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Saltos de línea: stay
Pronunciación: /steɪ


1 [no object, usually with adverbial] Remain in the same place: you stay here and I’ll be back soon Jenny decided to stay at home with their young child he stayed with the firm as a consultant
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  • Maddie, at the last minute, decided to stay behind and finish some work on deadline.
  • The gig was so successful the band decided to stay together, and since then Wards Xpress has released three albums.
  • This year they've decided to stay in their village because it just isn't safe to leave their home and head for Baghdad.
1.1 (stay for/to) Delay leaving so as to join in (an activity): why not stay to lunch?
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  • It is expected she will stay to join members for lunch.
  • It comes for lunch, stays for dinner, and sleeps on your couch overnight.
  • I stayed for lunch and then another mug of tea in the sun.
2 [no object, with complement or adverbial] Remain in a specified state or position: her ability to stay calm tactics used to stay in power I managed to stay out of trouble
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  • How he manages to stay so calm and hold off his anger for so long is beyond me.
  • At least he has managed to stay positive about things, and he has told us he will aim for the next World Cup.
  • All the big powers have managed to stay at peace so I suppose it achieved something.
wait, wait around, linger, stick, continue, be left, hold on, hang on, lodge, rest, delay, pause, stop
British informal hang about
archaic bide, tarry
continue to be, remain, keep, continue, persist in being, carry on being, go on being, rest
3 [no object] (Of a person) live somewhere temporarily as a visitor or guest: the girls had gone to stay with friends Minton invited him to stay the night
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  • Call your house and tell them you're staying at a friend's house because you don't want to drive home and stay the night with me.
  • I usually stayed in the guest room with Terry during those days.
  • I'll pay for your round-trip ticket and you can stay in the guest room at my house.
spend some time, put up, stop, stop off, stop over, break one's journey;
lodge, room, board, have rooms, be housed, be accommodated, be quartered, be billeted;
take up residence, take a room, settle;
North American vacation
North American informal vacay
formal sojourn
archaic bide, abide
3.1Scottish & South African Live permanently: where do you stay?
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  • Although most of the inhabitants stay in shacks, they clearly take pride in their environment.
4 [with object] Stop, delay, or prevent (something), in particular suspend or postpone (judicial proceedings) or refrain from pressing (charges): there are some cases the Crown feels so serious they don’t want to stay the charges
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  • Does the English Court have Jurisdiction to stay the Part 20 Proceedings?
  • A higher court stayed his acquittal and ordered him detained while the finding at trial was reconsidered.
  • He subsequently applied to a judge of the Federal Court for an order staying the immigration inquiry pending the hearing of the judicial review.
North American put over, table, lay on the table, take a rain check on;
North American Law continue
informal put on ice, put on the back burner, put in cold storage
rare remit, respite
delay, slow down, slow up, hold back, set back, keep back, hold up, postpone, put back, detain, decelerate, put a brake on, retard;
British informal throw a spanner in the works of
North American informal throw a monkey wrench in the works of
4.1Assuage (hunger) for a short time: I grabbed something to stay the pangs of hunger
4.2 literary Curb; check: he tries to stay the destructive course of barbarism
4.3 [no object, in imperative] archaic Wait a moment in order to allow someone time to think or speak: stay, stand apart, I know not which is which
5 [with object] literary Support or prop up: it did not matter to you whether the building was stayed up or not?


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1A period of staying somewhere, in particular of living somewhere temporarily as a visitor or guest: an overnight stay at a luxury hotel
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  • It would involve at most an overnight stay in hospital, he explained.
  • Sligo also has one of the lowest average lengths of stay in hospital in the country at five days.
  • What are your recipes for being a good guest, for weekend or overnight stays?
visit, stop, stop-off, stopover, break, holiday, rest;
North American vacation
formal sojourn
2 literary A curb or check: there is likely to be a good public library as a stay against boredom
2.1 Law A suspension or postponement of judicial proceedings: a stay of prosecution
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  • I conclude that the trial judge erred in granting a stay of proceedings to each of the defendants.
  • In my opinion, the application for a stay of proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria should be dismissed.
  • The defence cited several cases involving extremely serious charges in which the appellate courts have ordered stays of proceedings because of delay.
3A device used as a brace or support.
3.1 (stays) historical A corset made of two pieces laced together and stiffened by strips of whalebone.
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  • The favourite shaping material of stays was whalebone, cut into thin strips and sewn in a fan pattern to make the torso appear rounder.
  • Products made from the animal were oil for lamps and candles whereas the bones were used for stays, corsets and collars.
  • She ran as fast as her stays and petticoat would allow to that pond she could see so clearly in her mind.
4 [mass noun] archaic Power of endurance: some men are always great at beginnings; but they have no stay in them


late Middle English (as a verb): from Anglo-Norman French estai-, stem of Old French ester, from Latin stare 'to stand'; in the sense 'support' (sense 5 of the verb and sense 3 of the noun), partly from Old French estaye (noun), estayer (verb), of Germanic origin.


be here (or have come) to stay

informal Be permanent or widely accepted: the private sector is here to stay and likely to expand
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  • So let us be mature, and accept that globalisation is here to stay.
  • Pay parking is a reality and like all the other charges which we have had to accept it is here to stay.
  • It has been accepted and has come to stay as a necessary facility of life.

stay the course (or distance)

Keep going strongly to the end of a race or contest: critics predicted the car could not stay the distance
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  • Despite their age and torrential weather conditions, all but one of the cars have stayed the course.
  • Khao Kheow played from the yellow tees is always a good test of golf but when the wind blows, only the extra strong contenders manage to stay the course.
  • This is a big step up in distance but the trainer believes he will stay the course.
Pursue a difficult task to the end: success in small businesses requires determination to stay the course
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  • And I'm more determined than ever that Australia should stay the distance and finish the tasks for which we have taken responsibility.
  • I envy her the clarity of vision and the determination to stay the course, as far as her garden is concerned.
  • ‘Many concepts will fail, and staying the course will require leadership,’ they wrote.

stay of execution

A delay in carrying out a court order: the prisoner was granted a stay of execution by the Supreme Court
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  • In April 2002, the Supreme Court granted him a stay of execution 36 hours before he was due to be killed.
  • A stay of execution may be granted but even then the defendant will have to persuade the court that there is a good reason why the claimant should not be paid.
  • On 12 th July, 2004, the appellant was granted permission to appeal and a stay of execution.

stay put

Remain somewhere without moving or being moved: she told Clarissa to stay put
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  • Another car gets through the lights behind them, but the remaining traffic stays put, having moved all of 5 metres forward.
  • Because of these costs, most homeowners would choose to stay put rather than move.
  • He thinks about pushing off from the door, but he's still unsure of what to do with himself once he moves, so he stays put.

stay well

South African Said as an expression of good wishes by a person leaving.
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  • Its use was intended to wish the Paramount Chief to stay well.
  • May you go in peace and happiness, and stay well.
  • We'll be back, and we'll be checking on him; in the meantime, stay well.

Verbos con partícula

stay behind

Remain in a classroom or school at the end of teaching, especially to receive punishment: please stay behind after class - I would like to talk to you regarding your lateness
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  • He had to stay behind because he hadn't completed his homework.
  • Danz cried because her new teacher said if they were naughty they'd have to stay behind for up to an hour.

stay on

Continue to study, work, or be somewhere after others have left: 75 per cent of sixteen-year-olds stay on in full-time education
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  • He came to Umist to study business and stayed on for a masters degree at Manchester Business School.
  • Mr Latham said graduates were often put off staying on for further study for fear of incurring greater student debts.
  • Anyway, A-levels had to change because we have more people staying on to study them than ever before.

stay over

(Of a guest or visitor) sleep somewhere, especially at someone’s home, for the night: children stay over at each other’s houses more often than they did
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  • I stayed over on Saturday night, and we slept in the same bed.
  • Whilst staying over for the night she said a number of incidents took place.
  • This would be very regrettable as I'm sure the local shops and restaurants, particularly in the evening, benefit from some visitors staying over.

stay up

Not go to bed: they stayed up all night
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  • I was beyond tired, probably due to the fact that my mother had made me stay up all night waiting for Chris to get home.
  • One lady blamed the library for her sleepless nights, claiming once she has borrowed a good book she stays up all night till she finishes it.
  • He gets more leg spasms during the night so he stays up gaming to take his mind off the pain.

stay with

1Remain in the mind or memory of: Gary’s words stayed with her all evening
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  • Although he went on to serve in North Africa, it is the memory of Dunkirk which stays with him above all else.
  • Those who go away never return, but their memory stays with us forever.
  • When I was a camper in upstate New York, I experienced bullying and the memory of that has stayed with me always.
2Continue or persevere with (an activity or task): the incentive needed to stay with a healthy diet
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  • I think what helped us persevere and stay with it was that we kind of fell in love with our subjects.
  • That being said, however, there are a few ways you can help condition your mind to stay with the task at hand.
  • To avoid health problems, stay with balanced diets and fitness routines.
3(Of a competitor or player) keep up with (another) during a race or match: Smith is so quick that an offensive tackle can’t stay with him
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  • Another concern is that Payton appeared to wear down with the Lakers in the postseason, and he had trouble staying with speedy opposing players.
  • Both players should be aggressive staying with the player they have switched without retreating.
  • Herndon had trouble staying with faster receivers and matching up with bigger ones.

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Hay 2 definiciones de stay en inglés:


Saltos de línea: stay
Pronunciación: /steɪ


1A large rope, wire, or rod used to support a ship’s mast, leading from the masthead to another mast or spar or down to another part of the ship.
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  • A few minutes later I was shinning up the mast to whip a flag halyard to the stays.
  • The mast will not come down until something else has broken because as long as all the stays and such are in place, the mast will stay.
strut, wire, brace, tether, prop, beam, rod, support, truss, buttress, pier, shaft, shore, stanchion, stake, stick, spike, post;
Nautical shroud
1.1A guy or rope supporting a flagstaff or other upright pole.
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  • The solid awning was supported by vertical stays.
  • Britannia footbridge has been lifted into place and the cable stays are being fitted to support the bridge.
  • The cable stays were then stressed to their final length.
1.2A supporting wire or cable on an aircraft.


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Secure or steady (a mast) by means of stays: her masts were stayed with lengths of telephone wire
brace, tether, strut, wire, prop, support, truss, buttress, shore up, stake, stick


Old English stæg, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch stag, from a base meaning 'be firm'.


be in stays

(Of a sailing ship) be head to the wind while tacking.
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  • The flapping of the sails while the boat was in stays awoke my companion, who sat up and, in a weak and husky voice, asked me what was the matter.
  • A boat that's heading dead into the wind is said to be in stays or in irons.
  • At one stage we were in stays, in a wind shadow behind an islet.

miss stays

(Of a sailing ship) fail in an attempt to go about from one tack to another.
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  • Despite carrying topsails she misses stays when we try and come about and I am forced to wear ship.
  • In working out, the ship missed stays, and was driven amongst the rocks, where she was wrecked.
  • A vessel is said to miss stays when she fails to get through the wind whilst going about and ends up hung in irons.

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