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Pronunciación: /rɪˈkɔːl/


[with object]
1Bring (a fact, event, or situation) back into one’s mind; remember: I can still vaguely recall being taken to the hospital [with clause]: he recalled how he felt at the time
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  • As I recall the experience, this is what comes to mind -
  • I thought Labour opposed it at the time; as I recall the situation, it opposed it pretty strongly.
  • But then my heart sinks as I recall the events of last night.
remember, recollect, call to mind, think of;
think back on/to, look back on, cast one's mind back to, reminisce about, hark back to;
Scottish  mind
1.1Cause one to remember or think of: the film’s analysis of contemporary concerns recalls The Big Chill
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  • The puzzle with which he is concerned strongly recalls the ‘Master Argument’ of Diodorus Cronus, especially in certain further details.
  • It immediately recalls the contemporary paintings of Johannes Phokela, whose re-workings of European Old Masters insert black figures into otherwise Western contexts.
  • The track sounded fun and contemporary, while also recalling some of their earlier work.
bring to mind, call to mind, put one in mind of, call up, summon up, conjure up, evoke, echo, allude to
1.2 (recall someone/thing to) Bring the memory or thought of someone or something to (a person or their mind): the smell of a blackcurrant bush has ever since recalled to me that evening
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  • As I later recalled my logic to Lauren, she brought up an interesting point.
  • Ancient memories of treachery and betrayed trust screamed in warning at the very thought, and Bahzell had muttered of gods and wizards while the dream was upon him, even if he couldn't recall the words to his waking mind.
  • Not surprisingly, these are rougher years and I find I cannot recall the films to mind as readily.
1.3Call up (stored computer data) for processing or display: students can recall templates or stored formats
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  • A keypad enables users to store and recall specific injection protocols with integrated test injections.
  • This is achieved by feedback control systems that can learn by capturing, storing, recalling, and analysing information.
  • It comes with seamless links to Microsoft Office and has features for storing and recalling information.
2Officially order (someone) to return to a place: the Panamanian ambassador was recalled from Peru
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  • Hence, intending to install Suseema on the throne, he recalled him and ordered Ashoka to proceed to Takshashila.
  • The hospital has recalled all doctors on vacation and ordered all medical students to report for duty to help treat the victims.
  • This matter is seen to be so urgent that Senate has been recalled in order to pass such legislation.
summon back, order back, call back, bring back
2.1Select (a sports player) as a member of a team from which they have previously been dropped: the Fulham defender has been recalled to the Welsh squad for the World Cup
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  • The 19-year-old was recalled to the team for his second appearance as part of a five-pronged seam attack, with spinner Gary Keedy missing out.
  • Michael Duberry admits that he has mixed feelings about being recalled to the Leeds team for tomorrow's FA Cup tie at Birmingham.
  • Drakes was recalled to the national team when he figured in the Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka.
2.2(Of a manufacturer) request all the purchasers of (a certain product) to return it, as the result of the discovery of a fault: all 5,128 of its UK Corsas were being recalled because of an electrical fault
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  • Changes may be as simple as redesigning a cable connection or so complex that the product must be recalled by the manufacturer.
  • With regards to safety, faulty goods should be recalled by the manufacturer and refunds to the public given no matter where they were purchased.
  • West Vancouver firefighters are warning residents to check their thermostats after a heating unit which had been recalled by the manufacturer started a fire in a seniors' care home.
2.3Bring (someone) out of a state of inattention or reverie: her action recalled him to the present
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  • Andrew was recalled from his morbid reverie by his guide's gentle grasping at his right elbow.
  • The smell of the food they were eating and a sense of hunger recalled him from these reflections.
  • When Georgiana recovered consciousness, she found herself breathing an atmosphere of penetrating fragrance, the gentle potency of which had recalled her from her deathlike faintness.
2.4 archaic Revoke or annul (an action or decision): he sent another note to Lord Grey recalling his earlier communication
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  • He then appealed to the Court of Appeal on that point and the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal on the ground that the sentencing judge had no jurisdiction to recall and vary the original sentence.
  • Confused with the orders of Judge Vianzon, respondents filed a manifestation seeking clarification whether the judge had recalled his earlier order of inhibition.
  • Thereupon, the district judge recalled his order for a preliminary examination.
revoke, rescind, cancel, retract, countermand, take back, withdraw, repeal, veto, overrule, override, abrogate;
annul, invalidate, nullify, declare null and void, void
rare disannul, negate


Pronunciación: /ˈriːkɔːl/
1 [mass noun] The action or faculty of remembering something learned or experienced: people’s understanding and subsequent recall of stories or events
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  • She was blessed with a wonderful memory and sense of recall and retained her faculties to the end.
  • The fact that this year's panto at the Brewery is such a resounding success is testament to either Sam's amazing powers of recall or his ability under pressure or both!
  • He has an amazing power of recall and an eagerness to state his case.
recollection, memory, remembrance
technical anamnesis
2An act or instance of officially recalling someone or something: a recall of Parliament
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  • Richard Hope, like Nogan not even named among the substitutes on Tuesday, could earn an instant recall.
  • That could mean an instant recall for Liam George, who was dropped to the bench at Yeovil.
  • If Berkovic imagined his move to Ewood Park would mean an instant recall to first team duties he must indeed be blessed with a hugely inflated ego.
summoning back, ordering back, calling back;
revocation, rescinding, cancellation, cancelling, retraction, retracting, countermanding, withdrawal, abrogation, repeal, vetoing, veto;
annulment, invalidation, nullification
rare rescission
2.1North American The removal of an elected government official from office by a petition followed by voting.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Davis last night became the second governor in American history to be thrown from office in a recall vote.
  • Thus the legal process for recalling the current village committee director was on the way.
  • Wednesday, one of his political advisers said he will make a formal announcement after the recall is officially certified and a date for the ballot is set.
3 Computing The proportion of the number of relevant documents retrieved from a database in response to an enquiry: expert systems can produce solutions with the speed, recall, accuracy, and consistency that only a computer can provide
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  • The (q) of a block is a function of its recall probability and size.
  • It has high recall and high precision, but has the disadvantage of being an expensive database with high online print royalties.
  • The effectiveness of a search can be measured in terms of recall and precision.


beyond recall

In such a way that restoration is impossible: shopping developments have already blighted other parts of the city beyond recall
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  • The glorious past belonged in the age of heroes and was lost beyond recall; the real past was full of trickery, violence and abuse, both within individual cities and in relations between cities.
  • The Age of Religious Culture is apparently past, perhaps beyond recall.
  • The other passengers are immolated beyond recall.



Pronunciación: /rɪˈkɔːləb(ə)l/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • In addition, all delegates are fully accountable to their electorate and are recallable if they do not carry out their electoral promises.
  • It saves a lot of space onstage, and since it is programmable and recallable, you can mix all three bands on one console.
  • Thanks to Thomson's blast, the Giants earned the right to be called the National League's best team - and gained a distinct and recallable niche in baseball history.


Late 16th century (as a verb): from re- 'again' + call, suggested by Latin revocare or French rappeler 'call back'.

  • call from Old English:

    Call appears in Late Old English from an Old Norse root, but recall ‘call back’ does not appear until the late 16th century. To call the shots or call the tune is to dictate how something should be done. Call the tune is a shortening of he who pays the piper calls the tune, only recorded from the late 19th century. Call the shots, not recorded before the 1920s, is from sports and games. In pool to call your shots is to say in advance which ball you intend to hit into which pocket. In target shooting it means to announce which part of the target you are going to hit; if someone else calls the shots you have to aim at the bit they choose.

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