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Pronunciación: /pɑː


1 Golf The number of strokes a first-class player should normally require for a particular hole or course: Woosnam had advanced from his overnight position of three under par the sixteenth is a par five
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  • They were 14 under par for four balls, but only level par for 36 holes of foursomes compared to England's 16 under.
  • The third hole is a par 3, and, like clockwork, there's always a backup on that tee.
1.1A par score at a hole: a card that showed 16 pars, one eagle, and one birdie
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  • Boylan has had a quiet season but burst into life with a two under par front nine, making seven pars and birdies at the fourth and fifth to turn with 28 points.
  • The South African began with five straight pars before firing two birdies in a neat outward nine of 34.
  • The young protégé got off to a difficult start and was three over after five but turned the tables in magnificent fashion, coming home in two under par for a level par round of 71.
2 Stock Exchange The face value of a share or other security, as distinct from its market value: the 9 per cent unsecured loan stock is redeemable at par [as modifier]: par value
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  • The successful issuers of currency would be the organizations with reputations strong enough to maintain the market values of their securities at exact par.
  • Biddle actively pursued a policy of pressing state banks to redeem their outstanding banknotes at promised par or face value in specie.
  • The exchange said IFCI would place the shares with IDBI at par and subject to central bank approvals.
2.1 (also par of exchange) The recognized value of one country’s currency in terms of another’s.
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  • Since our currency is linked on par with theirs, whatever happens to the Rand, happens to the Namibia Dollar.
  • Why don't we set our currency on par to the British pound?
  • Similarly, Bosnia and Herzegovina operates a currency board with its domestic currency, konvertibilna marka, tied to German marks at par.

verbo (pars, parring, parred)

[with object] Golf Volver al principio  
Play (a hole) in par: he calmly parred the 17th
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  • We parred the first hole, but on the second hole, I hit my tee shot in a fairway bunker and he just killed his drive right down the middle.
  • I parred the hole and won by two shots over Gil Morgan, who birdied the final hole.
  • Faldo parred every single hole to capture that first major.


late 16th century (in the sense 'equality of value or standing'): from Latin, 'equal', also 'equality'. The golf term dates from the late 19th century.


above (or below or under) par

Better (or worse) than is usual or expected: poor nutrition can leave you feeling below par
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  • The sauce, which as you would expect is the key, is invariably under par.
  • It will strike when its host suffers from a wound such as a small cut, a minor ailment such as a cold, or when the immune system is under par.
  • With the loss of some key players, the team looked distinctly under par.
substandard, inferior, not up to standard, not up to scratch, under par, below average, lacking, wanting, second-rate, mediocre, middling, poor, bad, inadequate, unsatisfactory, uninspired, undistinguished
informal not up to snuff
North American informal bush-league
slightly unwell, not (very) well, not oneself, not in good shape, out of sorts;
unhealthy, unfit, washed out, run down, tired, fatigued, peaky, liverish;
sick, queasy, nauseous;
British off, off colour
informal under the weather, not up to snuff, funny, peculiar, crummy, lousy, rough
British informal ropy, grotty
Scottish informal wabbit
Australian/New Zealand informal crook
dated seedy, queer

on a par with

Equal in importance or quality to: this home cooking is on a par with the best in the world
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  • We have a road network on a par with the worst of any of the poorest third world economies.
  • Oats proved to be one of the better crops this year, coming in on a par with last year's yield.
  • Some excellent facilities are in place at the gym which are on a par with the very best in the county.
as good as, comparable with, in the same class/league as, equivalent to, much the same as, equal to, a match for, on a level with, on an equal footing with, of the same standard as

par for the course

What is normal or expected in any given circumstances: looking gorgeous is par for the course with her
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  • Now 5,000 patients die every year because of hospital-bred infections and this is now seen as par for the course.
  • Didn't get to see everyone I'd hoped to, but that's par for the course.
  • To be told you've won a digital camera or mountain bike or some such, whilst wondering what the catch is, is about par for the course.
normal, typical, standard, usual, predictable, what one would expect, only to be expected

up to par

At an expected or usual quality: I can promise that the tipple will be up to par
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  • However, if the water quality isn't up to par, it can smell pretty bad.
  • The transfer is acceptable but not up to par with what other studios are doing.
  • This was a television series rather than a feature film and the acting isn't up to par with what you would expect out of one.

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