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Pronunciación: /ˈpʊdɪŋ/


chiefly British
1A cooked sweet dish served after the main course of a meal: a rice pudding [mass noun]: a good helping of pudding
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  • One point on which there is universal agreement is that it is vital to cook a rice pudding very slowly.
  • Our dining establishment, The Riverside Cafe, was just what you need on a cold rainy day - puddings and stodgy meals galore, with nary a vegetable in sight.
  • Of the puddings, a warm chocolate fondant with peanut ice-cream and artichoke caramel really stood out.
1.1 [mass noun] The dessert course of a meal: what’s for pudding?
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  • I serve it now as an alternative to a cheese or pudding course.
  • Nothing is ever perfect, of course, and pudding proved to be a profound disappointment.
  • Swiftly served and voraciously consumed but like most Indian eating experiences, the meal is limited on pudding.
dessert, sweet, sweet course/dish, second course, last course
British informal afters, pud
1.2North American A dessert with a soft or creamy consistency.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In dairy desserts such as puddings and mousses, the desired texture and air content determine the type and amount of cocoa powder to be used.
  • The mix should have the consistency of pudding or soft butter.
  • I went downstairs to finish working on the pudding for the dessert as Mary washed the pots and pans I had used to cook with.
2A sweet or savoury steamed dish made with suet and flour: a steak and kidney pudding
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • As the name suggests, the menu contains a lot of sausage and mash and steamed puddings, but it's fun, fast and all wonderfully fattening.
  • When I was a student, it was a warm refuge to sip on bottomless cups of coffee and indulge in steamed fruit pudding and toasted cinnamon buns.
  • For the cornbread pudding, preheat the oven to 350 degrees, coat the inside of a deep ovenproof pan with some of the and set aside.
2.1The intestines of a pig or sheep stuffed with oatmeal, spices, and meat and boiled.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • But no, it was plain wholesome gravy and with a clean plate in front of her, Ann's verdict was ‘delicious’ for a pudding full of lean meat.
  • I'd love to wash out the intestines and use them to make puddings and things like that.
  • It is then served with a celeriac purée that goes so well with the rich, warmly spiced pudding, the juicy fish and the crisp prosciutto that it could be an idea straight from Heaven after all.
2.2 informal A fat or stupid person: away with you, you big pudding!
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  • What happened to our innocent, virtuous little talent show? To paraphrase Patton: it never was one, silly pudding.
  • Have been too much of a fat old pudding to attempt their demonstration dances.


in the pudding club

see club1.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • If someone is in the pudding club it means she is pregnant.
  • He's got her in the pudding club.
  • ‘You silly goose, hasn't it occurred to you that you might be in the pudding club?’



Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Unlike other fantasy stories which have an airy sense of buoyancy, The Lord of the Rings always has that stolid, puddingy heaviness, the earnestly childlike quality of which almost, but not quite, prevents it from being pompous.
  • And when you've all done pitying, you have to run up to Stephen, grab hold of both of his great puddingy cheeks and give them a good old nip and stretch of congratulations.
  • It is generally about the size of a melon, a little fibrous towards the centre, but everywhere else quite smooth and puddingy, something in consistence between yeast-dumplings and batter-pudding.


Middle English (denoting a sausage such as black pudding): apparently from Old French boudin 'black pudding', from Latin botellus 'sausage, small intestine'.

  • ‘Black pudding’ preserves the original meaning of pudding, ‘a kind of sausage’. The link between this and the modern meaning is the idea of putting a filling into a casing, as is done when making sausages. The word was subsequently applied to various dishes made by tying ingredients up in a bag and cooking them. Puddings could be savoury, like a steak and kidney pudding, or sweet, like a Christmas pudding, but by the end of the 19th century a sweet pudding was a popular way to end a meal, and had become the word's dominant meaning. Pudding comes from Old French boudin ‘black pudding’, from Latin botellus ‘sausage, small intestine’. When someone goes too far in doing or embellishing something, they are said to over-egg the pudding. The idea is of using too many eggs in making a pudding, so that it does not set or cook properly or is too rich. See also bowel, proof

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