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[mass noun]
  • 4(In tennis, squash, and some other sports) a score of zero; nil: love fifteen
    [apparently from the phrase play for love (i.e. the love of the game, not for money); folk etymology has connected the word with French l'oeuf 'egg', from the resemblance in shape between an egg and a zero]
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    • More so in the second set where Jones held four out of five service games at love.
    • To come back from two sets to love and win it is an awesome feeling.
    • The running tennis score of each of the games is expressed in a style peculiar to tennis: score in a game from zero to three points is represented as zero (or "love"), fifteen, thirty, and forty correspondingly.


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for love

For pleasure rather than profit: he played for the love of the game
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  • Did anyone seriously imagine that he was managing England for love rather than money?
  • It's not a lot of money, so we do it for love, we do it because we have this commitment.
  • And Jeff loved what he did, and he did it for love, not money.

for the love of God

Used to accompany an urgent request or to express annoyance or surprise: for the love of God, get me out of here!
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  • If I should ever be in a vegetative state and kept alive on life support, please, for the love of God, don't ever show me in that condition on national television.
  • Please, for the love of God, TELL ME WHAT YOU SAID!
  • And if you do break down, for the love of God, PUSH YOUR CAR INTO THE EMERGENCY LANE.

for the love of Mike

British informal Used to accompany an exasperated request or to express dismay: for the love of Mike take off those shoes!
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  • 'Cut it out and just take some normal pictures, for the love of Mike.’
  • He's my man-servant, not a plutocrat, for the love of Mike!
  • Forget pounds - why, for the love of Mike would you want to work with pounds?

love me, love my dog

proverb If you love someone, you must accept everything about them, even their faults.
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  • I'm one of those people who has taken to heart the old saying "love me, love my dog."

the love that dare not speak its name

An allusive term for homosexuality.
[first appearing in ‘Two Loves’, a poem by the British author Lord Alfred Douglas (1870–1945), the phrase is popularly associated with Oscar Wilde as a result of its use during his trial for homosexual offences in 1895]
Used to refer to a preference or practice reɡarded as unacceptable or taboo: a fondness for nuclear power was the love that dare not speak its name among green campaigners
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  • Redistribution remains the policy that dare not speak its name.
  • On the other side, immigration is the issue that dare not speak its name.
  • I have fallen prey to the love that dare not speak its name: I am in the thrall of a music that is not cool, never will be cool, and never has been cool.

make love

  • 1Have sexual intercourse: one of the young men makes love to a village girl in the morning they made love
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    • She no longer wants to make love, whereas before we had a very good sex life.
    • The idea was that parents loved each other, got married, made love, and babies resulted.
    • Being gay means that the ordinary relationship between making love and having children is severed.
    have sex, have sexual intercourse, go to bed (together), sleep together
    British informal bonk, do it, make whoopee, get one's oats
    North American informal get it on
    vulgar slang fuck, screw, shag, hump, do the business, have it away/off
    British vulgar slang knob, roger
    formal copulate, fornicate
    dated couple
  • 2 (make love to) • dated Pay amorous attention to (someone).

not for love or money

informal Not in any circumstances: they’ll not return for love or money
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  • He has taken on an unselfish task, not for love or money, for the first time in his life.
  • This compromise I would not make, not for love or money or threats of a lonely old age.
  • Some guitars you don't let go, not for love or money… and this is one of them.

there's no (or little or not much) love lost between

There is mutual dislike between (the people mentioned): there’s no love lost between Scott and me
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  • There is little love lost between them, although mutual respect burns strongly.
  • Certainly there will be no love lost between not only the players of these two clubs, but also between the two teams' coaching staffs.
  • The fact that there is no love lost between champion and contender has added spice to their battles in recent years; they respect each other, of course, but that's about the limit of their mutual feelings.



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  • The world has lost one of the greatest, most prolific, most original and most loveworthy mathematicians of all time.
  • I've only met you the one time, but I thought you seemed like a very loveworthy person.
  • The two twentieth-century theologians describe God with the German word, liebenswürdig, which nicely communicates the notion that God is both lovely and loveworthy.


Old English lufu, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit lubhyati 'desires', Latin libet 'it is pleasing', libido 'desire', also by leave2 and lief.

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