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Saltos de línea: one-to-one
(also chiefly North American one-on-one)

adjetivo& adverbio

1Denoting or referring to a situation in which two parties come into direct contact, opposition, or correspondence: [as adjective]: you can be treated by a therapist on a one-to-one basis
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  • In one-on-one situations, go for the man in black every time.
  • People just don't seem to have the capability of beating their opponents in a one-on-one situation.
  • On three occasions York created one-on-one opportunities but each time the Oxton goalkeeper kept them out.
1.1 Mathematics In which each member of one set is associated with one member of another.
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  • What makes the system exemplify the natural number structure is that it has a one-to-one successor function with an initial object and the system satisfies the induction principle.
  • And yet, ciphers based on one-to-one substitutions, also known as monoalphabetic ciphers, can be easily broken by frequency analysis.
  • For example; the generally held view that dimension was invariant under one-to-one continuous mappings…


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A face-to-face encounter: you have a fight with someone because they’ve picked on you and you beat him in a one-to-one
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  • You have to feel for them: a couple of beers, then suddenly they're facing down a series of exuberantly delivered one-to-ones with some of the most sinister and surreal comic creations this side of The League Of Gentlemen.
  • Good grief, there are Scottish sportsmen and women who don't do one-to-ones.
  • Most of my day is then spent in meetings - board, audit or one-to-ones with senior executives.

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