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Pronunciación: /reɪz/


[with object]
1Lift or move to a higher position or level: she raised both arms above her head his flag was raised over the city
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Kim yelled from the platform as she raised her arms and closed her eyes.
  • I didn't notice that the easel was on a platform raised seven inches above the ground.
  • Lee tried to throw a punch at his nemesis, but couldn't raise his arm above the level of his belt.
1.1Lift or move to a vertical position; set upright: Melody managed to raise him to his feet
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • It is slowly raised upright, a careful job made more arduous by high heat and humidity.
  • Squeeze with your glutes and hamstrings to push your hips forward and raise your torso back to the upright position.
  • In 1990 the tree on which they grow was blown over by a cyclone - or the fringes of one - but we managed to raise it up again.
set upright, place vertical, set up, put up, stand (up), upend, stand on end;
1.2Construct or build (a structure): a fence was being raised around the property
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • But what distinguishes the worst architect from the best of bees is this, that the architect raises his structure in imagination before he erects it in reality.
  • By raising the mill structure, the work caused the River Sow to back up upstream leading to flooding in the southern part of the town.
  • After the barn was raised, I built a cowshed and horse stall on the east side.
1.3Cause to rise or form: the galloping horse raised a cloud of dust
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  • It collided with the ground, raising up a good deal of dirt and dust.
1.4Bring to the surface (a ship that has sunk): divers have located and hope to raise the submarine
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I think at the time they probably salvaged the shell that was on board and they were hoping to perhaps raise the vessel and restore it and get it going again.
  • Cousteau raised the vessel and had it transported to France to await restoration.
  • Divers have been visiting the wreck for the first time since the main part of the ship was raised in 1982.
1.5Cause (bread) to rise, especially by the action of yeast: a strain of yeast that would create enough gas to raise the thick bread dough
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Added to selective breeding is another step, another human act, that of using yeast to raise the bread or ferment the wine.
  • French pastrycooks make beignets - yeast raised jam-filled doughnuts.
cause to rise, make rise, leaven, ferment;
puff up, dilate, inflate
2Increase the amount, level, or strength of: the bank raised interest rates the need to raise the quality of education he had to raise his voice to make himself heard
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The increase comes amidst reports that all banks are set to raise interest rates after years of offering cheap credit.
  • It is the fourth time the Bank has raised interest rates since November.
  • Last week, both the United States Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank raised interest rates.
increase, put up, push up, up, mark up, step up, lift, augment, escalate, inflate, swell, add to
increase, heighten, make higher, lift, augment, amplify, magnify, intensify, boost, step up, turn up, add to;
make louder, louden
2.1Promote (someone) to a higher rank: the king raised him to the title of Count Torre Bella
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Auchinleck's successful career in the Indian Army had, by 1939, raised him to the rank of maj-general.
  • Thus by virtue of her humility she was raised to a higher rank.
  • He deftly sidestepped the falls of Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell and was raised to the peerage.
promote, advance, upgrade, elevate, prefer, ennoble, aggrandize, exalt, give a higher rank to, give advancement to
informal kick upstairs
2.2 (raise something to) Mathematics Multiply a quantity to (a specified power): 3 raised to the 7th power is 2,187
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • You need only know about raising a number to a power -- multiplying it by itself a certain number of times: for example, 2³ (2 raised to the power of 3) = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8.
  • Evaluate phi and raise it to the power 4 on your calculator.
  • The recipe in this case is to take each prime p from 2 to infinity, raise it to the power s, then after some further arithmetic multiply together the terms for all p.
2.3 [with two objects] (In poker or brag) bet (a specified amount) more than (another player): I’ll raise you another hundred dollars
2.4 Bridge Make a higher bid in the same suit as that bid by (one’s partner): with support for partner’s bid suit you raise him to game in it [no object]: North raises to three no trumps
3Cause to occur or to be considered: the alarm was raised when he failed to return home universities are meant to raise doubts about every axiom
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • They raise serious doubts about her past and present conduct, and whether she should have been allowed to settle in Australia.
  • There is nothing to forgive anyone for; no one need feel guilty about raising any doubts about the proposal.
  • He raises some doubts about some of this information.
air, ventilate
give rise to, occasion, cause, bring into being, bring about, produce, engender, draw forth, elicit, create, set going, set afoot, result in, lead to, prompt, awaken, arouse, excite, summon up, activate, evoke, induce, kindle, incite, stir up, trigger, spark off, provoke, instigate, foment, whip up
literary beget, enkindle
cause to appear, call up, call forth, invoke, summon (up), conjure up
4Collect, levy, or bring together (money or resources): it is hoped that the event will raise £50,000
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Different student clubs within the community are planning events to raise funds and provide resources for the relief effort.
  • The money raised by this collection was used to paint the corridors of the school.
  • He had to sell part of the stamp collection to raise funds.
get, obtain, acquire;
accumulate, amass, scrape together, collect;
fetch, realize, yield, net, make
recruit, enlist, sign up, conscript, call to arms, call up, muster, mobilize, levy, rally, press, get/gather together, collect, assemble, call together;
North American  draft
levy, impose, exact, demand, charge
4.1Generate (an invoice or other document): I have raised an invoice for the tape
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • They will raise an interim invoice in respect of the work that the claims manager will carry out on the case.
  • Although the computer was used to raise invoices it did not print a sales day book.
  • We would then raise an invoice for £75k with standard payment terms.
5Bring up (a child): he was born and raised in San Francisco
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • One of the strangest things that happens to you when you are raising a toddler is how the normally mundane things get you incredibly excited.
  • A divorced woman raising a youngster is nearly three times more likely to file for bankruptcy than her single friend who never had children.
  • Traditionally, the mother was the primary caregiver, but recently the father and other family members have been recognized as equally important in raising infants.
bring up, rear, nurture, look after, care for, take care of, provide for, mother, parent, tend, protect, cherish;
educate, train, foster
5.1Breed or grow (animals or plants): they raised pigs and kept a pony
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He now has no land to grow crops or raise cattle.
  • In the wild, fruit trees are raised from seed, but when they are domesticated they need to be propagated by taking cuttings and grafting.
  • Danish agriculture is so different, even though we raise the same crops and face the same challenges as the States.
6Bring (someone) back from death: God raised Jesus from the dead
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • So when he was raised from death, his friends remembered this, and they believed it.
  • Jesus claimed to be God and God rewarded him by raising him from the dead - because he was telling the truth.
  • Dozens of miracles and curses will allow you to wreak havoc on your enemies or even raise them from the dead to fight for you.
6.1Cause (a ghost or spirit) to appear: figurative the piece raises the ghosts of a number of twentieth-century ideas
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Joan is captured by York while raising demonic spirits.
  • Even our closest allies in the US and UK were shocked and mortified, raising the ghost of the White Australia policy.
  • Witches are thought to have the power to raise angry spirits, and the anger of a spirit may or may not be justified in the view of the affected family.
7Abandon or force an enemy to abandon (a siege, blockade, or embargo): in late April Henry decided to raise the siege
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In 1836 the British Legion helped raise the siege of San Sebastián, and regular Royal Marines arrived to garrison a nearby port.
  • In May 1645 Prince Rupert captured Leicester, forcing the parliamentarians to raise the siege of Oxford.
  • On the approach of the Frankish army he again raised the siege, but this time the Franks gave battle.
7.1Drive (an animal) from its lair: the rabbit was only 250 yards from where he first raised it
8(Of someone at sea) come in sight of (land or another ship): they raised the low coast by evening
8.1British informal Establish contact with (someone) by telephone or radio: I raised him on the open line
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Later that afternoon, I heard another climber raising his partners farther down the mountain on his two-way radio.
  • She figured she was safe enough to try raising the prison, so she configured the radio and transmitted a hailing.
  • He raised the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF radio but was unable to provide his coordinates.
contact, get in touch with, get hold of, reach, communicate with;
phone, radio, call;
British  get on to
9 Medicine Stimulate production of (an antiserum, antibody, or other biologically active substance) against the appropriate target cell or substance: monoclonal antibodies raised against human lymphocytes
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Fucose was ligated to bovine serum albumin and antibodies were raised against the conjugate.
  • It had become a laboratory standard or reference strain for raising antibodies and for challenge in virus neutralization test to detect and assay antibody in serum.
  • Fucose was complexed with bovine serum albumin to raise antibodies against fucose.


1North American An increase in salary: he wants a raise and some perks
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • With pension promises basically free, companies were also offering pension increases in lieu of salary raises, increasing their obligations.
  • And employers, faced with falling demand and dwindling margins, cut back on salaries, raises, benefits, and other perks.
  • I'm sure he was making a really long list of good things to say about me, and adding up a really long row of numbers that will be the raise in my salary.
rise, pay/wage/salary increase, increment
2(In poker or brag) an increase in a stake.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • It is usual to agree, before the start of the game, a limit for bets and raises in the poker stage.
  • In your example, player B did not have enough table stakes to cover future raises, so he went all-in.
  • I need you to recommend a beginners' poker book, one that explains checking, raises, and the different games.
2.1 Bridge A higher bid in the suit that one’s partner has bid.
3 [usually with adjective or noun modifier] Weightlifting An act of lifting or raising a part of the body while holding a weight: bent-over raises
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • For example, the more you bend your elbows on a flye or lateral raise, the easier it will be to lift the weight.
  • When doing front raises, lift the dumbbells no higher than eye level.
  • Precede this exercise with overhead presses and follow it with side laterals and bent-over lateral raises.



raise Cain

see Cain.

raise the devil

informal Make a noisy disturbance.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • There are twenty-four tracks where she'll scream and shout and raise the devil.

raise one's eyebrows


raise one's glass

Drink a toast: I raised my glass to Susan
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • She, the toughest of critics, raised her glass in praise.
  • We raise our glasses and sing victory songs to Paul.
  • Hopefully we'll all be able to raise our glass in celebration on Sunday evening.

raise one's hand

Strike or seem to be about to strike someone: she raised her hand to me

raise one's hat

Briefly remove one’s hat as a gesture of courtesy or respect to someone: he raised his hat to a passing lady
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • But I have also known a huntsman call off hounds that seemed certain to kill, and raise his hat in tribute to the stag that had given us a run to remember.
  • The famous physician, Boerhaave, had such a high regard for its manifold curative properties that it is said that he never passed an Elder without raising his hat.
  • I remember when I was first appointed a judge, a senior but disappointed member of the Bar raised his hat to me, saying: ‘I raise my hat, if not to you, at any rate to the office’.

raise hell

Make a noisy disturbance: lager louts raising hell in the Home Counties
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I hear that there are now kids coming to the party meetings and raising hell.
  • People would come from the suburbs into Old Strathcona to party and raise hell.
  • He wasn't even too keen on their socialist agenda, but he joined them because they let him do what he enjoyed best - raising hell.
cause a disturbance, cause a commotion, be loud and noisy, run riot, run wild, behave wildly, go on the rampage, get out of control;
have a (wild) party, party, carouse, revel
7.1Complain vociferously: he raised hell with polluters
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Conservative students are rightly raising hell over his rallies on campuses nationwide - which are being subsidized in many cases with student fees and taxpayer funds.
  • We have a history of being cantankerous - shouting objections, raising hell and generally making life miserable for those in power.
  • The Democrats have even started raising hell about the problems.
remonstrate, expostulate, be very angry, be furious, be enraged, argue, protest loudly to, object noisily to, complain vociferously to

raise hob

see hob2.

raise a laugh

Make people laugh: I raised a laugh by pointing out that chapter 15 had been printed first
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Others may well be shocked or slightly sickened by the film's determination to be as filthy rude as possible on the way to raising a laugh.
  • It's not particularly groundbreaking, but it's a good hour of fun that raises a laugh or two each week, which is as much as I expect these days.
  • Even in death, the comic genius has raised a laugh among his adoring fans.

raise the roof

Make a great deal of noise, especially through cheering: when I finally scored the fans raised the roof
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He is urging fans to raise the roof and roar Burnley to safety.
  • It was just fantastic; there were 4000 voices raising the roof - shivers down the spine stuff.
  • At the time you complained that your laughs disappeared into the cavernous sky-high ceiling, but two of the Canuck comics preceding you had no problem firing up the crowd and raising the roof.



Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Immediately facing the external deck is a louvreless section of wall where light is modulated by raisable venetian blinds to provide visual continuity between external and internal play areas.


Middle English: from Old Norse reisa; related to the verb rear2.

  • retro from [1960s]:

    The fashion term retro is from French rétro, an abbreviation of rétrograderetrograde’ (Late Middle English). This was originally a term in astronomy referring to planets appearing to move in a direction from east to west. It comes from Latin retrogradus, from retro ‘backwards’ and gradus ‘step’. Retro- is also the source of words such as retrospect (early 17th century) from Latin retrospicere ‘look back’ and rear ‘back part’. This was first used as a military term from French arrière ‘behind’, which came from retro. The phrase th'arrear ‘the back’ was mis-analysed as ‘the rear’ and the ‘a’ at the beginning of the word dropped. It was used colloquially to mean ‘buttocks’ from the late 18th century. The other rear,’ to raise up’ and its close relative rise, both Old English, come from an Germanic root, with raise, a Middle English introduction from Old Norse coming from the same source.

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