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Saltos de línea: roll¦er
Pronunciación: /ˈrəʊlə


1A cylinder that rotates about a central axis and is used in various machines and devices to move, flatten, or spread something: the sheets moved through rollers and down the folding machine use a roller to resettle turf laid during autumn and winter
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  • This resistance could be reduced if the fixed shafts of the rollers were rotated as they moved.
  • Product is palletized and moved over rollers and stored in one of the facility's freezers at - 18 degrees F.
  • Its two moving and two fixed feed rollers are hydraulically serial connected, and six delimbing knives ensure high quality logs.
1.1An absorbent revolving cylinder attached to a handle, used to apply paint: further coats can be applied by brush or roller
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  • During the final phases, he uses a roller to apply paint to the highest points of the surface and then uses small brushes to add highlights.
  • Big sheets of paper cover the patio, and kid-safe paint, rollers, brushes, and stamps are everywhere.
  • Most painting projects require more than paint, brushes or rollers.
1.2A small cylinder around which hair is rolled in order to produce curls: it’s best to put rollers in when hair is slightly damp after washing
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  • After using the curling iron or rollers, allow your hair to completely cool.
  • Curl with either rollers or curling iron, remove ponytail and brush out.
  • After setting the hair on large rollers and drying it under a hooded dryer, he says she ran her fingers through it to loosen the curls and create softness.
1.3 (also roller bandage) A long surgical bandage rolled up for convenient application.
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  • He remained silent as Grace added the gauze and roller bandage.
2A long swelling wave that appears to roll steadily towards the shore: the Atlantic rollers
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  • The Pacific, he told her, being deeper, produced groundswells that made those of the Atlantic appear like rollers on a lake.
3 [as modifier] Relating to or involving roller skates: roller hockey
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  • And soon they were playing roller hockey in the basement.
  • I'm told the kids really go for roller disco these days.
  • But was there something deeper to roller disco than the novelty of dancing on skates?
4A brightly coloured crow-sized bird with predominantly blue plumage, having a characteristic tumbling display flight.
  • Genera Coracias and Eurystomus, family Coraciidae: several species, especially the widespread European roller (C. garrulus)
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  • The delta, for example, has 325 species of birds - including spoonbills, European rollers and pelicans - and 160 of fish.
  • When this bird flies it's called a lilac-breasted roller because it rolls in the sky.
5A bird of a breed of tumbler pigeon.
6A breed of canary with a trilling song.

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