Hay 2 definiciones de North West en inglés:

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North West 1

A province of northern South Africa, formed in 1994 from the NE part of Cape Province and SW Transvaal; capital, Mafikeng.
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Hay 2 definiciones de North West en inglés:

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north-west 2

Pronunciación: /nɔːθˈwɛst/


(usually the north-west)
1The direction towards the point of the horizon midway between north and west: he pointed to the north-west
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In Gaul, the centre of political gravity and the exchange networks were definitely oriented towards the north-west.
  • During that morning, however, something unusual was happening in the skies to the west and north-west of Ballyhaunis.
  • The rain restarts and since the eye of the hurricane is moving away toward the north-west, the circulating wind now blows from the south-west.
1.1The compass point corresponding to north-west.
2The north-western part of a country, region, or town: the north-west of London
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Tonight's talk is about one of Ireland's special geographic regions the Burren region in the north-west of Clare.
  • A second scenario would see development take place primarily in the north-west of the town, in and around Millennium Park.
  • From 1953 he was assistant to the managing editor, serving as media organiser for the Perth Commonwealth Games and for early tours to the promising mineral regions of the north-west.


1Lying towards, near, or facing the north-west: the north-west corner of the square
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In February 1971, a fire broke out in the north-west tower near the bell chamber when a tarpaulin caught alight and another fire the following year destroyed pinnacles and woodwork in the choir stalls.
  • At the extreme north-west corner of Ngargo Island, near a massive bomb-scar in the rocky cliff, lies a very curious wreck.
  • The historic heart of the city is centrally situated on the north-west axis, and towards the eastern border.
1.1(Of a wind) blowing from the north-west: a north-west gale
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Blown in on the north-west monsoon without aid of any chart or astronomical observation, a thousand mariners, tide-driven, converge on the coral reefs.
  • The Red Sea has a prevailing north-west wind, which means that this coastline is exposed, rather than sheltered like the inshore reefs of Egypt.
  • October to April brings the more humid north-west monsoon, and November to February often sees monsoon rain.
2Of or denoting the north-western part of a country, region, or towns: north-west Europe
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • This weekend, the ‘black tide’ of oil spilled by the Prestige last week before it was towed out to sea was still soiling a 240-mile stretch of coast in the north-west Galicia region.
  • McMaster said about 80% of primary schools in the north-west region don't have facilities for physical education.
  • In the longer term, Clane would be the gateway town for north-west Kildare, providing shopping facilities for people in that part of the county.


To or towards the north-west: he turned on to the motorway and headed north-west
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  • The farmers moved with their new technologies north-west into Europe, probably displacing the local hunter-gatherer populations that were living there at the time.
  • The blue southern boundary runs between York and Malton and then heads north-west again to the top side of Northallerton.
  • Heading north-west towards Stewartby, homeowners were warned to shut their windows as the fire raged under ground on Wednesday.
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