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1A thing of no great value given or done as a concession to appease someone whose main concerns or demands are not being met: my agent telephones as a sop but never finds me work
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  • Media pundits have suggested it was a sop to appease the right wing in the cabinet.
  • The great powers were focused on collective security; it was as a concession, a sop, that they consented to a peripheral project regarding human rights.
  • The main sop is a pledge to increase markets for US goods overseas by carrying out a more aggressive trade policy against Europe and Japan.
2A piece of bread dipped in gravy, soup, or sauce.
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  • At this time sops - pieces of bread - were used to soak up liquid mixtures, and these were often first toasted, which reduced their tendency to disintegrate.
  • By chance I'd had them the day before as a satisfactory sop for a piece of grilled sea bass at Kensington Place in west London.
  • As such, soups or sops, as they were also known, became a dish with its own distinction, so did bisque.

verbo (sops, sopping, sopped)

[with object] (sop something up) Volver al principio  
1Soak up liquid using an absorbent substance: he used some bread to sop up the sauce
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  • We take bread and sop up the soup from the brown ceramic bowls.
  • All Polish donuts, though, are greasy because the dense dough sops up the fry oil, and they tend to have a leathery paper tear-texture to the skin.
  • The batter sops up more than two grams of saturated fat and three grams of trans fat in the deep-fat fryer.
1.1 archaic Wet thoroughly; soak: the dews ... bemoistening sop his harden’d shoes
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  • Then he would "sop" his bread or biscuit in the sweet mixture.


Old English soppian 'dip (bread) in liquid', sopp (noun), probably from the base of Old English sūpan 'sup'. Sense 1 (mid 17th century) alludes to the sop used by Aeneas on his visit to Hades to appease Cerberus.

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Standard Operating Procedure.

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