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Pronunciación: /ˈtɑːɡɪt/


1A person, object, or place selected as the aim of an attack: the airport terminal was the target of a bomb a military target
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  • We've seen quite a shift from attacks on civilian targets to stronger attacks on military targets, particularly in the last 10 days.
  • They say, in this case, they're only going after military targets, where attacks against coalition forces are being planned or weapons are being stored.
  • My own definition is simple: an act of political violence committed against purely civilian targets is terrorism; attacks on military targets are not.
prey, quarry, game, kill, bag
1.1A mark or point at which one fires or aims, especially a round or rectangular board marked with concentric circles used in archery or shooting.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • The coloured posts mark the shooting position for each target and should be marked with the number of arrows to be shot from each post.
  • The 50-lane archery complex has movable targets allowing for training at distances up to 90 meters.
  • Exaggerate your follow through by keeping your sight on the target and your shooting arm up until the ball reaches the basket.
mark, bullseye, goal, aim
1.2An objective or result towards which efforts are directed: the car met its sales target in record time
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  • We have got to sweep away the system that has failed and devise a totally new one - designed and directed towards achieving Olympic targets.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency said Ireland was also far behind in its efforts to meet the targets set by the Kyoto Treaty.
  • National Wind Power said: "Wind energy will make an important contribution towards meeting these targets."
objective, goal, object, aim, end, desired result;
plan, purpose, intention, intent, design, aspiration, ambition, ideal, hope, desire, wish, holy grail
1.3A person or thing against whom criticism or abuse is directed: they were the target for a wave of abuse from the press
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  • But it has been the target of international criticism for human rights abuses.
  • The Hazara were a special target for abuse under the former Taliban regime and, in the view of the tribunal, they are still at risk.
  • Unlike some of the targets of media criticism, the media targets of blog criticism have ample means to publicly defend themselves.
victim, butt, scapegoat, dupe, recipient, focus, object, subject, fair game, Aunt Sally
1.4 Phonetics An idealization of the articulation of a speech sound, with reference to which actual utterances can be described.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Identify the position of a target sound in a word.
  • In experiment 9, a computer program was written to give the subjects the choice of selecting the target sound that they have heard, its position in the token and its adjacent vowel.
  • The basic sound, or phoneme, is selected as a target for treatment.
2 historical A small round shield or buckler.
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • It was soldiers armed with targets such as these under the command of Gonzalvo de Cordoba who defeated the Hapsburg-Valois pike formations in the Italian wars.
  • Targets and bucklers are small shields known to have been used in later historical periods, although targets became larger in the Renaissance.
  • Like the target, arm-straps link its maneuverability directly to the movement of the arm, so it is less versatile than a center-grip shield.

verbo (targets, targeting, targeted)

[with object]
1Select as an object of attention or attack: two men were targeted by the attackers
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  • In addition, many of these attacks seemed to target more than property.
  • An online store can offer a much bigger selection because it can target a much bigger audience.
  • York City supporters are to target the FA in a double-pronged attack to highlight the plight of the club.
pick out, single out, select, choose, decide on, earmark, fix on;
attack, aim at, fire at
1.1Aim or direct (something): warheads were targeted on a European city
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  • In direct to consumer advertising, drug companies target advertisements for prescription drugs directly at the public.
  • Work related to drug deaths in Scotland has been targeted at users who inject.
  • Packages targeted at business users will also be available in three different bands.
aim, direct, level, intend, focus, position



on target

So as to hit or achieve the thing aimed at: McGrath was on target with a header the new police station is on target for a June opening
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • They had precisely one shot on target, an optimistic punt from Hamed Namouchi from fully 40 yards.
  • The bottom line was that the chances we created were very good but we didn't get enough goals or shots on target.
  • The team from Sofia never looked likely to score, recording just two shots on target in the course of the game.
accurate, precise, unerring, sure, true, on the mark;
British  inch-perfect
informal spot on
1.1Accurately described or forecast; correct: the film is remarkably on target in its depiction of the English settlers' attitudes toward the New World [as adjective]: his on-target observations
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  • He says: "The comments are mostly on target."
  • I began to feel my preconceptions were on target.
  • We found that Levitt's critique was largely on target.
on schedule, on time, on track, on course

off target

So as to miss or fail to achieve the thing aimed at: his shot was off-target the programme to revolutionize primary care is years off target [as adjective]: two off-target bombs
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  • Most of the troops dropped by airplane were thirty-five miles off target.
  • David Whittle had a half chance late in the first half but his shot from 25 yards was just off target.
  • Last year some 45% of hospitals missed the target, and so far this year 70% are off target.
2.1Not accurately described or predicted; incorrect: the original estimate was off target
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  • So that objection is simply off target.
  • That comparison seems pretty off target to me.
  • Great care must be taken in estimating rental income as the agent's estimate may be well off target.



Pronunciación: /ˈtɑːɡɪtəb(ə)l/
Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Digital marketing is non-linear, interactive, targetable, measurable, and most important, user-initiated - it puts user choice and personal preference at the forefront of the experience.
  • Each missile consists of ten independently targetable multiple re-entry vehicles (MIRV's), each with a 100 kt nuclear warhead.
  • Overlooked by campaigns as a luxury affordable by only the biggest national races, online advertising is now a highly targetable, viable option in just about any race.


Late Middle English (in sense 2 of the noun): diminutive of targe1. The verb dates from the early 17th century.

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