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Saltos de línea: thor|ough
Pronunciación: /ˈθʌrə


1Complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial: planners need a thorough understanding of the subject
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  • Success in this environment requires a thorough understanding of systems theory.
  • Prevention only works when you have a thorough understanding about how and why things fail.
  • Whenever he was doing something in mathematics, he always strove to achieve a thorough understanding of the subject.
1.1Performed or written with great care and completeness: officers have made a thorough examination of the wreckage
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  • The physician also should perform a thorough physical examination of the child, looking for any unusual marks or bruises.
  • An experienced structural engineer performed a thorough examination of the school building.
  • This is the most thorough examination by divers of the wreck site since 1982.
1.2Taking pains to do something carefully and completely: the British authorities are very thorough
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  • I'm trying very hard to be careful and thorough, and to present new information and new claims as they become available.
  • As a mathematician, Dodgson was rather conservative but certainly thorough and careful.
  • Eventually we will know these things, but we must be diligent, thorough, persistent and patient.
1.3 [attributive] British Absolute (used to emphasize the degree of something, typically something unwelcome or unpleasant): the child is being a thorough nuisance
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  • It is indicative of the thorough mess Britain's farmers are in when a beef crisis tax threatens the livelihood of pork producers.
  • Mather had excellent support in the back row, with Hills making a thorough nuisance of himself, as every openside should.
  • It was a fitting tribute to a thorough gentleman, consummate professional and true Celt.
North American full-bore
British informal right
Australian/New Zealand informal fair
rare arrant, right-down


Old English thuruh, alteration of thurh 'through'. Original use was as an adverb and preposition, in senses of through. The adjective dates from the late 15th century, when it also had the sense 'that goes or extends through something', surviving in thoroughfare.



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  • But it is clear that Senators carried out their function conscientiously and with thoroughness.
  • Councillors, who had already visited the site, were impressed by the applicant's thoroughness.
  • He served on a number of committees and could always be counted on for his diligence and thoroughness.

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