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Saltos de línea: sec¦ond|ary
Pronunciación: /ˈsɛk(ə)nd(ə)ri


  • 1Coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary: luck plays a role, but it’s ultimately secondary to local knowledge
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    • But, important as it was, it was still secondary to Johnny's primary concern and that was people.
    • Each group or person has individual goals - but in a partnership, they have to be secondary to the primary joint goal.
    • In some senses, the race is secondary to the social importance of this event.
    subordinate, lesser, lower, lower-level, minor, peripheral, incidental, tangential, marginal, ancillary, subsidiary, subservient, non-essential, inessential, of little account, unimportant, less importantindirect, non-primary, derived, derivative, resulting, resultant, concomitant, accompanying, consequential, contingent, second-handalternative, spare, extra, additional, another, backup, supporting, relief, fallback, substitute, auxiliary; North American alternate
  • 1.1Relating to education for children from the age of eleven to sixteen or eighteen: a secondary school
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    • All four colleges provided training for secondary school teachers on integrated academic curricula.
    • I teach them for eight years before they go to boarding school to complete their secondary education.
    • Primary education lasts until the age of eleven, followed by secondary education.
  • 1.2Having a reversible chemical reaction and therefore able to store energy: the lead-acid accumulator used in cars consists of secondary cells
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    • ATP is the power molecule used all over organisms and their cells to power the secondary reactions that keep us alive.
  • 1.3Relating to or denoting the output side of a device using electromagnetic induction, especially in a transformer: the primary and secondary coils of the transformer
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    • Apply the ac voltage to the primary winding and expect output voltage at the secondary side.
    • The burst in current causes a change in voltage in the secondary coil, which in turn causes a change in voltage in the feedback coil.
    • The reverse polarity creates a peak current about twice as high as the six amps of coil current on the primary side, and a higher peak-to-peak current on the secondary side.
  • 2 (Secondary) Geology former term for Mesozoic.
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    • We learn that there was a time when Cephalopoda were the highest types of animal life; and that during the secondary period they were anatomically raised far above any forms of the reptile class now living in the world.
    • These big limestone tables are formed in the secondary era.
  • 3 Chemistry (Of an organic compound) having its functional group located on a carbon atom which is bonded to two other carbon atoms.
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    • Similar to ions, secreted secondary compounds are positioned to be leached to the soil, in some cases for the purpose of contributing to allelopathy.
    • Manufacture of ketones can also be carried out by the dehydrogenation of a secondary alcohol at high temperature.
    • Just aft of the close-coupled catalyst sits a particulate filter and secondary oxidation catalyst.
  • 3.1(Chiefly of amines) derived from ammonia by replacement of two hydrogen atoms by organic groups.
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    • Reaction with nitrous acid is used to distinguish between primary, secondary, and tertiary amines.
    • Tricyclic antidepressants may be categorized as secondary or tertiary amines.
    • The acidic pH of the stomach would favour the nitrosation of secondary and tertiary amines in the quid.

sustantivo (plural secondaries)

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  • 1Short for:
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    • The Government has been accused of distorting school league tables in a bid to persuade secondaries to impose its new diploma on pupils.
    • Schools across the country can use lotteries to stop middle-class children dominating the best secondaries, a Government minister said last night.
    • The expansion plans will be welcomed by parents who have found the existing church secondaries heavily oversubscribed.
  • 1.1British A secondary school.
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    • About a third of Kent secondaries are grammar schools, another third secondary moderns and the rest comprehensives.
    • Ofsted inspected 3,041 primary schools, 122 nurseries and 551 secondaries.
    • St Matthew's was one of eighty four schools to close in Manchester - 66 primaries, 10 secondaries and eight special schools.
  • 1.2 Ornithology A secondary feather.
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    • One or more additional layers of shorter feathers may overlie the proximal parts of the flight primaries and secondaries.
    • Characteristics shared with other Apodiformes include: tiny feet, long wings with long primaries, short humeri and short secondaries.
    • The white secondaries of each wing were clearly visible, separated by the black back of the bird, and they reached all the way to the trailing edge of the wings.
  • 1.3A secondary coil or winding in an electrical transformer.
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    • Each secondary will feature 672 voice-coil actuators, now in the final stages of fabrication in Italy.
  • 2 (the Secondary) Geology , • dated The Secondary or Mesozoic era.



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  • But the conservative he nominated is first a judicial conservative and only secondarily a political conservative.
  • And secondarily, it also disturbed Beijing, because they always apply these things to their own back yard.
  • We are conscious of them as paintings, and only secondarily as women.


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  • Even the way in which Eliza on the ice, Eva on her deathbed, or Tom's whipping at the hands of Legree persist as types outside of the novel suggests a certain unreality or secondariness about the novel's world.
  • The difference here is that the transformative power of echo is also used to assert an authoritative position, hence complicating the gendered association between echo and secondariness.
  • And history it seems is not a text, a reproduction; or at least the question is avoided by pointing at the allegedly exemplary secondariness of literature.


late Middle English: from Latin secundarius 'of the second quality or class', from secundus (see second1).

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