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1The upper or outer edge of an object, typically something circular or approximately circular: a china egg cup with a gold rim
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  • Researchers use the shadow lengths to calculate the depth of the craters, and the height of the crater rims.
  • She was following the rim of the crater towards him.
  • Paul hurried to the rim of the crater as fast as he could.
1.1The outer edge of a wheel, on which the tyre is fitted: the fitting of radials on new rims
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  • Driving full throttle on his wheel rims, he trundled back to Augusta at 30 mph and meandered through downtown, trailed by a posse of 14 cruisers.
  • Nevertheless, handling is predictable for such a large vehicle with its 75 litre fuel tank and huge 7.5R16 tyres on steel rims.
  • There is also much less chance of damaging tyres or rims in a pothole.
1.2The part of a spectacle frame surrounding the lenses: she wore spectacles with thin gold rims he grinned at her from over the rim of his spectacles
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  • Suddenly Mr. Podgers dropped Lord Arthur's right hand, and seized hold of his left, bending down so low to examine it that the gold rims of his spectacles seemed almost to touch the palm.
  • Louis put aside his journal and studied his daughter over the rim of his spectacles.
  • A pair of glasses, with large rims and thick lenses, rested lopsidedly along his nose, and he adjusted them to see Jennifer more clearly when he stopped.
1.3A limit or boundary: the outer rim of the solar system
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  • I think it will not be difficult to rid her of his bad influence and bring her back into the upper rims of cultured society.
  • The upper rim of the garden can be planted in perennials.
  • Cole walked by the information desk on the left, the fine arts division, and moved through the stacks to the study tables that were set up on the outer rim of the building.
1.4An encircling stain or deposit: a thick rim of suds

verbo (rims, rimming, rimmed)

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1Form or act as an outer edge or rim for: a huge lake rimmed by glaciers (as adjective, in combination -rimmed) steel-rimmed glasses
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  • The hotel was built in a rectangle, an atrium in the middle with the floors rimming the edge.
  • I slipped on my mask, a beautiful glazed, white mask rimmed with diamonds, sapphires and rubies along with gold rimming the edges.
  • Around the edges of the yard were small trees rimming the garden in pale green.
1.1Mark with an encircling stain or deposit: his collar was rimmed with dirt
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  • But when the cold began to set in, he hauled the foul garment over his head and tried to ignore the green bloody stains that rimmed the hem.
  • His fingernails were rimmed with dirt.


Old English rima 'a border, coast'; compare with Old Norse rimi 'ridge, strip of land' (the only known cognate).



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  • He was wearing rimless glasses.
  • Adjusting her rimless glasses, she peered at the rear-view mirror.
  • The young man in front of me looked at me over his rimless glasses.

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