Hay 2 definiciones de stove en inglés:

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stove 1

Pronunciación: /stəʊv/


1An apparatus for cooking or heating that operates by burning fuel or using electricity.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • There are children out there that don't know you can buy the actual kernels and pop them, in a pan, on the stove.
  • Remove it from the stove and strain out the mint, then pour it over the fruit and chill for several hours.
  • It's very cold in the winter and the school only has wood-burning stoves.
oven, range;
charcoal burner, furnace;
British  cooker;
Indian  tandoor
trademark Aga, Primus
2British A hothouse for plants.


[with object]
1Fumigate or disinfect (a house) with sulphur or other fumes.
2Treat (an object) by heating it in a stove in order to apply a desired surface coating.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • After coating, the item is stoved at fairly high temperatures, generally 150-180°C, when the powder melts and flows out to a level, integral coating.
3British Force or raise (plants) in a hothouse.


Middle English (in the sense 'sweating room'): from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German stove; perhaps related to the noun stew1. Current verb senses date from the early 17th century.

  • stew from Middle English:

    When stew entered the language it referred to a cauldron or large cooking pot, not to what was being cooked in it. The source was Old French estuve, probably based on Greek tuphos ‘smoke or steam’, which is also where the fevers typhus (late 18th century) and typhoid (early 19th century) come from, because they create the kind of stupor that is associated with smoke inhalation. The verb ‘to stew’ originally referred to bathing in a hot bath or steam bath. It was not long before the idea of heating people in a bath had changed to heating food in an oven, specifically cooking a dish of meat and vegetables by simmering it slowly in a closed vessel. Stifle (Late Middle English) probably comes from the same Old French root, and stove (Middle English), originally a ‘sweating room’ in a steam bath, may be related. See also seethe

Palabras que riman con stove

behove, clove, cove, dove, drove, fauve, grove, interwove, Jove, mauve, rove, shrove, strove, trove, wove
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Hay 2 definiciones de stove en inglés:

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stove 2

Pronunciación: /stəʊv/
Past and past participle of stave.
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