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Pronunciación: /ˈlɪvɪŋ/


1 [usually in singular] An income sufficient to live on or the means of earning it: she was struggling to make a living as a dancer what does he do for a living?
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  • The yield may not be large but farmers manage to feed their family and make a living.
  • But as I said, I'm aware of the problems earning enough money to make a living.
  • Many of the ballet artistes continue performing because it is too late for them to look to any other profession to make a living.
livelihood, income, source of income, means of support, means, subsistence, keep, maintenance, sustenance, nourishment, daily bread, upkeep;
job, day job, work, employment, occupation, trade, profession, career
informal bread and butter
1.1British (In church use) a position as a vicar or rector with an income or property: he was offered the living of St Katherine’s
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  • The second is the Black Death, in which half the livings in the Church changed hands - which tells one something about its impact.
  • Ordained in 1675, Flamsteed received the income of the living of Burstow, Surrey from 1684.
  • In 1487, eager to appease France, Pope Innocent VIII granted James III an ‘indult’, giving him the right to prefer to Scottish livings and higher Church posts.
2 [mass noun, with adjective or noun modifier] The pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type: the benefits of country living
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  • Our councils are already doing a fantastic job of developing lifestyle choices and active living.
  • We then calculated degree of cognitive impairment, function in activities of daily living, and behavioural disturbances.
  • Standards of living and lifestyles also became very similar in rural and urban areas.
way of life, lifestyle, manner of living, way of living, mode of living, life;
conduct, behaviour, activities;
customs, habits, ways


1Alive: living creatures (as plural noun the living) flowers were for the living
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  • For their sake, he made them all perish in the next instant, dying as quick as a living creature could possibly.
  • They also had this machine that replicated food so that no living creature had to be killed to keep them alive.
  • The garden was a living, breathing, creature that now seemed intent upon swallowing her up.
alive, live, having life;
animate, organic, biological, sentient;
breathing, moving;
existing, existent
informal in the land of the living, among the living, alive and kicking
archaic quick
1.1 [attributive] (Of a place) used for living rather than working in: the living quarters of the pub
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  • This type of building is seen mainly as a workshop, rather than as a living space, an idea borne out by the many loom weights found in these types of buildings.
  • These include kitchens, eating areas, living places, bathing facilities and so on.
  • Even if one has left his native place, he continues to perform ritualistic practices at his present living place.
1.2(Of a language) still spoken and used.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Unlike Latin, classical Arabic is still a living language, existing parallel to the dialects.
  • He later goes to the Basque country and is exposed to the living language.
  • English is a living language but it will only stand so much abuse.
current, contemporary, present;
in use, operative, active, operating, ongoing, continuing, surviving, extant, persisting, remaining, abiding;
existing, existent, in existence
1.3 [attributive] literary (Of water) perennially flowing: streams of living water
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  • He says to this woman that he has the gift of living water for her.
  • The metaphor of the people being like trees planted by streams of living water is familiar in Jeremiah.
  • This side of the eschaton the Spirit pours forth living waters, filled with novelty.



be (the) living proof that (or of)

Show by one’s existence and qualities that something is the case: she is living proof that hard work need not be ageing
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  • No, hold on a second - I was living proof that that wasn't true.
  • She is living proof that for many, owning and operating a gallery is something that becomes a part of you that is difficult to leave behind.
  • Melissa is living proof that even though exercise has many positive benefits, too much can be harmful.

in (or within) living memory

Within or during a time that is remembered by people still alive: the worst recession in living memory
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  • The silage season of 2002 will be remembered as one of the worst in living memory.
  • First, the sheer scale of the disaster puts it in the running for the dubious title of worst natural disaster in living memory.
  • But it was still one of their worst electoral performances in living memory.

the living image of

An exact copy or likeness of: he was the living image of Tyler
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  • And thus we know, as Kepler concluded, that man is made in the image, the living image of the Creator, to discover and use these universal principles, and to change the universe by using them.
  • You who refuse to bow before images also refuse to bow before the Son of God who is the living image of the invisible God, and his unchanging likeness.
  • Perhaps it was just the bitterness of her home life shinning through, but for whatever reason, Holiday was the living image of bitterness.
exact, faithful, true to life, speaking, authentic, genuine;
close, near, similar, like, alike

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