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Saltos de línea: mis|guided
Pronunciación: /mɪsˈɡʌɪdɪd


Having or showing faulty judgement or reasoning: their misguided belief that they were defending the honour of their country
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  • It is a disease that has been aided by misguided attempts to cure it.
  • Contrary to some misguided beliefs, kicking drugs may be the key to unleashing the true rock and roll spirit.
  • It was, he claimed, a misguided, low-budget attempt to offer children individual attention.
erroneous, fallacious, unwarranted, unfounded, unsound, misplaced, misconceived, ill-advised, inadvisable, ill-considered, ill-judged, inappropriate, impolitic, unwise, injudicious, imprudent, rash, foolish
misinformed, misled, misdirected, labouring under a delusion/misapprehension, wrong, mistaken, deluded, ill-advised, foolish



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  • More times than not, the movie revolves around a crime or crime spree with the youth in question inadvertently, or misguidedly involved.
  • Occasionally, you find the oddballs who think it's an amusing circumstance, and will glance up at you, grinning and misguidedly believing they've stumbled upon the type of serendipity found in romantic comedies.
  • They recklessly bandy about terms like ‘toxins,’ ‘chemicals,’ and ‘poison’ while misguidedly revering ‘natural’ substances.


Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I'll mock someone or something for the same honesty or misguidedness that I'll demonstrate myself several weeks later.
  • He is only condemned in the film by his utter misguidedness.
  • But subsequent reading of the play clarifies little and amounts to less, merely confirming his pretensions and misguidedness.

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