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Pronunciación: /nɒt/


1 (also n't joined to a preceding verb) Used with an auxiliary verb or ‘be’ to form the negative: he would not say she isn’t there didn’t you tell me?
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Not only are we not allowed to cycle any more, we are not allowed to ride the trams either.
  • On what grounds Pilger is supposed to be disturbed we are not allowed to know.
  • Showmans Guild will not be allowed to change terms and conditions of membership.
1.1Used in some constructions with other verbs: [with infinitive]: he has been warned not to touch the pain of not knowing she not only wrote the text but also researched the photographs
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  • You are warned not to touch the banisters in the empty, crumbling flats of Craigmillar.
  • Members of the public are warned not to try to coax down the eagle themselves.
  • His civil servants have been warned not to ask him to do anything sedentary on July 2.
2Used as a short substitute for a negative clause: maybe I’ll regret it, but I hope not ‘Don’t you keep in touch?’ ‘I’m afraid not’ they wouldn’t know if I was telling the truth or not
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Mum Allison is hoping to hear news today on whether or not she can donate bone marrow to Joshua.
  • Travel pages disclose if the writer was a guest of the organizers of the tour or not.
  • It's been reported that he also looks after a lady, whether he knows her or not.
3Used to express the negative of other words: not a single attempt was made treating the symptoms and not the cause ‘How was it?’ ‘Not so bad.’
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  • The blue haired girl stood in silence not hearing a single word the doctor had just spoke.
  • There wasn't a single bad performance all night, not a single dropped note or missed key.
  • Instead, it is moving in reverse, which to American minds must be worse than not moving at all.
3.1Used with a quantifier to exclude a person or part of a group: not all the poems are serious
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I think she is a brave woman because not everyone is sympathetic to domestic violence.
  • It sounds perfectly reasonable, but not everyone in Australia will see it that way.
  • However, not everyone is in favour of the move away from more traditional schemes.
3.2No more than (used to indicate a surprisingly small quantity): the brakes went on not ten feet from him
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  • The creak of a loose floorboard made her turn in distress to see the man not ten feet from her.
  • And that thing that you put down not ten minutes ago should shout, so you can find it.
4Used in understatements to suggest that the opposite of a following word or phrase is true: the not too distant future not a million miles away
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  • The story goes that London is invaded by demons in the not too distant future.
  • This is an exhibition of ideas and what could be in the not so distant future.
  • It sounds unlikely, but it's not a million miles from the situation in the visual arts.
4.1 informal, humorous Following and emphatically negating a statement: that sounds like quality entertainment—not
Late 19th century: popularized by the film Wayne's World (1992)


(often NOT) Electronics
1A Boolean operator with only one variable that has the value one when the variable is zero and vice versa.
1.1 (also not gate) A circuit which produces an output signal only when there is not a signal on its input.


(often Not) Art (Of paper) not hot-pressed, and having a slightly textured surface.



not at all

1Definitely not: ‘You don’t mind?’ ‘Not at all.’
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I thrive on this time of year and do not at all mind the darkening of the days.
  • Bearing this in mind, it is not at all surprising that charges of abuse of process gained momentum.
  • I do not at all mind if Will somehow finds this out, but I met many a fine young man that afternoon.
2Used as a polite response to thanks.

not but what

archaic Nevertheless: not but what the picture has its darker side
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I'm thinking he'll be sorry to see our backs, not but what he'd cut his throat sooner than admit it!

not half

see half.

not least

see least.

not quite

see quite.

not that

It is not to be inferred that: I’ll never be allowed back—not that I’d want to go back
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Even the most pretentious of wine snobs, not that I know any, can expect to be amazed at Bacar.
  • I felt her tilt her head back to look at me, not that she would have seen anything in the dark.
  • He may even have been present at my 18th birthday do - not that I can remember much about it.

not a thing

Nothing at all.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Now after 30-odd years of work he has not a thing to show.
  • And liberty or freedom would have had not a thing to do with it.
  • He had not a thing in the world but bluff and his own ego, his own will.

not very

see very.


Middle English: contraction of the adverb nought.

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