields, waste lands, ditches and culverts.
  • Arable land is one thing the Eastern Cape is not short of but development of much of this has been slow or non-existent.
grounds, ground, fields, open space, open area;
property, acres, acreage, estate, estate, lands, realty, real property, real estate, landholding, holding;
unbuilt land, rural area, green area, green belt
archaic demesne
soil, earth, loam, sod, dirt, clay, turf, topsoil, humus, marl
1.3 (the land) Ground or soil used as a basis for agriculture: my family had worked the land for many years
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  • Edna Beard fell in love with the countryside while working the land to feed a nation at war.
  • She is a country person who believes in using the products of the land.
  • Savory also noted that too much rest was as bad for the land as too much grazing.
the countryside, the country, rural areas, farmland, agricultural land
1.4 (the land) Rural areas and the rural way of life: many people are leaving the land and going to work in the city
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  • Lumbered with crippling debt, many farmers left the land, paving the way for the corporatization of agriculture.
  • The programme, Clarissa and the Countryman, paid homage to the land and its food producers.
  • But the growth of population was in the towns, and labourers left the land for the cities.
1.5 [count noun] South African An area fenced off for cultivation; a field.
From Dutch land 'piece of ground'
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • He allegedly used state vehicles to take his children to school and also used state property and staff to build structures on his farm and plough his lands.
  • They will point out that even in the settlement people are starting to make their own gardens, while others are joining them in the untilled lands.
  • There were no fences, no tractors, no pineapples, no building and cattle were trampling the lands; we have had to start from scratch.
2A country or state: the valley is one of the most beautiful in the land the lands of the Middle East
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  • They are fleeing from the dire economic and social circumstances in their own lands to countries that offer them a better future.
  • Publishers would have to take account of the law of every land on Earth.
  • As he travelled across the land evangelizing at revival meetings he took the lads with him.
2.1 [in combination] A particular sphere of activity or group of people: the blunt, charmless climate of techno-land
2.2A conceptual area: you’re living in a fantasy land
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  • Through reading the Harry Potter series, it would seem many want to enter children's imaginary fantasy lands, too.
  • Sitting at your desk, making statues out of paperclips, it's easy to drift off into a fantasy land of ice cream and beaches.
  • Do not be afraid of disappearing into a fantasy land of castles, maidens and jousting knights for an hour or two.
3The space between the rifling grooves in a gun.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • What is radical about the Briley design is that it is rifled with six, straight, equally spaced lands and grooves.
  • The rotating band contacts the lands and grooves at the forcing cone.
  • Since it uses a reverse electroplating process, there's no abrasive action from bore scouring brushes and no possibility of scratching the lands and grooves.


1 [with object] Put (someone or something) on land from a boat: he landed his troops at Hastings
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  • When the operation settled down, the boats landed some excellent catches at New Plymouth.
  • The work will allow boats and barges to land cargo in bad weather because the planned site is sheltered by the reef.
  • Free French officers were landed by air and boat to negotiate the port's peaceful transfer, but they received a hostile response as did an advance landing party.
1.1 [no object] Go ashore; disembark: the marines landed at a small jetty
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  • When the US marines landed in the south, an armoured column immediately set out to meet them, eager at last to engage the enemy.
  • It's a bay in south-western Cuba, in which US marines landed in 1898 during the Cuban War of Independence.
  • As a combat correspondent in World War IL, he landed with the marines at Guam and Iwo Jima.
disembark, reach the shore, go ashore, debark, alight, get off;
1.2Bring (a fish) to land with a net or rod: he landed 43 on Saturday
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  • Pat Gannon landed his first Salmon of the season, a nice 10.5 lb fish at the Gannon fishery.
  • International golfer Mark O'Meara was one of those to land a summer salmon, when he hooked and landed an 11 lb fish on the 5th.
  • Some very good fish have been landed in the past week, with more being hooked and lost.
1.3 informal Succeed in obtaining or achieving (something desirable), especially in the face of competition: she landed the starring role in a new film
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  • It was in 1997 that Chris won his first major prize in an open competition by landing the President's Cup and the awards have come thick and fast since then.
  • Dermot Weld's feat in landing a second Melbourne Cup is a remarkable achievement.
  • He blindsided the competition by landing Wolfgang Reitzle to run the Premier Auto Group.
obtain, get, acquire, procure, secure, be appointed to, gain, net, win, earn, achieve, attain, bag, come by, draw, pick up;
carry off, catch, capture, grab, hook
informal get/lay one's hands on, get hold of, get one's mitts on, score, swing, nab, collar, pull down
British informal blag
2 [no object] Come down through the air and rest on the ground or another surface: we will shortly be landing at Gatwick a fly landed on Tom’s nose
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  • We flew on a turboprop military plane and landed on the carrier.
  • Before noon, the plane landed on a single runway near town.
  • He said police in a helicopter landed on their farm shortly before 5am with a search warrant.
touch down, alight, make a landing, come in to land, come down, come to rest, arrive
bring down, make a landing, put down, take down
2.1 [with object] Bring (an aircraft or spacecraft) to the ground or the surface of water in a controlled way: the co-pilot landed the plane
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  • The aircraft was immediately landed thereafter and the airframe was inspected.
  • The crew landed the aircraft without further incident.
  • With enemy cavalry approaching, LT McNamara landed his own aircraft under heavy fire.
2.2Reach the ground after falling or jumping: he leapt over the fence and landed nimbly on his feet
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  • Brian went toppling over, landing with a splash in the pool.
  • The lack of tread on the soles saw me fly into the air and nearly land face first on the treadmill.
  • The distracted cyclist flew over the handlebars and landed on the pavement.
2.3 [with adverbial of place] (Of an object) come to rest after falling or being thrown: the plate landed in her lap
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  • You'd need to create a diversion, by throwing a rock that lands behind them, making a noise and distracting them temporarily.
  • He then grabbed my flashlight and threw it so it landed right by my purse.
  • I dropped my fork on the glass plate and it landed with a small ‘clank’.
3 [no object] informal (Of something undesirable or unexpected) arrive suddenly: there were more problems than ever landing on her desk
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  • After we pointed out the many health-giving qualities of the brown stuff, a press release lands on our desk confirming that it is good for you.
  • As I'd been scrambling to create one, a fresh opportunity landed in my lap.
  • The opportunity to do that film landed in my lap.
4 [with object] (land someone in) informal Cause someone to be in (a difficult situation): his exploits always landed him in trouble
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  • This ambivalence toward their own goals in life can land them in difficult situations.
  • That lands you in a really difficult scientific problem.
  • It is less about the theatre production and more about the actors, their history and how it landed them in this current situation.
bring, lead, drive, cause to be in, cause to arrive in
4.1 (land someone with) Inflict (an unwelcome task or difficult situation) on someone: the mistake landed the company with a massive bill
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  • Good Friday became bad Friday for one group of Chessington residents when they were landed with £320 in parking fines.
  • Smith has been landed with ‘extortionate’ water bills - because travellers are taking water from his supply.
  • His tip-off to police landed Bailey with a five-year jail sentence when he appeared at York Crown Court.
burden, saddle, encumber, trouble, tax, load
informal dump something on someone
British informal lumber
5 [with object] informal Inflict (a blow) on someone: I won the fight without landing a single punch
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  • In round 1, Donis landed a hard right hook that was his most significant punch of the round.
  • It is possible that when the fight statistics are scrutinised that Arias, the Brazilian heavyweight champion, will have a tally of punches landed in single figures.
  • Raymond, enraged at being laughed at, charged forward and tried landing the first strike.
inflict, deal, deliver, administer, deposit, dispense, give, catch, mete out
informal fetch



how the land lies

British What the situation is: let’s keep it to ourselves until we see how the land lies
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  • Just to see how the land lies, I approached Dave Linley, who has been given the job of looking after the spare tickets.
  • Your response counts, because it tells them, and the BBC how the land lies.
  • Let's see how the land lies after Grafton Street opens, OK?

in the land of the living

humorous Alive or awake: the doctor was amazed to find me still in the land of the living if the general’s in the land of the living, I’d like a word
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  • Am now back in the land of the living, only to be faced with ten bazillion emails and two letters from the House of Commons (that'll be my MP then).
  • In that instance, as it is now, it was very comforting to know that I was wrong and he had been slyly enjoying his years in the land of the living.
  • Well, I'm back in the land of the living again with an internet connection!

the land of the free

The United States of America: in the land of the free virtually anyone is free to wield a gun
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  • He wouldn't stop talking about his first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty from the ship that brought him to the land of the free as a teenage immigrant.
  • I'm in the land of the free, and I won't be blogging.
  • Yes, I just moved back from London to the land of the free.

the land of Nod

humorous A state of sleep: the tape is guaranteed to send babies and toddlers to the land of Nod
Punningly, with biblical allusion to the place name Nod (Gen. 4:16)
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I fought off the sleep interruption and went back to the land of Nod.
  • I want to stay where it is safe, lost in the sleepy, dreamy land of Nod.
  • May dreams of the fearless left-winger escort you to the land of Nod.

land (or fall) on one's feet

Have good luck or success: after some ups and downs he has finally landed on his feet
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • But no, miss high and mighty, you've landed on your feet and you don't need your old dad any more, that's for sure.
  • Ranieri has landed on his feet, loved and lauded in two cities.
  • For starters he left me after I'd supported him for six months of him being unemployed, just as I lost my job and he landed on his feet.

live off the land

Live on whatever food one can obtain by hunting, gathering, or subsistence farming: George used the fieldcraft taught to him by his father to live off the land
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Often relocated to disadvantaged areas, the Ojibwa faced poverty and bare subsistence through living off the land and/or farming.
  • The soldiers learn how to catch food and live off the land.
  • Some 90 percent of the population live off the land, mostly as subsistence farmers.

Verbos con partícula


land up

Reach a place or situation: the ship landed up on the south coast of Devon I landed up in prison
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  • Follow these precautions for the first few dates with anyone and you'll never land up in a sticky situation!
  • The fight got uglier when her husband and friend reached the spot and they all landed up at the police station.
  • What if the wind changes, and you land up somewhere that leaves you feeling unprepared?
finish up, arrive, find oneself, end up, turn up, come, go, appear
informal wind up, fetch up, show up, roll up, blow in

land up with

End up with (an unwelcome situation): I landed up with three broken ribs
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • It's a vote for a smoother, wittier, more stylish world than the one we've landed up with: the chink of glass against glass and the devastating couplet.
  • Out of five pitches, however, we land up with one new client.
  • The merged firm will land up with two overlapping product sets that are difficult to integrate and a client set that will be unwilling to migrate.


Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch land and German Land.

  • Celtic words such as Irish lann ‘enclosure’ and Welsh llan ‘enclosure, church’ are related to land, as well as the closer Dutch land and German Land. In the land of the living is now a jokey way of saying that someone is alive or awake. The expression is biblical, occurring for example in the Book of Job: ‘Man knoweth not the price thereof; neither is it found in the land of the living.’ The land of Nod is also biblical, first used for the state of sleep by Jonathan Swift, who based it on the place name Nod in Genesis: ‘And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden’. Landscape (late 16th century) was first used as a term for a picture of natural scenery: it comes from Middle Dutch lantscap, from land ‘land’ and -scap (the equivalent of the English suffix -ship).

Palabras que riman con land

and, band, bland, brand, expand, firsthand, gland, grand, hand, manned, misunderstand, offhand, rand, righthand, Samarkand, sand, stand, strand, thirdhand, underhand, undermanned, understand, unplanned, untanned, withstand

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Hay 2 definiciones de land en inglés:

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Land 2

Pronunciación: /land/
Pronunciación: /lant/

sustantivo (plural Länder /ˈlɛndə/ /ˈlɛndɐ/)

A state of Germany or Austria.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • A second school highlights the distinctive role of regional governments in federal systems, however designated - states, provinces, republics, cantons, Länder.
  • The German Länder have, as it were, an organic claim to authority, and have represented their local communities for much longer.
  • Kohl insisted that these extensions would undermine the position of the German Länder.


German, literally 'land'.

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