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Pronunciación: /snɔːt/


1An explosive sound made by the sudden forcing of breath through one’s nose, used to express indignation, derision, or incredulity: he gave a snort of disgust
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  • The acknowledgment was merely a snort and some derisive laughter.
  • They both burst out laughing and were doing so with so much energy and force that everyone came running in to see them just sitting there, holding there stomachs and gasping for breath between snorts and laughs.
  • I was pulled out of my trance as she let out a derisive snort.
1.1A snorting sound made by an animal, typically when excited or frightened: she could hear the occasional snort of a pony
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  • The only sounds he heard were the crickets chirping, the manes and tails being swished about and the occasional grunts and snorts from the animals that occupy the stables.
  • It trembles even more, and gives a frightened snort.
  • Parking my truck in the lane, I went through the gate and made it about half way across the pasture, thermal jump suit, deer rifle and all, when I heard a snort and the sound of hooves.
1.2 informal A quantity of an illegal drug, especially cocaine, inhaled in powdered form through the nose: they were high on a few snorts
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  • A single snort of cocaine triggers a week-long surge of activity in the brain's addiction centre, scientists said yesterday.
  • Maybe after a jigger of scotch and a snort of ecstasy, you'll be more inclined to eat and enjoy these pretzels.
  • Eddie starts every moment with two snorts up each nostril.
1.3 informal A measure of an alcoholic drink: a bottle of rum was opened and they took a good long snort
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  • Marvin lifts a bottle of vodka and takes several snorts without setting the camera down.


[no object]
1Make a sudden explosive sound through one’s nose, especially to express indignation or derision: she snorted with laughter [with direct speech]: ‘How perfectly ridiculous!’ he snorted
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  • Derek snorted indignantly, and returned to his own amusements.
  • The camera rocked as Daisy first snorted then burst with laughter.
  • Adam snorted derisively and stepped away and up the slope from Joe.
1.1(Of an animal) make a sudden explosive sound through the nose, especially when excited or frightened: the horse came to a halt, snorting
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  • The excitement is palpable as we queue up, as is the strong scent of ammonia from the horses and bulls snorting eagerly in the paddocks.
  • Isaac pulled on the leather reins and the dappled horse snorted and came to a halt.
  • The horse snorted as she looked at her prey and waited for praise.
1.2 [with object] informal Inhale (the powdered form of an illegal drug, especially cocaine) through the nose: Debbie had spent the evening snorting cocaine and drinking
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  • He was hopelessly addicted to coffee, cigarettes, and other drugs: he would snort heroin and then pray for the courage to resist its temptation.
  • I became an alcoholic and began to deal in drugs, even snorting cocaine and crack.
  • He snorted the drug or smoked crack cocaine three to five times a week.


Late Middle English (as a verb, also in the sense 'snore'): probably imitative; compare with snore. The noun dates from the early 19th century.

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