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Saltos de línea: ready
Pronunciación: /ˈrɛdi

adjetivo (readier, readiest)

  • 1 [predic.] In a suitable state for an action or situation; fully prepared: are you ready, Carrie? I got ready for bed [with infinitive]: she was about ready to leave
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    • I learned that I needed to be ready, prepared and fully knowledgeable about the industry.
    • There wasn't much other than to get ready for the dinner, but even then she would be getting ready too soon.
    • It normally doesn't take me long to get ready for anything but tonight it felt like forever to get ready.
    prepared, all set, set, organized, in a fit state, equipped, primed
    informal fit, psyched up, geared up, up for it, hot to trot
  • 1.1(Of a thing) made suitable and available for immediate use: dinner’s ready! could you have the list ready by this afternoon?
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    • They have worked long and late after they have completed their day job to have the train ready.
    • She passed me two bags of coca-cola, and took my money, leaving me standing, slightly confused, beside a train ready to depart.
    • Most of the complex was actually ready and occupied for a while.
    completed, finished, prepared, organized, done, arranged, fixed, in readiness; ripe
    informal done and dusted
  • 1.2 (ready with) Keen or quick to give: every time I rang up, she was ready with some excuse
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    • A charitable man he always took a keen interest in local affairs and was always ready with support for local events.
    • In this section of the book we also have repeated evidence that Hewitt is all too often ready with a quick sneer.
    • For a year I had always been ready with a slew of excuses why I couldn't attend.
  • 1.3 (ready for) In need of or having a desire for: I expect you’re ready for a drink
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    • This is one cat who is always ready for a cuddle from anyone willing to offer one.
    • She is now fighting fit and ready for the challenges thrown up by her new parish.
    • It will also be a test for the authority, which has now rolled up its sleeves ready for a fight.
  • 3Easily available or obtained; within reach: there was a ready supply of drink the murderer knew that the mallet would be ready to hand
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    • Hence time becomes worldly, world-time, a time within which everything present at hand or ready to hand has its place.
    • There are two kinds of alarm for sale and both need to be kept ready to hand (eg in a pocket) when and where personal security could be at risk.
    • I had the need to learn commercial computing fast, and my back catalogue of poems gave me a ready to hand source of interesting data.
  • 3.1 [attributive] Immediate, quick, or prompt: those who have ready access to the arts a girl with a ready smile
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    • He was young, bright, fair, full of life, with an open smile and a ready, quick wit.
    • With her doctorate in medieval history, and a quick and ready mind, Pam would be no slouch herself under questioning.
    • He had a quick and ready wit and a mischievous sense of humour.
    prompt, quick, rapid, swift, speedy, fast, immediate, unhesitating; timely; clever, sharp, astute, shrewd, keen, acute, perceptive, discerning, resourceful, smart, bright, alert, apt, adroit, deft, agile, skilful
    archaic rathe


[usually in combination] Volver al principio  
  • Done in advance of being needed: ready-cooked meals
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    • I bit my lip and, late this evening, I set the machine up to have another loaf ready baked a couple of hours after I wake tomorrow.
    • The Oak Tree Foundation has more humanitarian aid ready packed in boxes for Romanian children and their families.
    • Police had not just recovered drugs ready packaged to be sold, they had also found a huge quantity of stolen property, he said.

sustantivo (plural readies)

(readies or the ready) British informal Volver al principio  
  • Available money; cash.
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    • They, somehow, made readies available to keep their friend in the style to which he had become accustomed.
    • The sports minister will take possession of it shortly and will then go cap-in-hand to the new finance minister looking for the readies to fund the project.
    • It's the recurring question constantly spouted out by dance students who have to cough up readies to fund dance courses.

verbo (readies, readying, readied)

[with object] Volver al principio  
  • Prepare for an action or purpose: the spare transformer was readied for shipment [with object and infinitive]: she readied herself to speak first
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    • Rick readied his weapon and prepared to jump out as soon as the barrage of bullets had stopped.
    • They readied themselves to demand it, and they prepared to pay the price.
    • Preparation of a descriptive memorandum is a major step in readying your business for market.


at the ready

Prepared or available for immediate use: the men walk with their guns at the ready
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  • Unusually, the soldiers were down and walking around, guns at the ready.
  • We were prepared, with hoses, buckets and tubs at the ready, gutters blocked and filled with water.
  • That includes proper documentation and a severance package at the ready.
in position, poised, ready for use, ready for action, waiting; all systems go; North American on deck

make ready

Prepare: they were told to make ready for the journey home
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  • It is a period of 40 days set aside in preparation and making ready for the Festival of Easter.
  • It is now our own fires that must be controlled, understood, organized and made ready to confront and conquer whatever awaits us.
  • Then, they gathered their tools together and made ready to perform their conjuring.
prepare, make preparations, make provisions, get everything ready, take the necessary steps, do the necessary, gear up for; gear oneself up

ready, steady, go (also North American ready, set, go)

Used to announce the beginning of a race.
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  • Ready, steady, go! As the teams line up for the new season, we run the rule over all the contenders in our comprehensive championship preview.
  • Set up volunteering - ready, set, go! Setting the centres up before Christmas.


Middle English: from Old English rǣde (from a Germanic base meaning 'arrange, prepare'; related to Dutch gereed) + -y1.

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