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Saltos de línea: old
Pronunciación: /əʊld

adjetivo (older, oldest)

  • 3 [in combination] Of a specified age: he was fourteen years old a seven-month-old baby
  • 3.1 [as noun, in combination] A person or animal of the age specified: a nineteen-year-old
  • 4 [attributive] informal Used to express affection, familiarity, or contempt: good old Mum I didn’t like playing with silly old dolls
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    • I really fancy my guests having a right good old toast to my memory.
    • Get rid of the new-labour new-tory dictatorships and let's have good old democracy back again!
    • So, for this event, I cooked from just regular vegetables and good old ingredients.


any old

Any item of a specified type (used to show that no particular individual is in question): any old room would have done
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  • It's so simple that any old sailor and any old journalist can litigate it in less than two minutes.
  • This wasn't just any old fad, though, but one which has dominated western eating habits for almost the last eight years.
  • People are saying they don't want any old tat, they want to find quality and they want to find a bargain, that is special and unique.

any old how

In no particular order: they’ve dropped things just any old how
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  • They were owned animals and presumably valuable livestock that just did not happen any old how but were deliberately bought and raised by a farmer.
  • Everything's just plonked down any old how, without any coherent alphabetical system to guide you round.
  • They drew up ten artists she liked, made a list of what they know about Diana, and then joined up the two lists any old how.

as old as the hills

Very old (often used in exaggerated statements): the technology we’re using is as old as the hills
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  • What's going on is not exceptional… it's a story as old as the hills and a lot older than the Internet.
  • Some of the reasons for this are as old as the hills.
  • Feeling as old as the hills, I get my coat and leave.

be old enough to be someone's father (or mother)

informal Be much older than someone (used to suggest that a romantic or sexual relationship between the people concerned is inappropriate): he was furious with her for wasting herself on a man old enough to be her father
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  • Cat calmly turned around and looked at the trucker, he was old enough to be her father and big enough to crush her with one fist.
  • It was another of John's meaningless sexual encounters, and this one with a woman old enough to be his mother.
  • You're darling, but you should be chatting up other 21-year-olds instead of someone who's old enough to be your mother.

for old times' sake

see sake1.

of old

  • 1In or belonging to the past: he was more reticent than of old
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    • Every Tuesday night, people ramble in for the music and chat and to see the cottage as in days of old.
    • In days of old, High Sheriffs had the authority to raise an army and even order executions of convicts.
    • After this year, the tatty old displays of old just won't be good enough.
  • 2For a long time: they knew him of old

the old days

A period in the past, typically regarded as significantly better or worse than the present: it was easier in the old days we are less confident than in the good old days
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  • In those old days, they cooked in the kitchen with a big kettle that always hung over the fire.
  • It wasn't like this in the old days: they cared so much about the art they had riots and everything.
  • Molly had some great memories of the old days to recall and share with family and friends.

the Old Firm

informal (In Scotland) a name for Celtic and Rangers Football Clubs: [as modifier]: an Old Firm match

you can't put an old head on young shoulders

proverb You can’t expect a young person to have the wisdom or maturity associated with older people.



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  • An oldish couple approached the crossing as I was aiming my camera.
  • You can see the Assistant website here, listen to some oldish but goodish demos here, and find out about the next gig here, too, when we know about it.
  • It's an oldish building, but it's nice, fairly weathertight, and fits my needs.


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  • At 103 years of age, though, Mr. Murray described him as frail by oldness.
  • His opponents on the ultra-left demand we save our party from newness and demand a return to an oldness that never really existed anyway.
  • I just like the atmosphere inside churches, and the oldness of them.


Old English ald, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch oud and German alt, from an Indo-European root meaning 'adult', shared by Latin alere 'nourish'.

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