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Pronunciación: /spɪn/

verbo (spins, spinning, spun /span/)

1Turn or whirl round quickly: [no object]: the girl spun round in alarm the rear wheels spun violently [with object]: he fiddled with the radio, spinning the dial
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Pandora spun round quickly and came eye to eye with Alexei who was smiling down at her.
  • He spun round quickly so that he was almost facing her, and spoke in an urgent tone.
  • Tanya spun round, her chair falling with a clatter.
revolve, rotate, turn, turn round, go round, whirl, gyrate, circle
whirl, wheel, twirl, turn, swing, twist, swivel, pirouette, pivot, swirl;
Scottish  birl
1.1 [no object] (Of a person’s head) give a sensation of dizziness: the figures were enough to make her head spin
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  • She tried to get up but it was too hard, her head spun and the dizziness overcame her.
  • My head is spinning and I'm badly bruised and shaken.
  • We left him there, his head still spinning with thoughts of Minnie, and her delightful, exuberant girlishness.
reel, go round, whirl, be in a whirl, swim, be giddy, be dizzy
1.2 [with object] Toss (a coin).
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • This involves our each, independently, spinning a coin and driving on the left if it comes up heads and on the right if it comes up tails: another recipe for disaster.
  • Though if anyone ever tries to do a coin-flip by spinning the coin on its edge on a table, watch out.
  • Then they spin coins in a cafe and generally hang out together, becoming friends.
1.3chiefly Cricket (With reference to a ball) move or cause to move through the air with a revolving motion: [no object]: the ball spun in viciously [with object]: they had to spin the ball wide
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The ball spun viciously, and forced a great touch from the keeper.
  • In the old days, they used to tell you to turn a little sideways and move into the pitch because the ball was spinning and would move away from the plate once it hit the dirt.
  • As they pushed Stewartry, gaining a succession of penalties, the ball spun wide to be knocked on, ironically, by Smith with the line in sight.
1.4 [with object] Spin-dry (clothes).
1.5 [with object] Play (a record): a disc jockey spins hits from the sixties
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  • There is a bar, Chinese lanterns, and a hired disc jockey spinning popular records.
  • Brooks had focused on one line from the chorus and felt the song would be stronger with the song centered on the lonely man spinning the records late at night.
  • I think he was abducted by a cult that worship the demi-god Baal and forced to spin records at their parties and compose chants and songs which praised this demonic entity.
1.6 [with object] Shape (sheet metal) by pressure applied during rotation on a lathe: (as adjective spun) spun metal components
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  • First the brass plates were spun on a lathe over a wooden mold to create the font.
2 [with object] Draw out and twist (the fibres of wool, cotton, or other material) to convert them into yarn, either by hand or with machinery: they spin wool into the yarn for weaving (as adjective spun) spun glass
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • In another building, not far from where the sewing is taking place, cotton is spun into yarn and turned into a material.
  • Raw flax and wool was spun into yarn, this was then dyed or bleached, woven into cloth and then cut and sewn into the garments their families needed.
  • In these interior images, figures read aloud, spin wool, and converse with one another.
2.1Make (threads) by drawing out and twisting fibres of wool, cotton, or other material: this method is used to spin filaments from syrups
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • These strong, thick ropes are spun using hundreds and even thousands of steel wires.
  • Yet, not even the largest hosiery mills of England spun their own thread.
  • He went inside and came across a beautiful woman spinning golden thread.
2.2(Of a spider or a silkworm or other insect) produce (gossamer or silk) or construct (a web or cocoon) by extruding a fine viscous thread from a special gland.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Such meals exact a price, however: after chowing down on toxic aphids, spiders spin asymmetrical webs.
  • Unlike insects, spiders spin silks throughout their lives.
  • He jumped down, knife in hand, going down into the crater like a spider spinning a web.
3 [with object] Give (a news story) a particular emphasis or bias: ministers may now find it difficult to use the programme to spin stories in their favour
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The alternative Houston weekly that broke the story spun the tale as one of Olafson using his blog to rat on local politicians.
  • Public relations firms spun stories to show why big oil companies were not at all to blame.
  • I expect the British media to spin the story, to tell us selective or partial truths… that's an inevitable consequence of being human, really.
4 [no object] Fish with a spinner: they were spinning for salmon in the lake
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Trolling with artificial baits, the use of dead or live baits, spinning and float fishing were the types of fishing in the Gulf.
  • These times are usually when spinning or when I fish with feeders or when on holiday, when I cannot guarantee the security of my gear, especially when camping.
  • It's a real brute of a rod and when allied with a very big fixed spool reel is perfect for spinning or for fish up to fifty pounds or so.


1A rapid turning or whirling motion: he concluded the dance with a double spin
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • To topple their rivals, Zhao dreams of launching Shen into mid-air with the spin to whirl an additional 360 degrees and still touch down in stride.
  • As a fired bullet travels through the barrel, the grooves guide the bullet and give it a rapid spin.
  • Starting with the German Wheel act, Canadian Shayne Courtright deftly balanced himself in his spins, turns, twists of a wheel without losing ground.
rotation, revolution, turn, whirl, twirl, gyration;
pirouette, swirl;
Scottish  birl
1.1 [mass noun] Revolving motion imparted to a ball in a game, especially cricket, tennis, or snooker: this racket enables the player to impart more spin to the ball
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • For me the star attraction of the team was the mystery spinner from Australia, Jack Iverson, who took to cricket after practising spin with a table tennis ball.
  • Even a slightly damp clubface hinders your ability to impart spin on the ball, reducing your ability to draw and fade the shot on command.
  • The clubface will be closing when it contacts the ball, imparting right-to-left spin.
1.2 [usually in singular] An uncontrolled fast revolving descent of an aircraft, resulting from a stall: he tried to stop the plane from going into a spin
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The Texan then entered a spin, descended rapidly and collided with the ground.
  • Controls were also reported to be heavy when flying at high speeds, or at the beginning of a spin or snap roll.
  • An airplane in a spin does not gain airspeed and its rate of descent is relatively slow.
1.3 [mass noun, usually as modifier] trademark short for spinning2. an hour-long spin class spin can be tough but it’s the best cardio/muscle workout
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • This week also saw Kevin participate in his first spin class, which gave him a good cardio vascular workout.
  • I'm going to take a few spin classes per week, and maybe do some more yoga.
  • After the market closes, he unwinds by working as a spin instructor instructor at a few health clubs around town.
1.4 Physics The intrinsic angular momentum of a subatomic particle.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Both the spin and orbital angular momentum of a beam can always be calculated from the transverse components of linear momentum.
  • But any particle with integer intrinsic spin angular momentum is a boson.
  • This symmetry relates to the spin angular momentum of fundamental particles.
2 [in singular] informal A brief trip in a vehicle for pleasure: a spin around town
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The trip offers a local spin, like libations at a logger bar and a shuttle back to Schweitzer in county school buses.
  • Look out for the MF03 Mini sponsored by Williams, taking a spin through the town with our models.
  • He makes trouble for Mathieu, even ‘borrowing’ his Volvo for a spin through town.
trip, jaunt, outing, excursion, short journey, expedition, sally;
drive, ride, run, turn, airing
informal tootle, joyride
Scottish informal hurl
3 [in singular] The presentation of information in a particular way; a slant, especially a favourable one: he tried to put a positive spin on the president’s campaign [mass noun]: he was sick and tired of the Government’s control freakery and spin
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The Conference of Mayors made a somewhat bizarre attempt to put a positive spin on the survey's findings.
  • Despite efforts to put a positive spin on the outcome, the only concrete decision was that negotiations would continue.
  • Some boards like to put a positive spin on it as they did when I was on the board of trustees for a very large girls school.
slant, angle, twist, bias
4 [with adjective, in singular] Australian /NZ informal A piece of good or bad luck: Kevin had had a rough spin
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • If we say that voting 51 percent makes something right, then I think we in this country are in for a rather rough old spin.
  • I want to say right upfront that I think I have had an incredibly rough spin from the Chair today.
  • Had a letter from Georgie today & she's had a rotten spin for two months - no doubt you've heard all about it by now.



spin one's wheels

North American informal Waste one’s time or efforts.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • It's a show mainly fueled by ire: If his guests are courteous and prepared, he spins his wheels.
  • We are spinning our wheels while falling further behind.
  • You're probably right about us spinning our wheels, so I'll move on.

spin a yarn

Tell a long, far-fetched story.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • I feel so let down I have been spun a yarn from start to finish.
  • He would also like to see it used during TV interviews with politicians, so audiences could tell whether they were being spun a yarn.
  • A cracker bus driver refuses to let him aboard, and our hero coolly spins a yarn about being a wounded veteran of the Normandy landings which shames the man into submission.
tell, recount, relate, narrate, unfold, weave;
concoct, invent, fabricate, make up

Verbos con partícula


spin something off

(Of a parent company) turn a subsidiary into a new and separate company: the corporation announced plans to spin off its computer systems arm
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The companies began as subsidiaries of Cabletron, with the plan to eventually spin them off as separate public companies.
  • If the dismal finances persist, some carriers may try to unlock the value of their miles programs by spinning them off as separate publicly traded companies.
  • The bankers told us it was a fantastic opportunity to create a separate entity, spin it off, and make lots of money.

spin out

North American (Of a driver or car) lose control, especially in a skid: he oversteered on the correction, then lost it entirely and spun out
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The shells ricochet off for a while, then hit home as the Kratch ship loses a wing and spins out of control.
  • Lauda's Ferrari spun out of control and hit the Armco barrier on the inside of one of the circuit's many corners.
  • Brakes screech, tires skid, and cars seem to spin out of control.

spin something out

1Make something last as long as possible: they tried to spin out the debate through their speeches and interventions
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The political calculation may be to spin things out as long as possible in order to obtain the release of hostages in batches or to negotiate.
  • It is not to spin the crisis out as long as possible in the hope that it becomes a damaging election issue.
  • They were simply spinning things out, partly to prolong his agony.
prolong, protract, draw out, stretch out, drag out, string out, extend, extend the duration of, carry on, keep going, keep alive, continue;
expand, enlarge, fill out, pad out, amplify, lengthen
archaic wire-draw
1.1Spend or occupy time aimlessly: Shane and Mary played games to spin out the afternoon
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • I sometimes feel I screwed up my entire life, and the past 8 or 10 years have just been spinning it out further and further so that now it's unsalvageable.
2 (spin someone out) Cricket Dismiss a batsman or side by spin bowling: by the time he retired, he had spun out 445 batsmen
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • ‘What are you laughing at,’ whispered Todd as he spun me out.
  • ‘I had to run up there and run into his door and let him know that I don't appreciate him spinning me out,’ says Edwards, who finished 24th.
  • If you give these guys an excuse to spin you out, they'll do it.


Old English spinnan 'draw out and twist (fibre'); related to German spinnen. The noun dates from the mid 19th century.

  • An Old English word that originally meant ‘to draw out and twist fibre’. The expression to spin a yarn, ‘to tell a long, far-fetched story’, is nautical in origin. An important job on board ship was making and repairing ropes, a task which involved twisting together a number of long threads or ‘yarns’. The image of this process and the reputation sailors had for telling tall tales of fabulous far-flung lands combined to produce the phrase we know today. Tony Blair's Labour government in Britain, elected in 1997, gained a reputation for its use of spin and spin doctors, but spin meaning ‘the presentation of information in a particular way, a slant’ started in the USA. It was first recorded in 1977 in the Washington Post, with spin doctor following in 1984. Spindle (Old English), originally spinel, comes from ‘spin’.

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