Hay 2 definiciones de multiply en inglés:

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multiply 1

Pronunciación: /ˈmʌltɪplʌɪ/

verbo (multiplies, multiplying, multiplied)

[with object]
1Obtain from (a number) another which contains the first number a specified number of times: multiply fourteen by nineteen [no object]: we all know how to multiply by ten
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  • As the above table of calculations demonstrates, the more digits we use of the decimal expansion of 2, the more nines we get after the decimal point when we multiply the number by itself.
  • Since any number multiplied by one remains constant, the multiplicative identity is 1.
  • The objects in the two piles are counted, the two numbers are multiplied and the result is stored somewhere.
2Increase or cause to increase greatly in number or quantity: [no object]: ever since I became a landlord my troubles have multiplied tenfold [with object]: cigarette smoking combines with other factors to multiply the risks of atherosclerosis
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  • Chronic dioxin exposure is believed to multiply the risk of several cancers, increase the chance of immune system disorders, and to cause liver damage.
  • He said that slower rate of growth and rapid increase of population has multiplied the woes of Northeast and halted its economic development.
  • For every point that the underlying asset increases, profit is multiplied by the customer's stake, and vice versa.
increase, increase exponentially, grow, become more numerous, accumulate, proliferate, mount up, mushroom, snowball, burgeon, spread, expand
literary wax
2.1 [no object] (Of an animal or other organism) increase in number by reproducing: listeria and other bacteria were able to multiply in very low temperatures
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  • Major people epidemics occur when a human flu virus recombines with an animal virus, an animal flu virus multiplies in man, or the existing chemicals rearrange more virulently.
  • If they choose the latter course, their stock of sheep will multiply (because of natural reproduction).
  • The bacteria then multiply rapidly and produce toxins, which result in the rapid progress of the disease.
2.2 [with object] Propagate (plants): researchers multiply these varieties to provide new plants for the farmers
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  • The crop is normally multiplied by the use of tubers (seed potatoes) but the use of the true potato seed is becoming important.
  • Thirty preselected plants were multiplied in tissue culture and duplicates transferred to the greenhouse.
  • This is a good way to multiply your plants, free of charge.


Middle English: from Old French multiplier, from Latin multiplicare.

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Hay 2 definiciones de multiply en inglés:

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multiply 2

Pronunciación: /ˈmʌltɪpli/


[often as submodifier]
In several different ways or respects: multiply injured patients
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  • Across the range of empirical indicators relating to age, occupational status, health status and housing, it is evident that they are a group who are multiply disadvantaged.
  • Males and females mate multiply with the same, as well as with different, partners.
  • But after all that is said, the accounts given are not disproved by being multiply reported.
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