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Pronunciación: /ʃeɪd/


1 [mass noun] Comparative darkness and coolness caused by shelter from direct sunlight: sitting in the shade this area will be in shade for much of the day
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  • It can grow almost anywhere - from lawns to forested areas, in direct sun or in shade, he says.
  • It is one of the few culinary herbs to flourish in shade and part shade.
  • In coastal climates, coleus thrive in shade or sun, but pinks and other vivid shades become more intense in brighter light.
shadow, shadiness, shadows;
coolness, cool;
shelter, cover
1.1The darker part of a picture.
1.2A position of relative inferiority or obscurity: her elegant pink and black ensemble would put most outfits in the shade
surpass, outshine, outclass, overshadow, eclipse, exceed, excel, transcend, cap, top, outstrip, outdo, put to shame, make look pale by comparison, be better than, beat, outplay, outperform, upstage, dwarf
informal run rings around, be head and shoulders above, be a cut above, leave standing
archaic outrival, outvie
1.3 (usually shades) literary A shadow or area of darkness: the shades of evening drew on
darkness, gathering darkness, dimness, dusk, semi-darkness, twilight;
gloom, gloominess, murkiness, murk
literary gloaming
1.4 historical A portrait in silhouette.
2A colour, especially with regard to how light or dark it is or as distinguished from one nearly like it: various shades of blue [mass noun]: Maria’s eyes darkened in shade
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  • In coastal climates, coleus thrive in shade or sun, but pinks and other vivid shades become more intense in brighter light.
  • The clouds consisted of many shades of light and dark grey.
  • There are dark shades and lighter hues folding into each other.
colour, hue;
tone, tint, tinge;
2.1 Art A slight degree of difference between colours.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Particles in different shades, shapes and sizes are used as pigments to complement paint in what is essentially a painting.
  • Only the red allows for variation, and von der Ahe pushes it to shades ranging from a faint rusty tint to a deeply saturated red violet to a ruddy brown.
  • Hao Boyi uses colors from vivid to pastel with many shades of brown.
2.2A slightly differing variety of something: politicians of all shades of opinion
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  • They come in a variety of shades, lengths and styles.
  • But, if I make an effort, I sense in my duration a variety of shades.
  • The result was an unwieldy and complex organization of all social classes and all shades of unionist opinion.
nuance, gradation, modulation, shading, degree, difference, variation, variety;
nicety, subtlety;
undertone, overtone
2.3 [in singular] A slight amount of something: the goal had more than a shade of good fortune about it
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  • Even the soulless Laise had had a shade of humanity to her.
  • There was a shade of meanness in her speech, and she spoke it so emphatically that for a moment he was not sure if she was telling the truth.
  • For the first time, a shade of uncertainty entered her voice.
a little, a bit, a trace, a touch, a dash, a modicum, a soupçon, a suspicion, a hint, a suggestion, a tinge, a smack;
slightly, rather, somewhat
informal a tad, a smidgen
3A lampshade: a small lamp with a crimson shade
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  • Bring them a lamp and they could find a shade for it within minutes.
  • The living room was just as I remembered it, with a single lamp covered with a stained glass shade illuminating the entire room.
  • The hall was brightly lit with several lamps each with its own stained glass shade.
3.1 (often shades) North American A screen or blind on a window: draw the shades, chill the wine
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  • Back then, he sold custom picture framing, table pads, venetian blinds, window shades and did glass installations.
  • Interior window shades and blinds do absolutely nothing to prevent unwanted heat from penetrating your windows.
  • Keep window blinds and shades closed during hot weather to conserve energy, and open on sunny days during cold months to allow in solar heat.
blind, curtain, venetian blind;
screen, shield, cover, covering, protection;
awning, canopy
3.2An eyeshade.
3.3 (shades) informal Sunglasses: he wore shades and a leather jacket
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  • I dress stylishly, wear shades, have a cross hanging around my neck and am quite intellectual.
  • Clown was sitting in the chair, again wearing his shades and a hat that seemed to look like a bucket on his head.
  • He was wearing shades and a cap, which prevented either of us from knowing his identity.
sunglasses, dark glasses
Australian informal sunnies
trademark Polaroids, Raybans
4 literary A ghost: the ghost is the shade of Lucy Walters, first mistress of Charles II
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  • I can feel the shades of my forebears crowding before me, waving their spectral hands at me and admonishing me to go no further.
  • The bull swam with her out to sea, some say across the Pillars of Hercules to the shore of Southern Spain, others to Crete, where later she gave birth to Minos and Rhadamanthus, ruler of Elysium where the Shades go after death.
  • As opera matured over the next 150 years, the dramatic duties that at first had been assigned to mere Shades and Furies were taken over by full-fledged gods and goddesses.
ghost, spectre, phantom, apparition, spirit, wraith, phantasm, shadow;
Scottish & Irish  bodach
informal spook
literary revenant, wight
rare manes, eidolon
4.1 (the Shades) The underworld; Hades.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • I will bring your mother, the Queen of Ranoak, back from the land of Shades, if you be my slave.


[with object]
1Screen from direct light: she shaded her eyes against the sun
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He laid out the Botanic gardens in Khartoum, as he did at Luxor, in Upper Egypt; and he imported the Neem trees from India to shade the streets.
  • The viewing screen can be shaded to an extent from the sun or other directional light sources, by means of baffles, but the basic problem remains.
  • A giant live oak tree shaded the west side of the house, a long-abandoned tire swing hanging dejectedly from a sturdy branch.
cast a shadow over, shadow, shut out the light from, block off the light to;
darken, dim;
shelter, cover, screen
1.1Cover, moderate, or exclude the light of: he shaded the torch with his hand
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  • Clouds covered the sun, a respectful veil shading the sun's merry rays.
  • He walked towards it on soft feet shading the torch with his hand to reduce its light to a narrow thread.
  • But all the greenery shaded the light, casting shadows and filling the forest with deep darkness.
2Darken or colour (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of colour: she shaded in the outline of a chimney
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  • Exquisitely shaded pencil drawings are the basis for this slow, patient drift through a surrealist landscape that is at once impossible and alarmingly familiar.
  • Underneath two arched eyebrows, her eyes were large and brown, shaped like two walnuts and looked as though they were shaded in with a pencil.
  • A triangle adorned the map and the space within the triangle was shaded in red signifying the area that they would be searching.
darken, colour in, pencil in, block in, fill in;
2.1 [no object, with adverbial] (Of a colour or something coloured) gradually change into another colour: the sky shaded from turquoise to night blue
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  • From the front of the St. Petersburg Hotel the sky shaded from pale grey to gold, orange and deep red.
  • The sun was bright in a sky already shading into a cooler, breezier blue, and the trees surrounding the compound glowed with the first, bright brush strokes of fall.
  • Its hood was thrown back and despite the cold, its jacket was open to about mid-chest, revealing a dense coat of steel gray fur, shading to white in the center of its chest.
change gradually, transmute, turn, go, become;
merge, blend
3British informal Narrowly win or gain an advantage in (a contest): the Welsh side shaded a tight, tough first half
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  • Was there any way to shade the odds, gain an extra edge as he had in the first challenge?
4Make a slight reduction in the amount, rate, or price of: banks may shade the margin over base rate they charge customers
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  • My administration will do everything in its power to end the days of cooking the books and shading the truth and breaking our laws.
  • We'll no longer be willing to be patient with people who claim that they weren't really lying but were simply shading the truth.
  • Of the two Tain Houses, Jaboulet's Cotes du Rhone shades the Chapoutier effort with more of a pepper and savoury green olive flavour.
4.1 [no object] Decline slightly in price, amount, or rate: [with complement]: their shares shaded 10p to 334p



a shade ——

A little ——: he was a shade hung-over
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  • The Holland group's taut interlocks and quick, nervous counterpoint become a shade tiresome.
  • When Mr Blair made his comments back in April I said I thought he was being a shade over-optimistic.
  • With the game getting a shade tetchy in spots, it was perhaps no great surprise that referee Monaghan decided to impose the ultimate sanction on the unfortunate Ryan with all of 19 minutes left on the clock.

shades of ——

Used to suggest reminiscence of or comparison with someone or something specified: a long, drawn-out orchestral climax (shades of Wagner or Strauss)
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  • The $3 billion cock-up - shades of the BNZ bailout?
echoes, a reminder, memories, intimations, suggestions, hints

throw shade

US informal
Publicly criticize or express contempt for someone: if she was really so above it all, she wouldn’t have to throw shade they weren’t the only people who threw shade at her performance
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  • His publicist has since clarified the quotes, insisting the actor wasn't trying to throw shade at the 39-year-old star.
  • She also knows how to throw shade in the classiest of ways!
  • It has always struck me as funny when people throw shade at entertainers because they have money and can afford things that others can't.



Pronunciación: /ˈʃeɪdləs/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Surprisingly, no one had suggested driving in a car without air-conditioning, in the middle of the day, preferably on a shadeless road where you might get stuck waiting for a train to go by.
  • Thrill to the sight of a solitary elephant chained to a fake tree on a shadeless island and try to dismiss the fact that elephants in the wild live in groups and are constantly on the move.
  • The way-side is becoming shadeless and another generation will behold spots, now rife with beauty, desecrated by what is called improvement.


Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Both cores are essentially the same, featuring four fragment pipelines and two vertex shaders - the only difference between the two different product lines is basically the clock speed they operate at.
  • In practice, this has meant that games writers have seen pixel shaders as an extra set of features, which don't necessarily get as much time on the schedule as core graphics programming.
  • That, the company claims, will be far more value to developers than version three shaders, which provide no visual enhancements over version two and so far only promise a performance gain over their predecessors.


Old English sc(e)adu, of Germanic origin. Compare with shadow.

  • The Old English word shade is related to shadow, both going back to the same Indo-European root. Late 16th-century shady is based on shade; colloquial use meaning ‘questionable, disreputable’ arose in the mid 19th century perhaps from university slang. The origins of shades of—, used to suggest that one thing is reminiscent of another, have nothing to do with colour, but go back to an old use of shade to mean ‘a ghost’. The idea behind the phrase is that the person or event either resembles or calls to mind someone or something from the past. By the late 19th century the meaning ‘ghost’ was more or less restricted to works of literature, so it is odd that it should have been revived in this phrase in the mid 20th century. An example from the American magazine Town & Country reflects its popularity: ‘Shades of Jackie O, the Duke and Duchess, Capote, and an era when classic French cuisine, spacious luxury, and swizzle sticks were de rigueur.’

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