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Pronunciación: /niːd/


[with object]
1Require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable: I need help now [with present participle]: this shirt needs washing [with infinitive]: they need to win tomorrow
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Your support is urgently needed to ensure the success of this worthy endeavor.
  • Each attack requires a costly clean-up, using money which is desperately needed for other purposes.
  • Everyone appreciates that the government urgently needs to address a wad of issues - the most obvious being poverty.
require, be in need of, stand in need of, have need of, want, be in want of, be crying out for, be desperate for;
demand, call for, necessitate, entail, involve;
have occasion for/to;
lack, be without, be short of, miss
1.1 (not need something) Not want to be subjected to something: I don’t need your sarcasm
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • They are the lowest form of political pond life and we do not need them.
  • We do not need our emotions manipulated any more than they have been.
  • God knows our players do not need their egos inflating any further.
2 [as modal, with negative or in questions] Expressing necessity or obligation: need I say more? all you need bring are sheets
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  • You need only go one stop on the tube to find a very different Britain.
  • Olympiakos need only draw, but will carry to Anfield one of the poorest away records in the competition.
have to, be under an obligation to, be obliged to, be compelled to, be under a compulsion to
archaic have need to
3 [no object] archaic Be necessary: lest you, even more than needs, embitter our parting


1 [mass noun] Circumstances in which something is necessary; necessity: the basic human need for food [with infinitive]: there’s no need to cry
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  • A need for counting arose, then writing and numerals were needed to record transactions.
  • There was a need for emergency type accommodation in Laois under the new strategy.
  • Purvis rightly identifies a need for a more complete, more nuanced assessment.
necessity, obligation, requirement, call, demand
rare exigency
2 (often needs) A thing that is wanted or required: his day-to-day needs
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  • Bolton must adapt and change to meet the needs of the public if it wishes to thrive as it has in the past.
  • I am from England, of course, and, as such, consider rain to be part of my daily needs.
  • He explained that there were more than enough resources to satisfy all basic human needs.
3 [mass noun] The state of requiring help, or of lacking basic necessities such as food: help us in our hour of need children in need
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Flo is just the kind of player Peter Reid didn't require in his hour of need.
  • Director Denise Carter urged the people of Bradford to make cash donations for Claire in her hour of need.
  • Dependent on their families, they simply didn't know who to turn to in their hour of need.
difficulty, trouble, distress;
crisis, emergency, urgency, extremity, dire/desperate straits
rare exigency
needy, requiring help, deprived, disadvantaged, underprivileged, in want, poor, badly off, unable to make ends meet, in reduced/straitened circumstances, unable to keep the wolf from the door, impoverished, poverty-stricken, destitute, penurious, impecunious, indigent;
British  on the breadline


1 In modern English, there are two quite distinct uses for the verb need. In the first place it is used as a normal verb meaning ‘require’: I need some money; I need to see her today. Second, it is one of a small class of verbs called modals (like can, could, and might, for example), which cannot stand alone without another verb and do not take normal verb endings or normal negative constructions, e.g. he need not worry, not he needs not worry; he can’t swim, not he doesn’t can swim. Because of this dual grammatical status, it is sometimes called a semi-modal.2 The two constructions in that shirt needs washing (verb + present participle) and that shirt needs to be washed (verb + infinitive and past participle) have more or less the same meaning. Both these constructions are acceptable in standard English, but a third construction, that shirt needs washed (verb + bare past participle), is restricted to certain dialects of Scotland and North America and is not considered acceptable in standard English.



at need

archaic When needed; in an emergency: men whose experience could be called upon at need
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • It won't be quite as absorptive as the commercial variety, but it's a good deal cheaper and can be improvised at need.
  • It becomes a tool, something you can use at need, not something that uses you.
  • In truth, those fighting in the north were able to retreat westward at need, but their numbers and strength were sorely needed to help prevent, or at the least, hinder the Enemy from driving directly south through Alin.

had need

archaic Ought to: kings had need beware, how they side themselves

have need of/to do something

formal Need something: Alida had need of company
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Its only real use is as a football ground and there are no league clubs who have need of it.
  • Any radiation specialist medical personnel we have are at your disposal, if you have need of them.
  • A few weeks ago, you may recall that I had need of the RAC's assistance, and received appalling service. Of course, I wrote to complain about this.

if need be

If necessary: I’ll work from morning till night if need be
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The room is quite large, it happens to be fitted for at least two girls to spend the night in if need be.
  • The place is accessible from the Intracoastal, so they can move in and out during the night if need be.
  • Stake out the village at night with infra-red cameras and the SAS if need be.

in need of

Needing (something): he was in desperate need of medical care
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The shop is also in need of good quality items to sell such as clothes, books and bric-a-brac.
  • Of course the finance industry is not the only place in need of of some house cleaning.
  • The central concepts of this work remain disputed and in need of close scholarly argument.


Old English nēodian (verb), nēod, nēd (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch nood and German Not 'danger'.

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