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Saltos de línea: under
Pronunciación: /ˈʌndə


  • 2At a lower level than: the room under his study
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    • The luggage compartment floor is on two levels, under which the rear seat base can be stowed.
    • Dropping forward onto the walkway around the hold it is possible to swim into the crew's quarters under the chart room.
    • He landed in an old storage room somewhere under the museum, where he was he had no idea.
  • 2.1Behind (a physical surface): it was written on the new canvas under a gluey coating
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    • He giggled to himself for a moment and then put his hand behind his back and under his shirt.
    • I had no thermals, but cut a dash with pyjama bottoms under my jeans and a borrowed Cossack hat.
    • On the other hand, you can put all the protective gear you want under a clown costume, and no one can get mad at a clown.
  • 2.2Behind or hidden behind (an appearance): he had a deep sense of fun under his quiet exterior
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    • As his back catalogue shows, the tension bubbling under the surface of everyday life is a basic theme of all his works.
    • He has posted heavily to the same political newsgroups under his own name.
    • He skulked into the room under the pretence of finding himself a drink.
  • 2.3Lower in grade or rank than: under him in the hierarchy
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    • We have a layer of stewards under the branch secretaries who also filter this democracy down.
    • Knight, who worked under Babcock as Director of Basketball Operations, has previous experience as a General Manager from his two seasons with the Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies.
    • I learned long ago that I had to give the managers under me the ability to make mistakes or I'd lose good people.
  • 3Lower than (a specified amount, rate, norm, or age): they averaged just under 2.8 per cent
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    • However, it could be less than half of the expected amount, or under £750 in our example.
    • The tasks are often to write a short story under a certain amount of words.
    • Mr Delaney said he was very happy to report that he had a heart rate of under 60 beats to the minute.
    less than, lower than, smaller than, not so much as, not as much as, below
    informal shy of
  • 4Controlled, managed, or governed by: the province is now under martial law I was under his spell
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    • He became a crucial mediator in the Northern Ireland peace process under President Clinton.
    • Those living under an oppressive regime may have good reason to seek this level of online privacy.
    • At least in that time, the excuse of living under a brutal regime could at least be used.
  • 4.1During the rule of: the coinage standard was reformed under Elizabeth I
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    • They have slipped back even from the freedoms they enjoyed under imperial rule.
    • England, under Alfred, similarly saw the encouragement of learning and the establishment of monastic houses.
    • The constraints became even clearer in the years of Whig ascendency under George I and George II.
  • 4.2As a reaction to or undergoing the pressure of (something): the sofa creaked under his weight certain institutions may be under threat
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    • Scene by scene, Sam falls apart under the weight of pressures he only partly understands.
    • Only its main sail creaked at regular intervals when it swayed slightly under pressure of a mild wind.
    • Labour courts and arbitration systems are creaking under the weight of new cases.
  • 4.3As provided for by the rules of; in accordance with: flowers supplied under contract by a local florist
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    • Three men arrested at the airport under Anti-Terrorism laws have now been released without charge.
    • He is prohibited from using the Internet under the terms of his release.
    • Further there is no evidence as to what the insolvency processes would be under the law of Poland.
  • 4.4Used to express grouping or classification: file it under ‘lost’ published under his own name
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    • Now Byng has simplified the company, publishing all its books under the Canongate title.
    • In both the US and UK the novel will be published under the name Michael Marshall.
    • Brice offers to publish Ben's manuscript under his own name for guaranteed commercial success.
  • 4.5 Computing Within the environment of (a particular operating system): the program runs under DOS
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    • Next I decided to have a look at Wine, a program that allows you to run windows apps under Linux.
    • After a beer break, we gathered together to discuss the merits of various encrypted file systems under Linux.
    • The combined system, running under Linux, boasts peak performance of four teraflops.


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  • 1Extending or directly below something: weaving the body through the crossbars, over and under, over and under
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    • The girls pretended to have lost a ring under the table, so he crawled under and looked for it.
    • She used a medium-barrel curling iron to turn the hair under and over before finger-styling it.
    • Nothing was happening until a chipmunk poked his head through the flowers, looked at me, and dove back under.
  • 2Under water: he was floating for some time but suddenly went under
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    • I'm slinking along the bottom like an eel, trying to see how long I can stay under before I need to surface.
    • But the boat was sinking fast and when the stern went under, a rush of air pushed four people out of the cabin.
    • When I heard the splash I turned round and saw the boy was struggling and going under.
    down, downward, lower, below, underneath, beneath; underwater, to the bottom
  • 2.1Affected by an anaesthetic; unconscious: the operation was quick; she was only under for 15 minutes
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    • When I came to, it turned out that I had been under for a whole hour.



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  • The suction temporarily positions the undermost blank more or less stationary on the belt.


Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch onder and German unter.

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