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lash out

1Hit or kick out at someone or something: the woman had lashed out in fear
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Aged about 12 or 13 years at most, the girl started screaming abuse, crying, lashing out with fists and kicking.
  • She would attack anyone who went into her field, kicking, biting, lashing out and rearing and the more people tried to frighten her away, the worse she became.
  • Twice, Freddy lashes out by silently kicking a brick wall.
hit out, strike, let fly, take a swing;
1.1Attack someone verbally: in his speech, he lashed out at his enemies
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • It frustrated her to a point where one day she had finally lashed out on him verbally, saying how his antics we're just driving her father and farther away from ever wanting to be with him again.
  • Her voice dripped with sarcasm as she verbally lashed out.
  • And I knew even if I verbally lashed out at him, Trey would still take it.
criticize, castigate, chastise, censure, attack, condemn, denounce, lambaste, harangue, rant at, rail at, haul over the coals, fulminate against, pillory, let fly;
informal lay into, round on, pitch into, lace into, carpet, bawl out
British informal slate
North American informal chew out, ream out
2British Spend money extravagantly: I decided to lash out and treat myself let’s lash out on a taxi
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The other thing you both know is that, no matter how much you lash out on clothes, you'll lash out more on delicatessen.
  • Anyway, if you're in Australia, find a vendor, have a chat and lash out on a three dollar copy of the Big Issue - because it rocks.
  • I try to get my budgets right, but sometimes I just lash out the money and worry about balancing the books at a future date.
spend lavishly, be extravagant, pay out, spend a lot of money
informal splash out, push the boat out, splurge, shell out, squander money, waste money, fritter money away, go on a spending spree, go on a shopping binge
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