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Pronunciación: /aʊtˈrʌɪt/
1Wholly and completely: logging has been banned outright
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  • It was unanimously agreed that the Minister's proposal be rejected outright in its entirety.
  • I expect hookahs to be banned outright before long in California; the possibility of holes being poked in the smoke-allergy argument is too dangerous.
  • He said that the report commissioned by the Government had not found any justification to ban the sport outright and that a joint committee had recently indicated such a ban would be in contravention of human rights laws.
completely, entirely, wholly, fully, totally, categorically, absolutely, altogether, utterly, flatly, in every respect, unreservedly, without reservation, without exception, thoroughly, quite
informal totes
1.1Directly or openly: she couldn’t ask him outright
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  • For example, he declared outright that artistic directors have to back winners at the expense of exciting creativity.
  • But many were alarmingly sincere and outright delusional that their opportunity had come knocking.
  • You explained truthfully and outright what you wanted between us last night and it makes sense.
explicitly, straightforwardly, directly, forthrightly, openly, frankly, candidly, honestly, truly, sincerely, bluntly, plainly, in plain language, unreservedly, without constraint, truthfully, without dissembling, to someone's face, straight from the shoulder, without beating about the bush, with no holds barred, man to man, woman to woman
informal on the level
British informal straight up
2Immediately or instantly: the impact killed four horses outright
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  • Nine horse were killed outright and are now being slaughtered for their meat, and another twenty-eight are sorely injured, and will soon have to be butchered.
  • Eleven people were killed outright, including a family of four.
  • Most habitat and wildlife will be killed outright and retained pockets will be so small, scattered and pressurised by the surrounding development, that wildlife value will quickly deteriorate.
instantly, instantaneously, immediately, at once, straight away, there and then, then and there, on the spot
2.1Not by degrees or instalments: they decided to buy the company outright
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  • But it seems that if you have money enough to buy a building outright without a loan you'll have no problem.
  • If you buy a small share to begin with, you can increase your shareholding later by a process known as ‘staircasing’, and can often even buy the home outright.
  • A wonderful option would be if they took us aside, told us that we were not going to win, but they were going to buy out script outright.
all at once, at/in one fell swoop, in one go


Pronunciación: /ˈaʊtrʌɪt/
1Open and direct: an outright refusal
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  • These ranged from open derision to outright firings, and even attempts to rescind earned degrees.
  • An outright refusal would, of course, have ignited claims of prejudice and condemnation by the the liberal press, ever on the lookout for a stick to beat established institutions.
  • But outright refusal often gets people labelled as freaks or loonies, and correspondingly discredits the challenges they deliver in the eyes of those they address them to.
out-and-out, absolute, complete, utter, downright, sheer, stark, thorough, thoroughgoing, categorical, unequivocal, undeniable, unqualified, unmodified, unrestricted, unmitigated, unconditional, positive, simple, wholesale, all-out, rank, consummate, pure
archaic arrant
1.1Total: the outright abolition of the death penalty
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Between outright war and total appeasement there are various degrees of pressure that can be applied.
  • I, and many others, must say that enough is enough, and nothing short of a total outright ban would be acceptable
  • These views can be hard to tell apart: the distinction between radical transformation and outright abolition is not clear-cut.
1.2Clear and undisputed: an outright victory
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • It is a sign of the times for the struggling County Champions that their sole ambition over four days against Somerset was to emerge with a draw rather than a defeat but nothing short of outright victory was what was really required.
  • But even though he said the Tories had their best chance for 24 years to regain control, he stopped short of forecasting outright victory for his party.
  • But the USA took outright victory because of a higher number of second places, 14-6.
definite, unequivocal, clear, unqualified, incontestable, undeniable, unmistakable, categorical, straightforward

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