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Pronunciación: /θɪˈmatɪk/


1Having or relating to subjects or a particular subject: the book is organized into nine thematic chapters
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  • The book is elegantly written and usefully divided into short, thematic chapters.
  • Part II includes seven thematic chapters covering the biogeography, ecology, behavior, life history, and conservation of grebes.
  • The book includes an introduction, seven narrative chapters, four thematic chapters, a short afterword, and two appendices.
1.1Relating to the collecting of postage stamps with designs connected with the same subject: for the thematic collector volcanoes represent a treasure trove
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  • The increase in the number and range of commemorative stamps has led to thematic collecting of stamps showing a particular subject, irrespective of their country of origin.
  • But it is thematic collection that is becoming a fad worldwide and it is an inexpensive way of building one's collection.
  • Despite the popularity of thematic collecting, there does not appear to be a definitive categorization system.
1.2 Music Relating to or containing melodic subjects: the concerto relies on the frequent repetition of thematic fragments
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  • While all three of the soloists display their own distinctive styles, Barton's ideas are the richest in terms of contour, melodic content, and thematic development.
  • The striking thematic material and subtle turns of melodic phrase mark this score as the work of a composer with an original voice.
  • There is a longish cadenza that is well-integrated into the movement's thematic structure.
2 Linguistics Relating to or denoting the theme of a sentence: some languages use special affixes to mark thematic and non-thematic elements
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  • Unlike English, Arabic thematic fronting may express incredulity, disbelief, suspicion, uncertainty, denial, limitation and/or exclusiveness on the part of the subject or the object.
  • The passive construction makes the recipient of the action thematic, and furthermore seems to reduce the dynamism of the verb.
2.1Relating to the theme of an inflected word.
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  • The most simple type of thematic stem is that formed directly from the root.
  • It is hard to determine to what extent (if at all) the thematic formation supplied a real pluperfect to the strong preterit.
2.2(Of a vowel) connecting the theme of a word to its inflections.
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  • In Greek and Latin, they are typically joined by thematic vowels, such as the i of Latin agricultura, the o of Greek biographia.
2.3(Of a word) having a vowel connecting its theme to its inflections.
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  • Thematic verbs were distinguished by the presence of a thematic vowel between the verbal stem and the endings.
  • The first four conjugations are thematic, ie a thematic vowel precedes the personal endings.


1 (thematics) [treated as singular or plural] A body of topics for study or discussion: I soon gave up trying to prime him with the thematics of the piece
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  • As part of this strategy, both writers develop a thematics of genealogy which, because genealogies link divine will and knowledge with the flesh of humankind, recognises female authority and potential.
  • Mier's Apologia frequently approximates the picaresque narrative's structure and thematics, and it reveals a baroque style.
  • That is what raises the question of how to conceive lyric thematics and allegorization.
2A postage stamp forming part of a set with designs connected with the same subject.
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  • You can discuss ideas of what to collect - thematics will probably be most suitable for beginners.


Late 17th century: from Greek thematikos, from thema (see theme).

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