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Pronunciación: /spɪn

verbo (spins, spinning, spun /span/)

  • 1Turn or whirl round quickly: [no object]: the girl spun round in alarm the rear wheels spun violently [with object]: he fiddled with the radio, spinning the dial
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    • Pandora spun round quickly and came eye to eye with Alexei who was smiling down at her.
    • He spun round quickly so that he was almost facing her, and spoke in an urgent tone.
    • Tanya spun round, her chair falling with a clatter.
  • 1.1 [no object] (Of a person’s head) give a sensation of dizziness: the figures were enough to make her head spin
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    • She tried to get up but it was too hard, her head spun and the dizziness overcame her.
    • My head is spinning and I'm badly bruised and shaken.
    • We left him there, his head still spinning with thoughts of Minnie, and her delightful, exuberant girlishness.
    reel, go round, whirl, be in a whirl, swim, be giddy, be dizzy
  • 1.2 [with object] Toss (a coin).
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    • This involves our each, independently, spinning a coin and driving on the left if it comes up heads and on the right if it comes up tails: another recipe for disaster.
    • Though if anyone ever tries to do a coin-flip by spinning the coin on its edge on a table, watch out.
    • Then they spin coins in a cafe and generally hang out together, becoming friends.
  • 1.3chiefly Cricket (With reference to a ball) move or cause to move through the air with a revolving motion: [no object]: the ball spun in viciously [with object]: they had to spin the ball wide
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    • The ball spun viciously, and forced a great touch from the keeper.
    • In the old days, they used to tell you to turn a little sideways and move into the pitch because the ball was spinning and would move away from the plate once it hit the dirt.
    • As they pushed Stewartry, gaining a succession of penalties, the ball spun wide to be knocked on, ironically, by Smith with the line in sight.
  • 1.4 [with object] Spin-dry (clothes).
  • 1.5 [with object] Play (a record): a disc jockey spins hits from the sixties
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    • There is a bar, Chinese lanterns, and a hired disc jockey spinning popular records.
    • Brooks had focused on one line from the chorus and felt the song would be stronger with the song centered on the lonely man spinning the records late at night.
    • I think he was abducted by a cult that worship the demi-god Baal and forced to spin records at their parties and compose chants and songs which praised this demonic entity.
  • 1.6 [with object] Shape (sheet metal) by pressure applied during rotation on a lathe: (as adjective spun) spun metal components
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    • First the brass plates were spun on a lathe over a wooden mold to create the font.
  • 2 [with object] Draw out and twist (the fibres of wool, cotton, or other material) to convert them into yarn, either by hand or with machinery: they spin wool into the yarn for weaving (as adjective spun) spun glass
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    • In another building, not far from where the sewing is taking place, cotton is spun into yarn and turned into a material.
    • Raw flax and wool was spun into yarn, this was then dyed or bleached, woven into cloth and then cut and sewn into the garments their families needed.
    • In these interior images, figures read aloud, spin wool, and converse with one another.
  • 2.1Make (threads) by drawing out and twisting fibres of wool, cotton, or other material: this method is used to spin filaments from syrups
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    • These strong, thick ropes are spun using hundreds and even thousands of steel wires.
    • Yet, not even the largest hosiery mills of England spun their own thread.
    • He went inside and came across a beautiful woman spinning golden thread.
  • 2.2(Of a spider or a silkworm or other insect) produce (gossamer or silk) or construct (a web or cocoon) by extruding a fine viscous thread from a special gland.
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    • Such meals exact a price, however: after chowing down on toxic aphids, spiders spin asymmetrical webs.
    • Unlike insects, spiders spin silks throughout their lives.
    • He jumped down, knife in hand, going down into the crater like a spider spinning a web.
  • 3 [with object] Give (a news story) a particular emphasis or bias: ministers may now find it difficult to use the programme to spin stories in their favour
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    • The alternative Houston weekly that broke the story spun the tale as one of Olafson using his blog to rat on local politicians.
    • Public relations firms spun stories to show why big oil companies were not at all to blame.
    • I expect the British media to spin the story, to tell us selective or partial truths… that's an inevitable consequence of being human, really.
  • 4 [no object] Fish with a spinner: they were spinning for salmon in the lake
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    • Trolling with artificial baits, the use of dead or live baits, spinning and float fishing were the types of fishing in the Gulf.
    • These times are usually when spinning or when I fish with feeders or when on holiday, when I cannot guarantee the security of my gear, especially when camping.
    • It's a real brute of a rod and when allied with a very big fixed spool reel is perfect for spinning or for fish up to fifty pounds or so.


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  • 1A rapid turning or whirling motion: he concluded the dance with a double spin
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    • To topple their rivals, Zhao dreams of launching Shen into mid-air with the spin to whirl an additional 360 degrees and still touch down in stride.
    • As a fired bullet travels through the barrel, the grooves guide the bullet and give it a rapid spin.
    • Starting with the German Wheel act, Canadian Shayne Courtright deftly balanced himself in his spins, turns, twists of a wheel without losing ground.
  • 1.1 [mass noun] Revolving motion imparted to a ball in a game, especially cricket, tennis, or snooker: this racket enables the player to impart more spin to the ball
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    • For me the star attraction of the team was the mystery spinner from Australia, Jack Iverson, who took to cricket after practising spin with a table tennis ball.
    • Even a slightly damp clubface hinders your ability to impart spin on the ball, reducing your ability to draw and fade the shot on command.
    • The clubface will be closing when it contacts the ball, imparting right-to-left spin.
  • 1.2 [usually in singular] An uncontrolled fast revolving descent of an aircraft, resulting from a stall: he tried to stop the plane from going into a spin
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    • The Texan then entered a spin, descended rapidly and collided with the ground.
    • Controls were also reported to be heavy when flying at high speeds, or at the beginning of a spin or snap roll.
    • An airplane in a spin does not gain airspeed and its rate of descent is relatively slow.
  • 1.3 [mass noun, usually as modifier] trademark short for spinning2. an hour-long spin class spin can be tough but it’s the best cardio/muscle workout
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    • Joining a class such as Yoga, Pilates, or Spin should guarantee you a proper insight into how your body works.
    • There will be two new aerobic studios including a spin studio and a cardio theatre entertainment system.
    • After the market closes, he unwinds by working as a spin instructor instructor at a few health clubs around town.
  • 1.4 Physics The intrinsic angular momentum of a subatomic particle.
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    • Both the spin and orbital angular momentum of a beam can always be calculated from the transverse components of linear momentum.
    • But any particle with integer intrinsic spin angular momentum is a boson.
    • This symmetry relates to the spin angular momentum of fundamental particles.
  • 3 [in singular] The presentation of information in a particular way; a slant, especially a favourable one: he tried to put a positive spin on the president’s campaign [mass noun]: he was sick and tired of the Government’s control freakery and spin
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    • The Conference of Mayors made a somewhat bizarre attempt to put a positive spin on the survey's findings.
    • Despite efforts to put a positive spin on the outcome, the only concrete decision was that negotiations would continue.
    • Some boards like to put a positive spin on it as they did when I was on the board of trustees for a very large girls school.
    slant, angle, twist, bias
  • 4 [with adjective, in singular] Australian /NZ informal A piece of good or bad luck: Kevin had had a rough spin
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    • If we say that voting 51 percent makes something right, then I think we in this country are in for a rather rough old spin.
    • I want to say right upfront that I think I have had an incredibly rough spin from the Chair today.
    • Had a letter from Georgie today & she's had a rotten spin for two months - no doubt you've heard all about it by now.


spin one's wheels

North American informal Waste one’s time or efforts.
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  • It's a show mainly fueled by ire: If his guests are courteous and prepared, he spins his wheels.
  • We are spinning our wheels while falling further behind.
  • You're probably right about us spinning our wheels, so I'll move on.

spin a yarn

Tell a long, far-fetched story.
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  • I feel so let down I have been spun a yarn from start to finish.
  • He would also like to see it used during TV interviews with politicians, so audiences could tell whether they were being spun a yarn.
  • A cracker bus driver refuses to let him aboard, and our hero coolly spins a yarn about being a wounded veteran of the Normandy landings which shames the man into submission.
tell, recount, relate, narrate, unfold, weave; concoct, invent, fabricate, make up

Verbos con partícula

spin something off

(Of a parent company) turn a subsidiary into a new and separate company: the corporation announced plans to spin off its computer systems arm
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  • The companies began as subsidiaries of Cabletron, with the plan to eventually spin them off as separate public companies.
  • If the dismal finances persist, some carriers may try to unlock the value of their miles programs by spinning them off as separate publicly traded companies.
  • The bankers told us it was a fantastic opportunity to create a separate entity, spin it off, and make lots of money.

spin out

North American (Of a driver or car) lose control, especially in a skid: he oversteered on the correction, then lost it entirely and spun out
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  • The shells ricochet off for a while, then hit home as the Kratch ship loses a wing and spins out of control.
  • Lauda's Ferrari spun out of control and hit the Armco barrier on the inside of one of the circuit's many corners.
  • Brakes screech, tires skid, and cars seem to spin out of control.

spin something out

  • 2 (spin someone out) Cricket Dismiss a batsman or side by spin bowling: by the time he retired, he had spun out 445 batsmen
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    • ‘What are you laughing at,’ whispered Todd as he spun me out.
    • ‘I had to run up there and run into his door and let him know that I don't appreciate him spinning me out,’ says Edwards, who finished 24th.
    • If you give these guys an excuse to spin you out, they'll do it.


Old English spinnan 'draw out and twist (fibre'); related to German spinnen. The noun dates from the mid 19th century.

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