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Pronunciación: /sɒŋ


1A short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung: a pop song
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  • Many households bought parlour pianos and needed music and songs to play and sing.
  • You will be required to sing a short song of your choice and demonstrate your acting skills on the day.
  • She would mention a word and I would have to sing an Elvis song with that word in it.
air, strain, ditty, melody, tune, popular song, pop song, number, track
literary lay
1.1 [mass noun] Singing or vocal music: the pilgrims broke into song
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  • Slow music stared, and then Emmet broke into song with his sweet voice.
  • Harvey, who then broke into song and rendered the hymn, Never Get Weary, was quickly accompanied by the congregation.
  • Some of the pan players broke into song, adding flair to the band's rendition as the pan sticks belted down the pulsating rhythms.
1.2A musical composition suggestive of a song.
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  • He composed some 700 songs, which makes him one of the most prolific song composers since Schubert.
  • The song has three stanzas of six lines, carrying four stresses downbeats separated by upbeats.
1.3A poem, especially one in rhymed stanzas: The Song of Hiawatha
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  • Pamphilia to Amphilanthus then closes with a series of four songs and nine sonnets.
  • The song of the poet himself will reanimate the memory of Troy and rescue it from the dark tombs.
  • The elegiac sonnet provides this opportunity for the poet, for it literally becomes a song of mourning.
1.4 [mass noun] archaic Poetry.
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  • The full text of the lyrical song is as follows.
2 [mass noun] The musical phrases uttered by some birds, whales, and insects, typically forming a recognizable and repeated sequence and used chiefly for territorial defence or for attracting mates.
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  • Males attract mates using song, iridescent plumage and dramatic display flights.
  • Learn how to use field marks, habitat, behavior, and song to identify birds.
  • The Winter Wren is a tiny woodland bird whose song is as elaborate as its plumage is drab.


Old English sang, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zang and German Sang, also to sing.


for a song

informal Very cheaply: the place was going for a song
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  • In addition, while many MP3 files can be found cheaply on the Internet, MP3 gadgets don't go for a song.
  • All this excellence, of course, doesn't come for a song.
  • The State went out on its own and did what it wanted to do, which was to take the Indian lands for a song.

on song

British informal Performing well: will Swindon be on song for the new season?
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  • When he is on song, the team is on song and when we are not, he is as good as any of the rest of us when it comes to rolling up his sleeves and trying to dig out a result.
  • When he is on song, he is excellent but when he is below par he can create problems for the rest of the team.
  • Scott Baker, a close-season capture from Carlton, was also on song with 2 for 17, while Ben Rogers top-scored for the home side with 42.

a song and dance

informal , chiefly British
A fuss or commotion: she would be sure to make a song and dance about her aching feet
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  • The latest group of entertainers to make a song and dance about their plight are actors, or ‘theatre practitioners’ as they must now be called.
  • They don't make a song and dance about it; they just do it.
  • Annabelle isn't one to make a song and dance about what she's doing, and she would go off doing all sorts of treks and endurance trails.
North American A long explanation that is pointless or deliberately evasive.
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  • With nothing to go on but a song and dance from Kelley, most are loathe to give it more than a 7 or 8 share.
  • We all deserve answers, not a song and dance about how hard the police work and how they don't get no respect.
  • It was a song and dance the two frequently engaged in.

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