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Definición de such en inglés:

determinante, predeterminante, & pronoun

1Of the type previously mentioned: I have been involved in many such courses [as predeterminer]: I longed to find a kindred spirit, and in him I thought I had found such a person we were second-class citizens and they treated us as such
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  • It did not feel right that such patients should actually be in with very elderly patients.
  • As is often the case in such volumes, the quality of the articles is a bit uneven.
  • They light up the night sky like a beautiful but harmless fire, if such a thing existed.
2 (such —— as/that) Of the type about to be mentioned: there is no such thing as a free lunch [as predeterminer]: the farm is organized in such a way that it can be run by two adults the wound was such that I had to have stitches
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  • Inside the closet she was astounded to find a beautiful dress of such fabric she had never seen.
  • Dr Keeling had never encountered such a degree of bleeding as shown in the photographs.
  • It narrows to such a degree that there is a risk of becoming wedged by the surge.
3To so high a degree; so great (often used to emphasize a quality): this material is of such importance that it has a powerful bearing on the case [as predeterminer]: autumn’s such a beautiful season [as pronoun]: such is the elegance of his typeface that it is still a favourite of designers
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  • We might as well have been in Paris or Rome, such was the beauty and magnificence of our trip.
  • Parliament won the day, but such was the confusion neither side was quite sure who had won.
  • As he teed off on the eighth hole such was the pain he had to immediately release his club.


Old English swilc, swylc; related to Dutch zulk, German solch, from the Germanic bases of so1 and alike.


and such

And similar things: he had activities like the scouts and Sunday school and such
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  • The average review score is four stars, and there are the usual tributes to the beautiful writing and such.
  • He grovelled for a while, asking me how I was and such, and then he sprung the question.
  • That means after all is said and done with spending and such, they still have money left over.

as such

[often with negative] In the exact sense of the word: it is possible to stay overnight here although there is no guest house as such
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  • His speech is the herald of decolonisation and, as such, is a defining moment in history.
  • I am from England, of course, and, as such, consider rain to be part of my daily needs.
  • Not that education or skills are signs of intelligence as such, but there is a correlation.


Used to refer vaguely to a person or thing that does not need to be specified: so many enterprises to be sold by such-and-such a date
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  • At the beginning of the broadcast, a voiceover made the announcement that So-and-So, who played such-and-such a character was off for a while, and that her mother was playing her character until she returned.
  • Astronomy, in comparison, makes explicit, specific predictions about what will occur in the sky on such-and-such a date, in such-and-such a place.
  • As I met people, I started making notes to have such-and-such an actor come back to read for such-and-such a part.

such as

1For example: wild flowers such as mountain pansy and wild thyme
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  • She is also keen to see more special events such as street entertainment staged in the town on Sundays.
  • Daily events such as our Gaelic taster workshops and Celtic dancing are sold out.
  • The ban also prevents stadium owners from selling drink at other events such as concerts.
2Of a kind that; like: an event such as we’ve shared
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  • You only have to look at recent events such as what has happened in Switzerland and France.
  • Now he stands on the eve of his most testing hour and on the brink of fame such as few have ever enjoyed.
  • Now why is that not enough to establish a case for privacy such as a corporation can enjoy?
3 archaic Those who: such as alter in a moment, win not credit in a month
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  • And such as claim to be aliens shall be sworn to the effect that they will abide by and maintain the laws of this State and the Confederate States, so long as they are permitted to reside therein.
  • And such as so swear to do things unlawful, not only offend in such swearing, but also they much more offend, if they perform the thing that they do swear.
  • The second canon of the Council of Carthage, where the principles of Augustine were supreme, "declares an anathema against such as deny that children ought to be baptized as soon as they are born."

such as it is (or they are)

What little there is; for what it’s worth: the plot, such as it is, takes road movie form
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  • The plot, such as it is, can be summarised quickly enough.
  • The tax cut, such as it is, was certainly still worth doing, experts say.
  • All the big announcements, such as they are, have to be made by him.

such a one

Such a person or thing: what was the reward for such a one as Fox?
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  • Inger's eyes grew misty, touched both by Adam's compliment and the sadness of a motherless child, such a one as Adam had so recently been.
  • So many environmental scare stories, over the years; I never dreamed of such a one as this.
  • Isadora's quest for the perfect man ends in the realisation that there isn't such a one.

such that

To the extent that: the linking of sentences such that they constitute a narrative
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  • My naivety about property prices is such that I thought I'd discovered a new bit of London.
  • The popularity of the song was such that it was repeatedly played at the festival venue.
  • The quality of the reprints was such that the photos appeared to have lost nothing due to the passage of time.

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