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Saltos de línea: re|sponse
Pronunciación: /rɪˈspɒns


1A verbal or written answer: there was laughter at his response to the question [mass noun]: we received 400 applications in response to one job ad
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  • Each article I write gets responses or ‘hits’, in the form of letters and emails, and I apologise to those that I don't reply to - I have to ration my time.
  • But despite the advertising blitz, the response has been poor, with just 194 on the internet and a further 19 written responses.
  • A total of 502 people attended the public consultation process and the council had received 152 written responses.
1.1An answer to a question in a test, questionnaire, etc. table 3.1 shows the mean number of correct responses given by each age group
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  • This is suggested since the new version of the questionnaire generated more consistent responses to the questions on recency of drug use.
  • The authors marked the responses and calculated the percentage of correct responses for each question.
  • Responses were marked and the percentage of correct responses for each question calculated.
1.2 (usually responses) A part of a religious liturgy said or sung by a congregation in answer to a minister or cantor.
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  • So out went audible responses, the minister's surplice and the litany.
  • Unison congregational responses alternate with vernacular stanzas sung by a cantor.
  • I listened as, at her own request, she was baptized into the catholic faith, and I made the liturgical responses proper to the child's parent.
2A reaction to something: an extended, jazzy piano solo drew the biggest response from the crowd [mass noun]: an Honours degree course in Japanese has been established in response to an increasing demand
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  • In response to the motion, the elastic reaction force exerted on the site by the substrate starts to rise.
  • In response to the spate of armed robberies, the Post Office told postmasters and postmistresses warning them to be extra vigilant.
  • In response to increasing battlefield firepower, horse cavalry reduced the armor it used.
2.1 Psychology & Physiology An excitation of a nerve impulse caused by a change or event; a physical reaction to a specific stimulus or situation: we unwittingly induce Pavlovian-type responses in dogs by establishing a rigid routine for feeding there is considerable species variation in the stomach’s response to alcohol
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  • Stress is not a single conditioning but a response to physical and psychological stimuli.
  • The synaesthetic experience is an automatic and involuntary response to certain stimuli.
  • The response to the stimulus on the right and left sides should be compared.
2.2The way in which a mechanical or electrical device responds to a stimulus or stimuli: the throttle response from the 1870 cc engine is almost petrol sharp
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  • The complexes also show mechanical responses to pH changes and electrical stimulation.
  • When impossible to differentiate electrical responses from background noise, amplitude values were set at 2 V.
  • The sound quality and the bass response are good, even when compared with normal speakers.
2.3 Bridge A bid made in answer to one’s partner’s preceding bid.
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  • The response of this person's partner is to play their highest card in this suit as well.
  • Further, a Showcase card may not be used in a trick response when not following suit.
  • Bidding the negative 2 Diamonds response enables your partner to go some way towards knowing if there are thirty-two points in your combined hands.


Middle English: from Old French respons or Latin responsum 'something offered in return', neuter past participle of respondere (see respond).

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