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Pronunciación: /spiːk

verbo (past spoke /spəʊk/; past participle spoken /ˈspəʊk(ə)n/)

[no object]
  • 3(Of behaviour, an object, etc.) serve as evidence for something: everything in the house spoke of hard times and neglect [with object]: his frame spoke tiredness
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    • It was his evidence that he spoke as loudly in the operating room that day as he did in the witness box - which would have been a fairly loud voice for such a setting.
    • The evidence speaks frequently of the 10.01 block and that is the first item in the left-hand column at 529.
    • Our case speaks in terms of evidence of identification being excluded if it would be unfair or if it was undertaken unfairly to the appellant.
    indicate, mean, suggest, show, denote, display, demonstrate, be evidence of, register, reflect, reveal, betray, evince, disclose, exhibit, manifest; express, convey, signify, impart, bespeak, communicate, bear out, attest, testify to, prove, evidence
    literary betoken
  • 3.1 [with object and infinitive or adverbial] archaic Show (someone or something) to be in a particular state or to possess a certain quality: she had seen nothing that spoke him of immoral habits
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    • She had never seen any thing that betrayed him to be unprincipled or unjust, anything that spoke him of irreligious or immoral habits.
    • Jane Austen's Darcy does not (I quote directly from Chapter 36 of Pride and Prejudice) have in his manner anything that spoke him of irreligious or immoral habits.
  • 4(Of a musical instrument or other object) make a sound when functioning: the gun spoke again insufficient air circulates for the pipes to speak
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    • Mozart raises the accompaniment to share some of that interest, so that the violin and the piano speak on relatively equal terms.
    • The remarkable thing, though, is that both instruments speak with a distinctive voice that is recognisably the same.
    • It's silence in remembrance of a talented, haunted man, but he deserves a eulogy, and his guitar speaks better than anyone ever could.
  • 4.1(Of a hound) bark.
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    • Every so often retrain the "Speak" command to keep this reinforcement.
    • Tell him to speak and then wait for him to speak.


not to speak of

Used in introducing a further factor to be considered: the rent had to be paid, not to speak of school fees
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  • Although the appellant is a Punjabi, the Punjabi people are to be found all over India, not to speak of all over the world.
  • Plainly, the existence of French Canada, and of Quebec as a province with a francophone majority, not to speak of a distinct historical lineage, introduced a persistent ambiguity into any concept of a Canadian nation-state.
  • Of course, hockey remains deep within Indian hearts in these quadrennial sojourns, but the events leading up to the Games, not to speak of the record against top teams in recent months, do not inspire confidence.

something speaks for itself

The implications of something are so clear that no supporting evidence is needed: the figures speak for themselves
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  • Well, I'm waiting to hear what else the defense puts up, but right now, the evidence speaks for itself.
  • The irrefutable evidence of unprecedented horrors speaks for itself after more than half a century.
  • The evidence of the visitations speaks for itself.

speak for oneself

Give one’s own opinions: I’m not speaking for me and Jack, I’m speaking for myself
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  • They spoke for themselves and their comrades, those who had died as well as those who lay helpless in veterans' hospitals, forgotten by the prating politicians who publicly claimed to exalt them.
  • Inside the quiet, orderly courtroom, facing the judge, Libby spoke for himself.
  • And she spoke for herself, not for anyone else.

speak for yourself

[in imperative] Used to tell someone that an opinion they have expressed is not shared by oneself: ‘This is such a boring place.’ ‘Speak for yourself—I like it.’
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  • Speak for yourself, but my aromatherapy mist is working wonders.
  • Speak for yourself but don't speak for me.

speak in tongues

Speak in an unknown language during religious worship, regarded as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2).
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  • Pentecostals believe that every child of God should be his own minister, imbued directly with the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues.
  • But he was instead an apostle, an ad hoc theologian, a proclaimer, a charismatic who saw visions and spoke in tongues - and a religious genius.
  • Fuelled by American-style revivalism, the church emphasized radical gospel practices - such as speaking in tongues - that whipped worshippers into a frenzy.

speak one's mind

Express one’s opinions frankly: he is a tough politician who speaks his mind in a blunt way
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  • They have wild opinions and they speak their mind.
  • Her mother had always taught her to speak her mind, have solid opinions, and never lose her head.
  • And I don't mind speaking my mind because I'm in a position to.

speak volumes

(Of a gesture, circumstance, etc.) convey a great deal without using words: a look that spoke volumes his record speaks volumes for his determination
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  • ‘Don't bring my brother into this,’ Micah's tone was cold and spoke volumes more than the words themselves.
  • His expression spoke volumes his words could not.
  • Buffy stood up and walked toward Spike, and I could see how effortlessly her every gesture spoke volumes to him.

speak well (or ill) of

Praise (or criticize): the patients speak well of their doctors
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  • After leaving school with good GCSEs he said she worked as a mobile hairdresser and was a woman that people spoke well of.
  • But the problem is that one side of this equation was always ignored in the effort to stamp out prejudice, and the side ignored was always the side that spoke well of the teller.
  • They are really great people who spoke well of Macalester.

—— to speak of

[with negative] Used to indicate that there is so little of something that it is hardly worth mentioning: I’ve no capital—well, none to speak of
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  • One of the problems's there's hardly a music industry to speak of in Ukraine - at least not a legal one.
  • This movie doesn't have much of a plot to speak of - it mainly consists of a several skits tied together.
  • Obviously Waterloo lacks perspective on drinking laws and apparently has no real crime to speak of.

Verbos con partícula

speak out (or up)

Express one’s opinions frankly and publicly: the government will be forthright in speaking out against human rights abuses
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  • He spoke out publicly during colonialism and in post-colonial politics against what he considered to be injustices.
  • I just don't know what companies are doing because they're not willing to speak out publicly.
  • The vast majority of artists, mind you, don't speak out publicly at all.
speak publicly, speak openly, speak boldly, speak frankly, speak one's mind, sound off, spout off, go on, stand up and be counted

speak up

Speak more loudly: We can’t hear you. Speak up!
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  • The man sitting behind them leaned over and said: ‘Do you mind speaking up a bit?’
  • At one point the jury had to send a note to the judge to ask him to speak up, and he was the closest person to it.
  • Speak up? What a notion, coming as I did from the land of "Sit down, Francine" and "Be quiet, Francine".
speak (more) loudly, speak out, speak clearly, raise one's voice, shout, yell, bellow, call at the top of one's voice
North American informal holler

speak up for

Speak in support of: there was no independent body to speak up for press freedoms
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  • To speak up for or defend animals who cannot defend themselves against abuse is not a crime, nor should it ever be one.
  • Orwell spoke up for what he saw as common human decencies - but these decencies were politically marginal, and thus in a sense not common at all.
  • Jack Locke is a person who speaks up for what he believes in.



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  • He said: ‘It's about taking the unspeakable and making it speakable, It's about recognising that unless you ask you don't know.
  • And thus it is speakable or tangible only as perceived in the changes it effects.
  • Such threats aim to define the limits of the public sphere by setting limits on the speakable.


Old English sprecan, later specan, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch spreken and German sprechen.

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