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spray 1

Saltos de línea: spray


[mass noun]
1Liquid that is blown or driven through the air in the form of tiny drops: a torrent of white foam and spray [count noun]: a fine spray of mud
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • A fine spray of medicine in liquid form then shoots out the front at 520 miles per hour.
  • The white of the paper looks as though it has been pushed into the liquid spray of charcoal.
  • It sees storm clouds torn from their moorings and smashed against the ground with a minutely escalating, hissing swirl of arterial spray, then morphing into a jackhammer pulse.
shower, sprinkling, sprinkle, spritz, jet, mist, drizzle, droplets;
foam, froth
rare spoondrift
1.1A liquid preparation which can be forced out of a can or other container in tiny drops: a can of insect spray
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Blood flows as easy as ant spray at the Tavern, but in a really squeamish, sickening way.
  • It also comes as a disinfectant spray and as a liquid cleaner.
  • Geisel, who had sold bug spray and motor oil through humor was the prefect recruit for this task.
1.2 [count noun] A can or container holding a spray.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • They stock a comprehensive selection of acid-free items, from photograph albums and storage boxes to deacidification sprays.
  • So basically, if this one goes into deployment, what you're going to have is a bunch of soldiers with a whole load of bees in a jar and a little spray.
  • In addition to sprays, dust bags can be used for lice control.
1.3 [count noun] An act of spraying something: refresh your flowers with a quick spray
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • They used a barrel washer to remove most of the soil from their carrots, followed by a power washer spray as a final rinse.
  • However, most calculations can be done once per year; there is no need to recalculate for every spray.
  • A high-tech car wash (all spray, no brush) aims to become the Starbucks of drive through suds.


[with object and adverbial of direction] Volver al principio  
1Apply (liquid) to someone or something in the form of tiny drops: the product can be sprayed on to wet or dry hair
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • It was just jiggled and had water being sprayed on it for rain.
  • He sprays a huge water gun at dead pigs, to dissolve their blood clots.
  • In comparison to spraying water only, all drift retardants tested reduced volume of portion of small droplets in the spray but at varying magnitudes.
1.1 [with object] Sprinkle or cover with tiny drops of liquid: she sprayed herself with perfume
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • He intermixes shots of neon-lit signs with glossy images of models blithely spraying themselves with perfume.
  • Standing on a chair, fully dressed, he sprayed his head and upper body with shaving lather, dowsed himself with rice, and then plunged into a washtub.
  • Scott had not warned the cast what would happen when the creature burst from John Hurt's chest - that they would all be sprayed with pig's blood - because he wanted their reactions to be real.
1.2 [no object, with adverbial of direction] (Of liquid) be driven through the air or forced out of something in tiny drops: water sprayed into the air
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The water domes were to make musical sounds as the water sprayed.
  • Damage ensues, with water leaking in and spraying about.
  • There are no punters, just about a dozen staff circulating amiably: spraying, wiping, tightening, bantering.
1.3 [with object] Scatter (something) somewhere with great force: the truck shuddered to a halt, spraying gravel from under its wheels
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Everything went on as it had, emotions scattered, crews sprayed turf onto embankments, lights went off remotely.
  • In the next lot, the Audi TT sprayed two white jets of nitrous oxide out of vents just below its headlights.
  • Four abject stereotypes with guns chase him down corridors, spraying bullets and whooping with redneck glee.
1.4 [with object] (Of a male cat) direct a stream of urine over (an object or area) to mark a territory: cats usually spray areas they have sprayed before [no object]: many people try to discourage their cats from spraying
1.5 [with object] (In sport) kick, hit, or throw (the ball) in an unpredictable way: he began his round by spraying his fairway shots


Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Some fungicides have been applied to barley on the few recent sprayable days but many are still waiting.
  • Variations of thermal-spray techniques and the diversity of sprayable materials have created new opportunities for the thermal-spray industry.
  • Cement-based overlays on the market today include sprayable microtoppings, and trowelable, stampable, and self-leveling materials - each providing different decorative effects.
Pronunciación: /ˈspreɪə/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Since extended range nozzles have an excellent spray distribution over a wide range of pressures, they can be used on sprayers equipped with flow controllers.
  • Air-blast sprayers, which are commonly used to apply insecticides and fungicides in orchards, produce a relatively high number of small droplets.
  • And I've climbed on dozens of tractors, sprayers, fertilizer applicators, and ATVs equipped with high-tech gadgets.


Early 17th century (earlier as spry): related to Middle Dutch spra(e)yen 'sprinkle'.

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Hay 2 definiciones de spray en inglés:

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spray 2 Saltos de línea: spray


1A stem or small branch of a tree or plant, bearing flowers and foliage: a spray of honeysuckle
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • At the end of that painting, she thought it needed a spray of leaves going up one side, the right side of the picture.
  • In the watercolor and gouache of Joel with Roses, a spray of ripe blooms nearly fills the picture.
sprig, small stem, twig, branch
rare branchlet
1.1A bunch of cut flowers arranged in an attractive way: a spray of yellow chrysanthemums and red roses
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The body of the guglet is also scattered with floral bouquets and sprays and its pouring rim is banded with acanthus scrolls.
1.2A brooch in the form of a bouquet of flowers: [as modifier]: a diamond and emerald spray brooch


Middle English: representing late Old English (e)sprei, recorded in personal and place names, of unknown origin.

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