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Pronunciación: /seɪl/


1A piece of material extended on a mast to catch the wind and propel a boat or ship or other vessel: all the sails were unfurled
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  • Through the trees you may catch glimpses of billowing sails, wind surfers, cross-lakes ferries and motor boats.
  • The boat suddenly lurched and spun about as the sail was unfurled and caught the wind.
  • The wind caught the sails with a dull boom and the ship heeled about, tacking into the westerly breeze sweeping across the lake.
1.1 [mass noun] The use of sailing ships as a means of transport: this led to bigger ships as steam replaced sail
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  • Initially, river transport was by sail and rowboat; mechanical means did not appear until the arrival of paddle-steamers in the early 1830s.
  • While initially, the supply to mariners for rigging and ropes was steady, when sail gave way to steam the market failed.
  • The transition from sail to steam and the consequent reconfiguration of coasting figure prominently in the collection.
1.2 archaic A sailing ship: sail ahoy!
2Something resembling a sail in shape or function, in particular:
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  • The need for an inexpensive way to get around the solar system is driving research into "solar sails."
2.1A wind-catching apparatus attached to the arm of a windmill.
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  • On either side of her rose hills covered with vineyards and the gently rotating white sails of the windmills used for crushing grapes.
  • Only the sky at the top of each card is left, demarcated by the missing outlines of windmill sails, or trees, or Table Mountain.
  • A tourist boat putters by in the canal; the sails of the huge windmill overhead cast long, cool shadows across the road.
2.2The broad fin on the back of a sailfish or of some prehistoric reptiles.
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  • Some of these early reptiles had elaborate sails on the back.
  • Moreover, and to re-emphasize the theme of branching, pelycosaurs included three major subgroups, only two bearing sails on their backs.
  • These spines would have formed a tall sail or crest.
2.3A structure by which an animal is propelled across the surface of water by the wind, e.g. the float of a Portuguese man-of-war.
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  • Thus, in the early morning the animal could stand with its sail oriented toward the sun.
  • Traces of luminous iridescent blue on his back and sides, even on the sail feathers, highlight the otherwise golden image.
3A voyage or excursion in a ship, especially a sailing ship or boat: they went for a sail
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  • The longest leg of the journey is then the sail to Fort William and the final ascent of Ben Nevis.
  • Kate and Josie Fraser lead out a group of fellow 2003 NCAS Sailing scholarship holders on a training sail at Ballina last November.
  • A night's frantic journey or a daring sail on the treacherous winter sea is all it would take to put an ambusher in their path.
4The conning tower of a submarine.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • An active transducer array in the sail of the submarine provides a 30° coverage.
  • The submarine Connecticut, a new Seawolf-class sub, had partly surfaced with its sail and rudder sticking through the ice on April 27.
5South African A canvas sheet or tarpaulin: the sail covering the load of crates broke loose from the truck
Loan translation, based on Dutch seil 'tarpaulin'
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  • The hotel is a low-level haven decorated with nets, bamboo, shells and thatch, where canvas sails serve as elegant sun-screens.
  • Curvy white walls, large sails, tablecloths and canvas-seat chairs gleam as radiantly as Tom Cruise's porcelain teeth.


[no object]
1Travel in a boat with sails, especially as a sport or recreation: Ian took us out sailing on the lake
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  • Mr Rothwell also believes the council should also make the cost of moorings cheaper for commercial hire sailing boats, to foster sailing on the lake.
  • They will train in a similar way to the older cadets, learn sailing and boat work, wear a uniform and take part in civic parades in the town.
  • When he is not working he gets involved in outdoor sports such as sailing, a long time love, and listens to a wide range of music.
yacht, boat, go sailing;
crew, helm, skipper a boat
1.1 [with adverbial] Travel in a ship or boat using sails or engine power: the ferry caught fire sailing between Caen and Portsmouth
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  • It takes time for ships to sail from their home ports to deployment areas.
  • Sblt Tielens sailed with the ship from his home port in Cairns to Darwin as part of the sailing ship's circumnavigation of the globe.
  • A flotilla of more than 50 boats, yachts and lifeboats surrounded the magnificent ship as it sailed majestically into its home port.
1.2 [with adverbial] Begin a voyage; leave a harbour: the catamaran sails at 3:30
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  • It was from here that Captain Cook sailed on the epic voyage which led to the discovery of Australia.
  • Ships of the RAN will sail from Sydney Harbour to rendezvous with our international visitors off the coast.
  • There are skippers sailing out of Peterhead harbour on every trip knowing they have to clear more than #8000 each month before they move into profit from their voyage.
set sail, put to sea, put out (to sea), leave port, leave dock, leave harbour, hoist sail, raise sail, weigh anchor, put off, shove off
1.3 [with object] Travel by ship on or across (a sea) or on (a route): plastic ships could be sailing the oceans soon
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  • It had been fun, pretending to be a captain of a great ship that sailed the high seas.
  • That ship could sail the sea of Storms if it had to.
  • It's a disgrace that British-flagged ships should sail the seas carrying British exports but the crews are foreign.
1.4 [with object and adverbial of direction] Navigate or control (a boat or ship): I stole a small fishing boat and sailed it to the Delta
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  • It has also been alleged that the Burgers did not have the necessary papers and skipper's tickets to sail the yacht, which was apparently not insured.
  • The user may choose from a variety of ships, or may sail a custom-made vessel.
  • Lo and behold Jane is forced to believe when one dreary night Captain Hook sails his ship above London and snatches Jane away under the assumption that it's Wendy!
steer, captain, pilot, skipper, navigate, con, helm
2 [with adverbial of direction] Move smoothly and rapidly or in a stately or confident manner: the ball sailed inside the right-hand post
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  • Finding the funding to get the plan off the ground was the most daunting task, but once launched, the Leeds International Film Festival sailed forth like a stately galleon.
  • The ball sailed smoothly into the air, suspended in time for a moment.
  • Butler, who had now taken over the kicking duties from Feeney, looked to have struck the conversion well but into the difficult breeze, the ball sailed narrowly to the right.
glide, drift, float, flow, slide, slip, sweep, skim, coast, skate, breeze, flit
whizz, speed, streak, shoot, whip, whoosh, buzz, zoom, flash, blast, career, fly, wing, kite, skite, scud
informal scorch, tear, zap, zip
soar, wing, wing its way, take to the air, fly, ascend, mount, climb, arc, curve
2.1 (sail through) informal Succeed easily at (something, especially a test or examination): Ali sailed through his exams
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  • Since starting self-defence classes at the age of four, the lad caught the eye of instructors by sailing through tests for 32 different belts, to reach the black.
  • In contrast, 46-year-old David Bull, a PADI instructor from Northants, sails through the tests and barely breaks into a sweat.
  • Despite the festive season, both boxers registered their weights within the required limit and sailed through their medical tests.
succeed easily at, gain success in easily, pass easily, romp through, walk through
2.2 (sail into) informal Attack physically or verbally with force.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • February 1968: With Kerry aboard, the Gridley sails into war to patrol the coast of Vietnam.
attack, set upon, set about, fall on, assault, assail, tear into, weigh into, lay into, light into, pitch into, turn on, lash out at, hit out at, strike out at, (let) fly at, lash, round on, drub, thump, batter, hammer, pummel, beat, paste, thrash, belabour, lambaste, berate, abuse
informal let someone have it
British informal have a go at



in (or under) full sail

With all the sails in position or fully spread: a galleon in full sail
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  • Soon they were sailing away under full sail, on their way to the Lost Island.
  • Behind the two women was painted a galleon in full sail, racing away from a large palace overlooking the shore of a tropical island.
  • When the ship was under full sail, he described the experience as ‘very exhilarating and very different compared to listening to diesel engines’.

take in sail

Furl the sail or sails of a vessel.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Lynsey is back in the charthouse navigating, plotting positions and the rest of the crew stand by on deck to take in sail.

under sail

With the sails hoisted: at a speed of eight knots under sail
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  • Despite her rather hefty displacement/length ratio and moderate sail area/displacement number, performance under sail of the 35.5 is quite good.
  • Her aluminium masts are more than 30 metres high and can carry a total sail area of 740.6 square metres, giving a maximum speed under sail of 14 knots.
  • The next time I was at the helm we were under sail and the boat was much easier to handle.



Oraciones de ejemplo
  • PL uses his powers to fix the Swimming Monkey and make it sailable once again.
  • Granted, the location is terrific, given a great, sailable lake, a nearby epic waterfall, vineyards inviting to delicious wine tastings, and fine accommodations plus first-class restaurants.
  • Well, he makes sure the ship remains in sailable condition on a daily basis.




Old English segel (noun), seglian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zeil and German Segel (nouns).

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