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terrify Saltos de línea: ter|rify
Pronunciación: /ˈtɛrɪfʌɪ/

Definición de terrify en inglés:

verbo (terrifies, terrifying, terrified)

[with object]
Cause to feel extreme fear: the thought terrifies me (as adjective terrified) he is terrified of spiders [with clause]: she was terrified he would drop her (as adjective terrifying) the terrifying events of the past few weeks
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • The parents are terrified, their fears not at all eased by being referred to a brain surgeon.
  • Funny how I can watch all sorts of horror movies for hours and not get scared while that movie and its sequel terrify me!
  • Violent crime here is mercifully rare, despite some terrifying recent incidents.
petrified, scared stiff, frightened/scared out of one's wits, scared witless, frightened/scared to death, terror-stricken, terror-struck, horror-stricken, horror-struck, paralysed with fear, horrified, panic-stricken, with one's heart in one's mouth, shaking in one's shoes, shaking like a leaf, frantic, hysterical, beside oneself;
Scottish  feart
informal in a cold sweat, in a (blue) funk
British informal funky, windy
North American informal spooked
vulgar slang scared shitless, shit scared, shitting bricks, bricking oneself
dialect  frit
archaic afeared, affrighted
petrify, scare stiff, scare/frighten someone out of their wits, scare witless, scare/frighten to death, scare/frighten the living daylights out of, scare/frighten the life out of, scare the hell out of, strike terror into, fill with fear, put the fear of God into, make someone's blood run cold, chill someone's blood, paralyse with fear, make someone's flesh creep, give someone goose pimples, make someone's hair stand on end, send into a cold sweat, make someone shake in their shoes;
horrify, alarm, appal, panic, throw into a panic;
informal scare the pants off, make someone's hair curl, scarify
British informal throw into a blue funk
Irish informal scare the bejesus out of
North American informal spook
vulgar slang scare shitless, scare the shit out of
archaic affright


Oraciones de ejemplo
  • Squirt taught Pippi everything he knew about wrestling, and she'd probably make a good terrifier of rodents if given a chance.
  • So again we ask, how can it be said that Saturn, the supreme terrifier among the planets, can be your greatest friend?
  • More ‘Twilight Zone’ than terrifier, the film pushes along in a quietly outlandish journey into the bizarre that leaves you delving deeper for more.
Pronunciación: /ˈtɛrɪfʌɪɪŋli/
[as submodifier]: the bombs are terrifyingly accurate
Más ejemplos en oraciones
  • Viewers get terrifyingly close to the action with giant interactive models, including a five-metre shark moving slowly and sensing its victims.
  • The film works because it is handled on a small personal scale, which makes the gravity and the drama terrifyingly palpable.
  • We have seen pictures of people who had little, and who have suddenly and terrifyingly lost everything.


Late 16th century: from Latin terrificare, from terrificus 'frightening' (see terrific).

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