Hay 3 definiciones de last en inglés:

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last 1

Pronunciación: /lɑːst/


1Coming after all others in time or order; final: they caught the last bus
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  • After the last supper on the final night, the team set off from the camp at midnight.
  • Sure enough, when we arrived at the bus station it turned out that the last bus had already left.
  • Ironically, the teams are due to met again just six days after the final for the last league match of the season.
rearmost, rear, hindmost, bringing up the rear, nearest the rear, at the end, furthest back, at the back (of the queue), aftermost, endmost, furthest behind, final, ultimate, most remote, remotest, furthest, utmost, extreme
later, latter
1.1Met with or encountered after any others: the last house in the village
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  • This was happening in the bus shelter and the nearby road of my bus stop, the last bus stop on the route.
1.2The lowest in importance or rank: finishing in last place [as complement]: he came last in the race
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  • Not sure if we came last overall, I think we won some crayons though so it wasn't all bad.
  • A muddled Mr North came last, answering only five correct questions in the allotted time.
  • That he came last with only 9 percent is a great victory in the battle against fascism.
1.3 (the last) The least likely or suitable: he’s the last person I’d turn to for help the last thing she needed was a husband
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  • If this EP is her idea of a career move, the last place it seems likely to take her is the land of fame and fortune.
  • If a site is named after a marine creature, that is usually the last creature you're likely to see.
  • It was the last myth that anyone needed, least of all those who loathe the notion of intractability.
least likely, most unlikely, most improbable, most reluctant;
least suitable, most unsuitable, most inappropriate, least appropriate, least wanted, least favourite
2Most recent in time; latest: last year [postpositive]: your letter of Sunday last
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  • The RMT has already had six days of strikes, the most recent of them last Friday and Saturday.
  • This is what appears to have happened with the most recent Games, staged last year in Athens.
  • They are not the result of lack of care this year, last year or indeed recent years.
previous, preceding;
latest, most recent;
prior, former
2.1Immediately preceding in order; previous in a sequence or enumeration: their last album this last point is critical
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  • We tried and failed but, if we leave anything, judge us by that last album.
  • He warns the technicians on the other side of the studio glass that he won't do anything from the last album.
  • Her last album, All I Have went gold back in 2002, and this new one is said to be even better.
3Only remaining: it’s our last hope
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  • For a long period, Broadland was the last remaining major stronghold in the country.
  • With scores level and one over remaining, the last pair were at the wicket.
  • The batter was dry and crisp and remained so until the last scrap was eaten.
final, only remaining, only one left


1On the last occasion before the present; previously: a woman last heard of in Cornwall
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  • Mrs Castell last heard from her son when he was in Kuwait, two days before the war began on March 20.
  • Mr Cooper last heard from the company on July 29 and is waiting to see how things progress.
  • The former must be assumed dead by now, and the latter was last heard of working in Switzerland.
2 [in combination] After all others in order or sequence: the last-named film
3(Especially in enumerating points) lastly: and last, I’d like to thank you all for coming

sustantivo (plural igual)

1The last person or thing; the one occurring, mentioned, or acting after all others: the last of their guests had gone he was eating as if every mouthful were his last
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  • The present charter expires in three years' time and must be the last in the present form.
  • There would have been a Media Frenzy, we wouldn't have heard the last of it for months.
  • Thought you had heard the last of the libel case involving some Borough staff at BoS?
1.1 (the last of) The only part of something that remains: they drank the last of the wine
1.2 [in singular] The last position or finisher in a race or competition: Lion Cavern came from last in a slowly run race
1.3 (the last) The end or last moment, especially death: he was dead, having refused morphia to the last
1.4 (the last) The last mention or sight of someone or something: that was the last we saw of her
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  • Her sister Kathleen visited him in Surbiton before he joined, but that was the last the family heard of him.
  • But that was the last she heard from them until she visited the new Keighley office this month.
  • We just know that they were going to abandon the life raft and that was it, that was the last we heard.



at last

(or at long last)
In the end; after much delay: you’ve come back to me at last!
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  • Coupled with the power in your house of partners, it's clear you are at last ready to settle down.
  • Finally, at long last, much surfing on the net brought me to a site that had my mystery plant.
  • It is good to know, at long last, that the party is ready to drop the pretence and face reality.

—— one's last

Do something for the last time: the dying embers sparked their last

last but not least

Last in order of mention or occurrence but not of importance: last but not least Gary in midfield has been brilliant last, but by no means least, much still needs to be done to improve public attitudes
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  • And last but not least, we've finally scheduled the next several shows!
  • And last but not least, the president has been issuing executive orders that have been implementing many of the ideas.
  • The components of the parrot cage is the last but not least of the important aspects when buying parrot cages.

one's (or the) last gasp

see gasp.

the last minute

The latest possible time before an event: the visit was cancelled at the last minute
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  • Speaking yesterday on a visit to Harwich, he vowed to fight for every vote right up until the last minute.
  • When it comes to organising holidays, we can never make up our minds and try not to commit until the last minute.
  • This tendency can result in the writing being left until the last minute and consequently rushed.

last orders

(North American last call)
(In a bar or pub) said to inform customers that closing time is approaching and that any further drinks should be purchased immediately: last orders, gentlemen, please
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  • Showed up just in time for the last call of dollar drinks.
  • And extending a convivial night's drinking after last orders has been called is a long standing Dales custom.
  • It will help get away from binge drinking and drinking vast amounts before last orders.

the last straw

see straw.

last thing

Late in the evening, especially as a final act before going to bed: I think having that cup of tea last thing at night really helps
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  • If you go last thing in the evening to the amphitheatre you might leave with a tear or two.
  • I want to dump it into a cradle last thing at night, where it will charge up again ready for the next night.
  • If a man irritates a woman she is not going to wait until the last thing at night to express her annoyance.

the last word

1The final or definitive pronouncement on or decision about a subject: he’s always determined to have the last word
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  • That there is only one of Him is not just a first approximation, it is also the last word on the subject, and it makes the concept of Godhead a notably tense one.
  • It is unlikely to provide the last word on the subject, but its findings will have a huge effect on the alternative health industry either way.
  • No one person may always have the last word just for the sake of having the last word.
final decision, summation, final statement, definitive statement, conclusive comment;
concluding remark, final remark, final say, closing statement, parting shot, Parthian shot
2The finest or most modern, fashionable, or advanced example of something: the new flat is the last word in luxury
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Do you think salt-and-pepper is the last word in style, or would you rather dye than reveal your roots - and your age?
  • This was back in the days when Genesis were considered to be the last word in cool by a certain strata of English youth.
  • Spread across five-storeys, it's perhaps the last word in quality, style and taste.
the best, the peak, the acme, the epitome, the quintessence, the most fashionable, the most up to date, the latest, the newest;
the pinnacle, the apex, the apogee, the cream, the ultimate, the height, the zenith, the utmost, the nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the ne plus ultra, the dernier cri, the beau idéal
archaic the nonesuch

on one's last legs

see leg.


Old English latost (adverb) 'after all others in a series', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch laatst, lest and German letzt, also to late.

Palabras que riman con last

aghast, avast, Belfast, blast, cast, caste, contrast, fast, mast, miscast, outlast, past, unsurpassed, vast
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Hay 3 definiciones de last en inglés:

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last 2

Pronunciación: /lɑːst/


[no object]
1 [with adverbial] (Of a process, activity, or state) continue for a specified period of time: the guitar solo lasted for twenty minutes childhood seems to last forever
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  • But today, the advantage that you get from outthinking the competition lasts an incredibly short period of time.
  • The whole process lasted less than three minutes.
  • This stage, which centers on colony growth lasts for a period ranging from four months to five years, depending on the species of ant.
continue, go on, carry on, keep on, keep going, run on, proceed, be prolonged;
2Continue to operate or remain usable for a considerable or specified length of time: the car is built to last a lip pencil lasts longer than lipstick
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Consider how long a cell-phone battery lasts in a benign environment.
  • We have a cell phone, but it tends to reside in a drawer in the kitchen, not in her purse, as the battery only lasts about 5 hours, even if you don't use it.
  • Its battery lasts 12 hours (as opposed to eight), and is easily changed for a new one when the first runs out.
endure, wear well, stand up, keep going, bear up;
withstand, resist
informal go the distance
2.1Manage to continue in a state or position; survive or endure: she managed to last out until the end of the programme his condition is so serious that he won’t last the night how long does he reckon he’ll last as manager?
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I seem to remember that I managed to last out, but by the end I felt distinctly nauseous.
  • Well, the greatest reward in World War II was survival, if you lasted through it.
  • I went to a party last night but only lasted about an hour and a half before I felt too inexplicably grumpy to stay any longer and left.
survive, endure, hold on, hold out, keep going, persevere, exist
informal stick it out, hang on, stay around, hack it
2.2(Of provisions or resources) be adequate or sufficient for a specified length of time: green peppers which had been served with their rice while supplies lasted [with object]: he filled the freezer with enough food to last him for three months
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Iraq is thought to have sufficient food stocks to last only until the end of April.
  • The rule of thumb is that if a store has lasted over 30 years in this fickle climate then, clearly, the owners are experts deserving of your custom.
  • Buy now while stocks last because property prices in Bradford are set to soar over the next decade.


Old English lǣstan, of Germanic origin, related to German leisten 'afford, yield', also to last3.

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Hay 3 definiciones de last en inglés:

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last 3

Pronunciación: /lɑːst/


A shoemaker’s model for shaping or repairing a shoe or boot.
mould, model, pattern, form, matrix;
Northern English  hobbing foot/boot


Old English lǣste, of Germanic origin, from a base meaning 'follow'; related to Dutch leest and German Leisten.

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